psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Protection and Support

Protection and support

All our victims need your protection and support!!!

At the moment there is no solution, there is no way to stop gang stalking (organized stalking) or electronic harassment/electronic torture. But with increasing number of victims (survivors) putting their stories on the internet, you will find you are not alone, that this is really happening, that you are not crazy.

When do you know you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment? 

In general you will start noticing things that do not fit, things that are happening too often, you get feedback about things in your life nobody could know but yourself. Somehow you never are alone, everywhere you go other people come sit on the table next to you, walk in a store with you.

In a next phase they want you to notice all these things. Now they are also programming you. They may start driving with several cars before your house, and every time they pass they honk the horn. For three days they do this. After this you have become very sensitive to the sound of a horn. This is called NLP, or Neuro - Linguistic Programming. They may also use other methods to make you very sensitive to certain things.  

So now, every time when you walk out of your house or a store, somewhere you cannot see or far away they honk a horn. You will notice this, other people do not. And if you tell them they will think you are crazy. To make things worse, your attackers will try to hear every word you say. So when you tell your friend that you are followed by honking horns, the horns will disappear temporarily so your friend will not believe you. This probably will be the first time you will feel desperate recognizing that your attackers want only you to see and hear these things and not other people around you. Although you may feel depressed by this, stay calm, keep thinking, and try to keep doing what normally do/would have done in your life.

Why you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment

Many survivors of these attacks who put their stories on the internet do not know exactly why they became a target, they can only guess. Most of the time they conclude the reason is personal, i.e. the target runs into one or more psychopaths connected to the secret services network. Psychopaths don’t like people who are strong, intelligent, outspoken, they don’t like people who know, they don’t like normal people anyway, they are afraid of them.

The secret services network in your country wants to control everything. They need people to spy on other people, to stalk, to murder. They setup persons and point them terrorist, pedophile, alcoholic, dangerous, etc. and then recruit persons around the target. They do this all the time, if they do not do this they cannot exist because their system is totally corrupted. No one will talk because every person in the system is compromised in one way or another. They prefer to murder innocent people, to destroy the lives of innocent children the rest of their lives instead of going to trial for the crimes they have committed and be jailed for life.

You have been put on a list and after a selection process you were chosen to be eliminated, read murdered. I believe selection is a simple process. They check your life and assign points. If you are a friendly person, you get extra points because you probably will not shoot back. If you are living by yourself you get extra points because nobody is there to notice the things they do.

If your age is 40 -50 you get extra points, it is not so special if a person this age dies or collapses suddenly. If you have some money you get extra points, they will make some of it disappear when you collapse. These psychopaths are just playing gods while they are no more than pieces of shit. They ultimately abuse the powers that have been given to them.

Will the harassment ever stop?

It may be possible that you are harassed because they want you out of a neighborhood and that the harassment stops after you have moved. Most victims of these crimes however are being harassed the rest of their lives. After they move, the attacks soon start again, they move again this time to a city on the other side of the country and after some time they get attacked again.

The main reason for this continuous harassment is that the illegal and often horrible crimes that have been committed against the target must be kept a secret. Everything must be done to keep it a secret. They do this by blocking the target e.g. by filtering email, phone calls. But also by keeping the target busy with work, constructed incidents, meetings with so-called targets, and eventually electronic torture.

The system that is harassing you is not just some local gang, but a very well coordinated system. They need enemies, they cannot exist without enemies. If you are a target and visit a Chinese restaurant often they may write a story in their annual report that they have been watching possible terrorists and found that some of them were making contact with Chinese elements. This is not to make you smile: this is just the way these psychopaths operate.

Do you want to get back at them?

Sometimes people write to me that they were harassed into a psychiatric patient, some even spend some time into a mental institution, but recovered and then searched the internet and one day stumble upon gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment. Although their harassment (mostly) stopped after they were labeled crazy they want to get the psychopaths that ruined their lives trialed and jailed.

If you are such a person and your harassment stopped then please think twice before you start coming after them. If you accept the harassment and try to live your life again, you may lead a life without too much problems. They may contact you and ask your cooperation in certain matters just to compromise you, so you will not talk.

If you go after them you must prepare for the worst. It is between you and them, you abide the law, they do not, you are normal, they are not, and they are murderers. You are an individual, they are a very big organization with access to resources you will never have.

Gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment is a war

Your attackers may want you to believe they are playing a game but this is NOT a game! This is about your life. They want to cause your mental or physical death. They are murderers. They do not care about the law, they do not care about human rights. The crimes they commit often are beyond the imagination of normal people. They involve anybody in their horrible crimes including children, they don’t care.

