psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  A. Laroche - Med. Certificate

Cathy A. Meadows, Masters, Clinical Psychology

Boulder, Colorado
Oct. 3, 2011 
From: Cathy Meadows- Masters, Clinical Psychology
             Consultant/Advocate for Targeted Individuals
RE: Andrea Laroche, Psychological Assessment

I spoke to Andrea Laroche for 2 hours on 9-30-2011 to assess her cognitive and affective behavior, at her request. I found Andrea to be clear and concise and to have no delusional or paranoid ideologies. She was unguarded and open with me at all times. Andrea also presented as organized and well-spoken. Therefore, I believe Andrea Laroche to be of sound mind.
Andrea asked for the consultation and assessment because she believes that she is a targeted individual and I do concur that Andrea is a targeted individual and is the victim of international criminal activity. According to correlational evidence, most targeted individuals are targeted for specific reasons. Some are targeted because they are whistle-blowers, which Andrea has become. Others are targeted for financial reasons, which is how Andrea first became a targeted individual ( when she was denied and then fought for her pension in 2001).
Andrea Laroche is currently experiencing group-stalking and harassment, illegal entry into her places of residence, the tampering and theft of important documents, and character assassinations. Andrea has also experienced direct physical attacks and forced drugging by these criminals at the time that she was going public and was to appear on a radio program to tell her story.
I believe that this harassment started out in order to stop her from collecting her pension in her home country (Czechoslovakia), but the harassment grew more insidious and dangerous as she started going public about her experiences with regards to gang-stalking and harassment, and with regards to her experiences with the international criminal activity that she has witnessed. The following are common assaults that targeted individuals experience:
-Being stalked by groups of people in vehicles and/or on foot
-Illegal entry into their homes and tampering and/or destruction of personal property
-Constant round-the-clock surveillance inside and outside of their homes
-Illegal wire-tapping of their phones, hacking of their computers, and intrusion into cell phone devices
-Assaults with remote weapons
-Electronic harassment (remotely turning off and on T.V.'s, fans, radios, etc.)
-Biological and/or chemical assaults (gassing), which sicken the the victim
-Possible physical contact with the victims during break-ins (often while they are asleep) and sometimes violence against victims while they are in public
-Attempts to cause traffic accidents in which the victim is made to look like they are at fault
-Character assassinations 
These are the most common complaints but abuses may stretch beyond these. The reasons for these abuses are designed to discredit the victims or to slow them down. The criminals hope to make victims appear to be, or to cause them to become, mentally unbalanced. Other reasons for the criminal assaults are, to slow down victims' efforts through illness and confusion, to isolate the victim through slander and character assassination, and to frighten the victims into backing down. Ultimately the reasons for this criminal activity usually have to do with either money, reputation, or revenge. All of these seem to be a part of Andrea's experience. It is my professional opinion that Andrea Laroche is of sound mind and is a targeted individual of international criminal gangs and is experiencing most of the assaults listed above. I recommend that Andrea be given protection and that her experiences be taken seriously and that something be done to end her suffering and bring these criminal gangs to justice.
Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact me if you have any further questions. 
Cathy Meadows, M.A., Clinical Psychology
Boulder, Colorado
Tele. No.: 707-720-7137


Dr. John Hall D.O.
31456 Retama Ridge
Bulverde, Texas 78163
Ms. Andrea Laroche came to see me from Brussels, Belgium for the purpose of radio frequency scanning for evaluation of suspected non-consensual micro chipping. This is not a medical procedure, but rather a service ordinarily provided by private investigators. However, due to the lack of professionals providing this service, I do perform scanning at no charge to certain individuals who seek my advice. I use the same equipment used by the William Taylor Agency out of Florida to perform these scans. Since I am not a licensed PI, I strongly recommend that these findings be re-confirmed by a private investigator adept at doing radio frequency scanning.
Ms. Laroche was initially scanned with a JM 20 Pro, which alerted at her left TMJ joint, around both eyes and her right proximal shoulder. These findings were then scanned a second time with a JM 20 frequency reader. The positive findings at her left jaw-line and around her eyes did not elicit a numeric reading with the frequency reader. However, a very strong signal was found at the right shoulder, which read at 357.49 MHz. 
All areas of positive findings were scanned with a Verichip reader, which was negative at all, sites for a Verichip brand chip. 
Ms. Laroche gives a history of some suspicious dental work done on the left lower dentition. She also has a police report of an attack during which she was drugged and chocked to the point of losing consciousness. My recommendation is that x-rays be taken of the lower jaw, orbits and right shoulder to rule out the presence of a foreign body. Moreover, she should see Dr. H. Stanninger for further evaluation for possible non-consensual micro chipping. 

Dr. John Hall D.O.

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