psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Reports of scientists

Reports of scientists

These psycho-physical weapons were created to be used on the battle ground, not only slaving the opponent but destroying their own people. The use of psycho-physical weapons leads to complete slavery of populations. People are transformed into well-behaved bio-robots which leads to complete physical destruction. So-called Psichotron-Matrjoschka exists according to opinion of W. M. Kandyba from some different personalities. With the change-over of one on the other personality the manners change.

Russian scientist W. N.Anissimow states that psychophysical  weapons can kill from a distance, produce or cause any chronic disease, turn people into criminals or make them insane and irresponsible, make them fall down on the ground or stumble,cause flight, railroad or car disasters in a few seconds, cause any climate upheavals, damage devices.

These weapons can harm psychological effect, damage the movement-coordination and the muscle tones, change the functions of the organism's various systems . They can control people, manipulate any biological object and change the view of life of the population. With a continuous psychophysical process they can secretly control people and also the behavior of any groups and of the whole society . The victims of the special experiments can be gifted people, soldiers and officers, athletes, prisoners, and both psychologically ill and totally healthy people. The hunt for victims is taking place in both cities and small places.

There are three stages in the psychoprogramming:

The first stage is braincontrol, the second stage refers to the control of the targeted individual's psychophysical activity and the third stage concerns the destruction of the targeted individual.  The main rivals and competitors in the development and in the control of mindcontrol newest technologies were and still are the USA and Russia.

Some examples of such experiments were the following mindcontrol projects: MK ULTRA, MKDELTA, MKNAOMI, MKSEARCH, BLUE BIRD, ARTISCHOCK and others conducted by the CIA, with the use of drugs,electronic and electric shocks, and also the short frequencies and oscillations of superhigh frequencies and high frequencies.

Doctor José Delgado
had a special contribution in these secret projects by developing the different stimulators: love-hate, sympathy-antisympathy. The aim of such experiments is to realize the possibilty of controlling people's behavior.  If the radiation is directly aimed at the person from a short distance, it is possible to control and destroy his willpower completely.

American scientific doctor Nick Begich wrote: "New technologies have been developed, it is possible with the help of acoustics or the electric stimulation of the brain to control the behaviour of a person, to manipulate his behaviour and even his thoughts with good or bad intentions.

The Russian scientific professor and victim Vassily Lensky reports that any citizen is continuously monitored by the Secret Services according to a torture-pattern, because he or she has been put down without any reason on a destruction list (there exist about 30 million of them in Russia.

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