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  Radar prototype device

Radar prototype device can see through walls

Researchers from the University College London were able to design a radar, that can reportedly identify frequency changes, thus enabling them to detect moving objects and people.


Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty built a radar prototype that has a similar size of a suitcase. Inside the radar is a radio receiver that is composed of two antennas and a signal-processing unit.

The researchers said that they were able to use the device to determine a person’s location, speed and direction.
Interestingly, they also said that the device can see through a one-foot-thick brick wall and that it can remain undetected because it doesn’t emit radio waves.

The researchers are hoping that the finished product will one day be used in the military. “The device could become sensitive enough to pick up on subtle motions the ribcage makes during breathing, which would allow the radar to detect people who are standing or sitting still,” said Woodbridge.


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