psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
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Melanie Vritschan:

We have evidence now that NSA is behind the Transhumanist Agenda to implan:

Anleitung für den Bau eines Faradayschen Käfigs:

How to stop your Gangstalking Electronic Harassment DEW Directed Energy Weapon abuse assault or attack by shielding yourself from it using multiple layers of aliminium foil and sheets of scrap metal.

Who Is Elisa Lam? - Pt1 - Energy Weapons:

Energy weapons explores mind control technologies, from cell phones to gigantic radar arrays, global satellite grids, and super computers. Governments of the world have long considered "mind control" to be the ultimate weapon of war - one of mass obedience.

Today, these weapons have become unbelievably advanced and they remain completely unregulated and misunderstood.

Event Horizons Dr. Robin Falkov & Melanie Vritschan 

Dr. Robin Falkov & Melanie Vritschan (EUCACH )discuss non-consensual implantation of EU citizens 6th September 2013

In this edition of Event Horizon, Dr. Robin Falkov and Melanie Vritschan from the European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH.ORG) discuss the most recent developments after the summer break in the electronic terrorism awareness-raising campaign with the European Parliament in Brussels.

Melanie explains that EUCACH has official requested a hearing with the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) of the European Parliament on the abuse of remote influencing technologies. She points out that the Committee has been provided with a proposal for a law to prohibit weapons systems operating on new physics principles used to torture or inflict other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment including electronic weapons, electromagnetic weapons, magnetic weapons, directed energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, frequency weapons, genetic weapons, scalar weapons, psychotronic weapons, chemtrail aerosol weapons, implant weapons, nanotechnology weapons, high frequency active aural high altitude ultra low frequency weapons and information technology weapons in the European Union.

Melanie and Dr. Robin Falkov will meet every Friday on Robin's show (4 pm CET) to inform their audience on the most recent developments and the progress made in the fight to outlaw non-consensual implantation and other weapons experimentation on innocent citizens in the EU and beyond.

Please consult EUCACH.ORG and ICAACT.ORG


In this edition, Dr. Robin Falkov and Melanie Vritschan (EUCACH.ORG and ICAACT.ORG) talk about the services, which the International Center against Abuse of Covert Technologies and the European Coalition against Covert Harassment are offering for victims of electronic terrorism.
Melanie explains once again the three-phase-scanning protocol that ICAACT has developed and also mentions the recent scanning of 14 electronic terrorism victims in a controlled environment (Faraday cage) with all of these 14 people coming up positive within the Faraday cage.

This is a major step forward in scientifically proving this crime against humanity using modern cybernetic technologies on unwitting children, women and men.

The discussion then turns on regular awareness-raising and evidence-finding events organized. Melanie mentions various OPEN MIND conferences in Europe with the topic of remote influencing technologies, where Lars Drudgaard, ICAACT European Regional Director, gave lectures.

She then goes on to announce an upcoming Brussels scanning event, which will take place on the 18 -- 20 October 2013. At this event, it is also planned to video record electronic terrorism victims' testimonies for the youtube channel of the European Coalition against Covert Harassment. Please consult here recent victims' testimonies recorded at the occasion of the ICAACT scanning event in St. Annes, UK on 3 August 2013:   

Interview of Michael Daniel Mayers by Melanie Vritschan  

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