This war is not a war between equal parties but between one party having all the resources one can ask for, operating illegal, not abiding any law, violating human rights in horrible ways, and .. you. Not really fair is it? You can compare this with the war of the USA, UK and Australia against Iraq. Iraq did not stand a chance.

Your attackers are the degenerates of society, they don’t care about anything. You cannot reason with them because they are sick, mentally ill. Some probably were carefully kept without any prospect for years and prepared for their final job, ruthless murderer. This is the way the system works. The lower class people are kept poor and without education so they can be abused by the elite for all kinds of dirty work, which in effect will keep the lower class poor and uneducated.

Your attackers want your physical or mental death

At a certain moment you will realize you are on some kind of death list. You are being attacked very systematically with intention to end your life, either physically or mentally. There is one very important thing to keep in mind: they want you to end your life yourself (at least in the beginning). They will ‘help’ you by preventing you to sleep, by driving you insane, but they want you to pull the trigger yourself. This is what they want you to do:

  • Commit suicide, do not do this!
  • Collapse into a psychiatric patient, do not do this!
  • Commit a crime, do not do this!
  • Collapse of continuous suffering, do not do this!

In the mean time they will also use other elimination methods. You may be poisoned. When you drive a car they will also try to involve you in constructed car accidents, or divert your attention from what you are doing to get you in a sometime life-threatening situation. Example: you are jogging on the sidewalk in a very quiet street, almost no cars. A woman is cleaning the sidewalk in front of her house with a broom. There is room on the sidewalk to pass her without problem. When you come very close she steps forward without looking at you, your first reaction will be to leave the sidewalk and continue on the road. But on the road there suddenly appears to be a car right behind you.

Your attackers are murderers. They do not care if you collapse or commit a crime or commit suicide. Of course everybody would feel better if you only collapsed and not die. But that is not what they aim. They just don’t care. This is like following pages in a book, many methods originate from the FBI Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO). Because your elimination also is a systematic process, it is premeditated murder.

Do not let fear for things they might do block your life

In the beginning the harassment may appear not very intense, even innocent, sometimes amusing. They want to make you think they are playing a game. You are provoked to respond to emails sent to you, to shout at people blocking you on the street. When the harassment increases you will start thinking again about this. You will wonder how they know you are at certain locations, you wonder how they know the exact words you said to your friends. You will start feeling uncomfortable, and after sometime you become paranoid. Everywhere you go you will look around you, see if you are being followed. When you are in a public place you will examine the people sitting around you.

It appears that everywhere you go, you are surrounded by people connected somehow to your attackers. That is a frightening feeling, you are one person, and they are everywhere. Neighbors are involved and say things to you they should not know, or start acting strange. They start walking around you with men with mobile phones, sometimes looking at you. They start walking in front of your house, at the back of your house, you cannot get out anymore (at least that is what they want you to think). They make you hear parts of sentences when they walk by your window, when they cross you. Something like, he is a strange man, we must get of him, etc. You are exhausted and begin to think that they want to murder you, that they will kidnap you and throw you into the back of car.

Depending on the intensity you can get very frightened (I had real agony for a few weeks). Do not worry at this time! This feeling may last a few weeks or months but it will go away leaving you stronger than ever. They constantly remind you that they are so powerful, and indeed they are powerful psychopaths, losers, murderers, child abusers. They can kill you if they want to, but in general they will not because they want you to pull the trigger yourself.

The network that is attacking you is 5% to 10% (or even more) of the population. If you live in a city of 10.000 inhabitants then there may be 500 to 1000 persons that can follow you, make remarks you must hear, etc. Remember that the ones involved and actively participating are criminals, murderers. They may smile at you in a learned superior smile. This is just to hide their fear, they know they are criminals but don’t want to go to jail. So look at them and smile your own smile to them and think of the other 90% to 95% who agree with you and want murderers and child abusers jailed.

Think of other things that may get you killed, a car accident, plane crash, terminal disease, etc. Do you think of these all the time? No, because if you would, you could not live anymore. So, do not stop doing things because the bastards may interfere. Do your thing! Visit a friend, family, buy a new stereo, just try to do the things as if there is no harassment. Of course they will try to interfere, they will make you feel stressed or uncomfortable during visits and meetings, goods you ordered may have been damaged, just return it and wait for a new one. You win because you did it.

They can make this very difficult. They harass your friends or family and you are the only one who can understand this. Of course you do not want them hurt. But do not isolate yourself because of this. You need your friends and family and they need you.

