psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Demonstration against Nazi terror

Demonstration against Nazi terror, institutional racism
and racism in everyday life –
abolish the Domestic Intelligence Service!

In April 2013, the trial against Beate Zschäpe, member of the Nazi terror-organization National-socialistically Underground (NSU, national socialist underground), will probably start, as well as against four supporters: Ralf Wohlleben, Holger Gerlach, Carsten Schultze and Andre Eminger.

A broad, antifascist coalition is calling for a grand demonstration on the Saturday before the start of the process. 

In November 2011 it became publicly known that the racist assassinations of the NSU where committed right beneath the eyes of the security agencies. They murdered ten people and are responsible for two bombing attacks. The media used the term „Doner-Killings“and the police’s special commission called itself „Bosporus.“ So from the beginning, the police excluded a racist background, treated the victims as perpetrators and investigated an alleged organized „foreigners-crime.“ 

During the racist investigations of the police, the families, relatives and other acquaintances of the victims where surveilled and investigated against for years. The completely unfounded accusation of murder against friends and families of the victims shredded relationships and the personal existence of many. So, public and institutional racism meant that there was no coming to grips with the murders: While signs of a racist background where ignored and neglected, the allegation that migrant owners of small businesses were part of a mafia seemed obvious to the police and the public, further questions were not asked. 

Five of the ten murders were committed in Bavaria, two in Munich. During the 90ties, Bavarian Nazis kept a close contact with the „Thüringer Heimatschutz“ (Thuringian home guard), were the main killers of the NSU were organized before they went into hiding. Bönhardt and Mundlos two part in numerous meetings and activities of the nazi-scene in Bavaria. Some of the closest supporters of the NSU lived or live in Bavaria, among them Mandy Struck, whose identity was used by Beate Zschäpe while underground. Tino Brandt and Kai Dalek, two informers of the Verfassungsschutz (VS, Domestic Intelligence Service) also show the connections between the Bavarian and Thuringian Nazis. 

„Germany has giant problem with racism“ 

The relationship between institutional racism and everyday racism, politics and media became apparent with the factual abolishing of the right of asylum after the pogroms in the early 90ties, as well as with the current campaigns against Islam: Racism is deeply rooted in mainstream society. Even after this series of killings, nothing has changed in the consciousness of the people: 20 years after the pogrom in Rostock-Lichtenhagen, refugees are still fighting for their elementary rights in Germany, Roma are still being stigmatized and deported into an unsure future. Migrants living here face daily defamation, threats, attacks and criminalization. 

Belittling and covering-up racism and Nazi-terror has a tradition in this country. Right-wing and racist violence and murders have a sad continuity in Germany. From the – until today unsolved – attack against the Oktoberfest, from the racist attacks and pogroms in Rostock, Mölln, Solingen and Hoyerswerda, from the – since 1989 roughly 200 – murders against migrants, homeless, punks and antifascists to the murders of the NSU. 

Often, Munich has been a site of Nazi-terror: In the, until now, biggest fascist attack in the FRG, a Nazi from the „Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann“ killed 13 and injured 200 in a blast against the Oktoberfest in 1980. 1981, Nazis on their way to a bank robbery had a shoot-out with the police, two Nazis died. 1985, Nazis of the „Gruppe Ludwig“ (Ludwig group) set ablaze a bar in the Schillerstrasse, one person was killed. 2003, Nazis from the „Kameradschaft Süd“ procured weapons and explosives and planned, among other attacks, a bombing a against the foundation stone ceremony of the new Jewish community center. 

Since the series of killings by the NSU has come to light, a terrifying politics of obfuscation became obvious: Shredded and occluded files, consistent covering up and lies in the parliamentarian hearings, few and late resignations of those responsible. A transparent, rigorous clarification of the role of police and secret services is not happening. Instead of drawing serious political consequences against racism and the scandalous support the Nazis received from the VS, the politicians responsible still talk about individual glitches. 

Right-wing disposition has a long history with the VS: Founded in 1950 by former Nazis, the VS helped to jail anew people who had resisted the national socialism. In the 60ties, it fought the student movement, in the 70ties and 80ties it provided material to prohibit left activists from certain professions. 9 years ago, an attempt to forbid the NPD („Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland“, now the most important Nazi party) failed because numerous VS-informants where entrenched in the highest echelons of the NPD. The immediate surroundings of the NSU, too, are reified with snitches. 

There can be only one consequence from the entanglement of the security authorities: Abolish the Verfassungsschutz! We have to prevent the government from using the NSU-murders to further enhance its security apparatus and abolish one of the few consequences of German fascism – the separation of police and secret services. 

We stand in solidarity with the victims of the NSU and their friends and relatives. They were not only victims of the militant racism of the NSU-killers, they were also harassed by the racist investigations of the police.

Let’s fight racism in society, politics and institutions!
Compensation for racist and defamatory investigations!

Relentless investigation of the entanglement of secret services and police!

Abolish the
Domestic Intelligence Service!
New investigations of the 1980 blast against the Oktoberfest!

Abolish all racist laws – no one is illegal!

For a solidary society, for a society without racism!


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