Make progress with what you do, let them waste their miserable lives

I agree with you, being followed everywhere you go is (illegal and) not what you want. Getting feedback of everything you do, or from events around you, is (illegal and) pretty horrible. Being blocked when driving your car every crossroad is (illegal and) crazy. Neighbors coming out of their houses when leaving your home or arriving there, is (illegal and) sick. But if you can put these things beside you, then these are things that not really block you. Driving to your favorite shop may take you five minutes more … so? Who cares? You shouldn’t. If your attackers want to waste their miserable lives, let them waste their miserable lives.

Concentrate on things that really matter, make a plan with what you want to achieve. Your attackers will want to block you, they will try to change your focus, wear you out. Do not waste energy by reacting to what these idiots do. Smile and do your thing. If you have to start your central heating ten times a day, then start it eight times. If they hack your computer, then try having it fixed by a friend, try another computer, try other ways, may be you can use the internet to do the things you want. They want you to spend days on repairing your computer, while may be nothing is wrong with it. In general always have a backup plan, other things to do that also must be done that day, that week, that month. If you do them now, then you won’t have to do them tomorrow!

Maximum visibility can help you and others

Becoming a target is an overwhelming experience. A single human being against an army of psychopaths, murderers, child abusers. In the beginning you will be afraid that they will murder you. This the way they want you to feel, your life ending soon, desperate. After some time you will recover and conclude that they do everything to eliminate you but want you to pull the trigger yourself.

Many people are involved by your attackers, saying things to you, looking at you. A major reason why these people attack you is because they do not know you! Probably if they would know you they would not laugh, they would not do these things, and they would be ashamed. They are told lies, and because they do not know you, participate in these crimes. They may have been told you are schizophrenic, a terrorist, an alcoholic, etc.

You cannot go to all these people and explain your story. But there are things you can do. You can open a website and write about the crimes against you and print business cards with your name and hyperlink (url) on it. You can make a sign for your window and put the hyperlink of your blog or website on it. You can put the hyperlink of your website on your car (you can buy these letters for a few dollars). You can put pictures of yourself on your website. You can start a foundation fighting the crimes against you and distribute materials. Etc. These are all ways to make you a real person, instead of mr. or mrs. anonymous. Positive side effect is that you also help other victims. The more websites describing these crimes exist, the more chances victims can find them.

What can you do when you are a target of gang stalking and/or electronic harassment?

In the very beginning of the attacks you probably are busy surviving, looking for ways how to deal with this. Then, when this harassment does not appear to stop you start thinking about things you can do. I came up with the following list.

  • Run away, try to find a safe location somewhere on this planet
  • Pretend to be a psychiatric patient
  • Fight back

You may think there is one more option and that is: accept the harassment. I personally do not consider this an option. But maybe you do. Running away to find a safe place may be a very good choice but the difficulty is that you have to run very far, probably to some location where there is no electricity. Do not think that going to Russia will stop your harassment. Victims report that they fled to India, Russia, Switzerland, etc. and that the harassment continued there as well. Pretending to be a psychiatric patient also may be not such a bad idea. You can stay in your country and try to pick up your life again. It is also very dangerous because once you have been labeled crazy your attackers can also increase their harassment because nobody will believe you anymore. Also they may try to poison you with drugs and medicine.

Fighting back is not an easy decision. You know you can never win. On the other hand your attackers also cannot win. They can murder you, but that is just a confirmation of what they are: lowlifes, garbage of society, murderers and child abusers. Choosing to fight back will escalate the situation. Your attackers may see no more way out and just murder you in one way or another.

After having regained my strength six years after the harassment against me exploded, I chose to fight back. So many innocent people murdered, lives of innocent children destroyed. Being a survivor I feel it is my duty to inform the people of the world of these horrible crimes. I chose for maximum visibility. I wrote and write down everything they do and put it on the internet. Since that time I am also 24/7 electronically tortured. I also started the STOPEG foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking) and advertise every two weeks in national Dutch newspapers, a small advertisement in the section Political parties with the text: SAVE DEMOCRACY, and a list of my websites and phone number. People sometimes ask me what I do to help other victims. I sometimes respond by saying: I give my life.

What can you do to fight back?

When you decide to fight back you must prepare yourself for the worst, even your death. Your attackers do not want to go to jail, they prefer living their miserable lives destroying the lives of innocent people and innocent children. They know they are involved in causing the mental or physical death of human beings, in murder, but they continue anyway. When you decide to fight back some things are very important:

  • Make sure you have a place to stay
  • Write a letter to authorities
  • Stay where you are

Make sure you have a place to stay. If you do not have money or a job, do not wait until you are out of money but move in with family or a friend. Try to live cheap, do not spend money on expensive things. You can also buy these more expensive things the following year. Although you will be harassed anywhere, it is good to have a place you can call your home. It may not be safe but it is your place, it is your home.

Write a letter about what is being done to you and send it to local or national authorities, e.g. the mayor of your city, the president of your country. Try to start with a summary, then explain, then end your letter with questions, or demands, so that they MUST answer your letter. Put lists, records of harassment in appendices. Do not expect anything other from this action. You will probably receive a letter stating that there is nothing wrong. This may be very important for the years to come. It may seem easy to write such a letter but it is not. Your attackers certainly do not want this and will do everything to prevent you from completing this letter and sending it. When delivering the letter personally once, everywhere people surrounded me, blocking my way, making remarks while passing, sirens … it was a frightening and surrealistic experience, like being in a movie.

What I did is defined my attackers the secret services operating in The Netherlands. I accused them of harassing me, my family, etc. and demanded that the government would investigate this and give me the information and the names of the ones involved so I could prosecute them in a court of law. I sent this letter to the Prime Minister of Netherlands. I did this by registered mail and also asked some friends to do the same, reducing the probability of the letter getting lost to zero. Once you get a reply, e.g. your letter has been received you will feel much better because now your story is in the government archives. Tell family, friends of this letter and the response you got. The reply I received was that my case had been investigated by the Dutch secret service and that there was nothing against Peter Mooring. I would have liked another reply of course but this reply is proof of the fact my letter got there.

Stay where you are. Whatever happens? If there is one thing your attackers do not want, it is you to stay where you are. They spread lies about you, but if you stick around they soon have a very big problem. Their lies do not hold anymore, if anyone believed them in the first place. In general lies hold for 2-3 years. Staying is not easy, it can be life threatening, staying may become your death. At a certain moment my attackers (the ones in control) gave up that I would collapse using intense 24/7 gang stalking (organized stalking) with limited electronic harassment methods. From that moment on they started to cook and burn me 24/7 to remove from my house, to cook/burn me out of my car, to cook/burn me out of the swimming pool, to cook/burn me out of the streets while running, etc. I am still here but my body is paying a very high price.

Ways to continue your life

Remember that this is not a game, but a war. The aim is to cause your (mental or physical) death. You are one person abiding the law against thousands of psychopaths, murderers who don’t care about the law. So, in a lot of ways you have to live your life like you are at war. You have to give a top performance every day. And you must not give them reasons they can use against you e.g. you being an alcoholic. When fighting back you have several ways to continue your life:

  • Dedicate your life to exposing these crimes and criminals
  • Try to live your life the way you would have if this phenomenon did not enter your life and spend part of it to expose these crimes and criminals

The first option is feasible only if you have a lot of money, have family or friends supporting you, or accept a life with poverty (which is very difficult if you have children). The second option is for most targets a better option. Because the attackers want to block everything pleasant in your life you must create some filter in your head allowing you to enjoy the wonderful moments (never forget life really is a wonderful thing and that most people on this are nice persons who any want to live their lives in peace) and separate these from the crimes committed against you by your attackers. This is very difficult because your attackers do not want you to enjoy yourself. The level of harassment is increased every time you just got used to, you thought you could cope with it. Every once in a while you will think it cannot get worse, it will get worse. Normal people just have a block for beyond imagination cruelty. No privacy, even no privacy in your mind as they are reading your sub vocal speech and react to it to show you they can do it. Maybe you will never have a partner (anymore), children. Can you have sex while being watched and harassed 24/7?

Make sure you can smile or laugh every day, taking you take a step forward, not to a solution of the problem but you get closer to yourself.

Important things to read over and over again

You may lose track of your life sometimes. I have a list I sometimes recall. Take a deep breath, what is happening exactly, start thinking again. This is my list:

  • They are murderers, you are a better person than all of them together
  • They want you to pull the trigger but will help you with it anywhere anytime (in fact they create conditions for you to pull the trigger)
  • Try to continue your life as it would have been without the harassment
  • Never focus on one solution but prepare yourself always to have more
  • Never hurry, be cool and relaxed, take your time even if your think your time has ran out
  • Try to make money, to earn a living, this will give you better position
  • Do not respond to provocations, never provoke yourself
  • Stay healthy, eat good stuff like vegetables, fruits
  • Do sports, several, so if they stop you from doing one you continue doing the other
  • Be random, choose different roads, etc. make them work
  • Be prepared for your things and property to be damaged
  • Keep detailed records of the harassment but let this not block you from living your life
  • Take pictures of neighbors or other stalkers, they do not like this
  • Be prepared this is not over in a year or two, it may continue many years
  • Be prepared your body may be damaged by directed energy weapons to make you suffer, break, or block your life
  • Be prepared all your communication with other people is disrupted
  • Be very careful driving your car or bike, they will try to involve you in an accident

Do not ask the impossible of yourself

You are just a person, not a superman or superwoman. What I do is try to do difficult things one step at a time. Every day, try to define an activity that is difficult for you to do. But do not exaggerate, this activity should not take you more than 1-2 hours. It can be as simple as calling a tax consultant, or vacuum cleaning your house. But it can also be something like working one hour on a letter, a website. When you complete this daily task, give yourself a compliment, be proud you did this. Then after some time you can plan ahead, plan activities for the next week, etc. If you feel tired or depressed, try to live your live this way. If you do these things every day, you make a (small) step everyday and finally will reach your goals! To summarize:

  • You have to work at least twice as hard to get the same things done
  • Do not ask the impossible of yourself
  • Compliment yourself with your performance and achievements
  • Try to do at least one thing every day you think that is difficult for you to do 

Things to watch out for

Never ever believe your attackers. They may even come to you and suggest you become friends. Then the next moment, five minutes later they will attack you again. They will do everything to break you, they don’t care as long they get their money (which is in fact the blood of the people they murder, the blood of the children whose lives they destroy).

Be careful when you are outside, when you are visiting friends, when you are at a wedding, etc. If you are electronically tortured these are the moments when they will increase intensities of their horrible electronic weapons, like high power microwave weapons. They may cook you with insane levels. Or they poison you and then cook you. I believe one reason they do this is to prevent you having a good time. Another very important reason can be that they prefer to murder you outside your home. They do not want police and ambulance in front of your house with all neighbors they involved watching and understanding what happened.

How to deal with electronic harassment/electronic torture

I sometimes get questions about how you can protect yourself against electronic weapons, e.g. directed energy weapons. If you really are a target, you cannot protect yourself. Your attackers simply increase intensities and/or attack you from different angles, different locations. At a certain point, see also above, they decided to cook and burn me out of my house. To protect myself, I did a lot of testing. This ranged from tin foil sheet, thick metal sheets, hot water bottles, thick water barriers. These measures helped for short periods of time because they do not know what you feel when you protect yourself with these kind of things. I believe they do some testing themselves and at the moment they know, then they just increase intensity so you will experience the same harassment as without the protection.

When you feel your body has been damaged very seriously, then consider going to a hospital and have the doctors make photos (x-rays) of the damaged area. If you are lucky, the damage will show and you have some evidence.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture. Electronic torture itself certainly is one of the most horrible and cruel forms of torture. In general they will not murder you instantly. They start with low intensity and progress towards high intensity with almost no pause in between. I believe in the long run this will kill you because electromagnetic radiation destroys your DNA and other good things in your body, so you will get strange diseases (often called cancer) you would never have gotten without this harassment. When they cook you they destroy body cells, it is as simple as that. They still want you to pull the trigger. Also they try not to leave evidence, like cooked or burned wounds, cooked flesh inside your body.

Concluding remarks

When you really are a target of gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment / electronic torture, then you are on your own. Your attackers do everything to isolate you. Other people will help you but most of them do not understand, others do not want to understand because they are afraid of it.

Basically, if you are looking for someone to help you to get rid of this problem, you will not find such a person. I understand your problems, your questions, your anger, but I cannot help you. I can offer you a place to stay for a limited time, I can talk to you but I cannot solve your problem. If I knew how to do that, I would. You have to try to make the best of it, which can be very difficult, and probably you will live with a lot of physical and mental pain. Do the good moments compensate for the bad moments? That is up to you.

You can also contact other victims. This can be very difficult. In real life you are surrounded by people who attack you in various ways. The same is true on the internet. They will act like victims but just want you to join their group, come back every day to chat. Even if they are perpetrators you may find it amusing to chat. But they will get you nowhere. They want you to waste your time and get depressed.

If you are a victim I hope you find a way to live with this. I hope someday these crimes will get attention and that the ones responsible, facilitating and executing these crimes will be jailed for life.  

Peter Mooring

The Netherlands

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