psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

How Chemtrails are Destorying our Health and the Earth

 A full general strike should be called and continued until the spraying is stopped. That might do the trick.  It certainly would get peoples attention.

Another Chemtrails Illusion

Connecting More Dots
By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri 
c. 2011 By Author - All Rights Reserved

Since last Summer, deeper "blue skies" have been seen in parts of the Midwest (Ohio and Indiana) and the Eastern seaboard (from New York and New Jersey up to the New England states). Regularly, I would look up at the sky and see a grayish blanket, knowing (from having my own snow independently tested) that they are full of poisons. This is the Chemtrails synthetic-blanket covering under which we now live daily; and it has no relationship whatsoever with any real clouds. Tragically, our magnificent assortment of real clouds are gone: destroyed by the military with all their deadly and illegal weather experimentation and modification. With tremendous hubris, but without the requisite knowledge, they have been tampering with the very eons-long workings of our planet. It isn't based on any precautionary science. It's just Frankenstein-like interference with lethal consequences.
Recently, holes (perhaps a few miles wide) would open up in this blanket, and one would see a supposedly "deeper blue" sky. When I first saw these in Ohio in August 2010, I was quite surprised. Was our old azure-blue sky really back? I immediately spoke to the brilliant polymer chemist Dr. Mike Castle about it. For years, he has been dedicated to researching the Chemtrails' patents and independent lab tests to find out what is in these aerosolized poisoned sky blankets. He is the author of the Universal Atmospheric Protection Act (tied up in Congress for several years).
Given the constant 24/7/365 barrage of these highly hazardous and illegal Chemtrails throughout all NATO countries, seeing any kind of "blue sky" has been problematic. Instead, what we continue to see over our heads, over the last 12-15 years, is a washed-out grey-often-to-whitish sky. There is no resemblance to any color of Mother Nature's real and deeper azure-blue. Clouds used to have wondrous shapes! Do you remember them? Now, the overhead covering is often uniform. Chemtrails spread out with great rapidity, especially when the planes lay the latest poisonous assault for their on-coming manipulated weather front. Both sunshine and blue skies are rare. This is especially true during the Wintertime. Any semblance of the real, dark azure-blue sky of the 1990s is gone, due to these deadly brews.
Our intermittent so-called "blue sky" that millions of us have seen these past six months is, in fact, NOT a return to our real, blue, pre-Chemtrails sky that we had before this deliberately created nightmare began. This is another illusion. According to Dr. Castle, this "new color blue is due to the chemical compounds Manganese di-Bromo di-Fluoro-Benzidine (salts). They are added to Chemtrails so that light is not reflected; but, rather, these compounds refract both light and dark. Therefore, it works the atmosphere into what is called 'a coherent phase fiber optics refraction' in a crystalline (the salts) blue material. So, the sky 'looks' blue; but actually it only has the refracted color of whatever color (bright or dark) is above it."
Dr. Castle told me yesterday, "the color is based on ultramarine blue/violet that has been micronized into aerosolized particulates and deployed into the open atmosphere." He notes: "This aerosol has 500 times more manganese and a huge level of a toxic dibromo-flouro-benzene compounds. This helps the aerosols stay aloft for longer periods of time, unlike the heavier barium and aluminum. This also has been tested; and has higher levels of arsenic and gallium, both of which have been independently tested by Arizona Skywatch and others."
"This violet hue is a perfect cloaking device for an extremely toxic group of chemicals (both organic and inorganic) that cause fluorosis of the brain and plaquing," says Dr. Castle. This means, quite literally, that our brain function continues to be compromised with each breath we inhale of these poisons. We cannot discount that the staggering increase in chemical brain injury and, thus, cognitive function [erroneously called "Alzheimer's," that only can be diagnosed in a post-mortem analysis] may, in fact, be linked to these poisons that specifically target the workings of our brain. Aluminum is also one of the toxic Chemtrails ingredients that affect the brain.
There is no testing of what all these chemicals are doing synergistically to further damage our brain's normal capacity to think clearly and critically. Further, no one wants to think that she or he has any kind of brain damage. It's not what most people can process. In addition, this is not only off most everyone's radar, it is also invisible. None of this is reported in any news. However, look at the increase in abnormal behavior that IS news! We must stop using denial or ignorance as excuses, and realize this is a most valid and urgent concern that may affect millions of people. It is conceivable that chemical brain injury may be potentially thousands of times more accelerated and far more widespread.
Remember: this unseen physical damage continues daily, year in and year out. It is not our fault this is happening. It is the result of these hidden-agenda global military operations that are poisoning us. We must hold these criminals accountable.

For those of you who read my Chemtrails and environmental articles, I want to remind my readers: I do not have any hidden agendas. As an educator for many decades, and also as a parent and grandparent, my only agendas continue to be my real concern for our safety and well being. These are lifetime priorities for me. An educated and well-informed citizenry can make informed decisions. These are now critical to our very survival!

In addition, Dr. Castle notes that another part of what is propagated in this deadly brew is "an E-coli bacterium, and it was mutated with another fungal form (possibly Fusarium sp.). This is put in it with a dehydrated material --a desiccant. Then this dehydrates the water out of the air, and, in turn, causes the bacterium to hydrate. That forms a nucleating agent at a slightly higher temperature." Dr. Castle says that this has already been patented.
It is this brew that creates more poisoned rain or synthetic "pearlite"-snow that has been falling this Winter. With the storm that has hit the East these past two days, there are reports that 49 of our states have had snow. Regarding this chemical desiccant: look at your hands and fingers. If they are extremely dry, chapped, and have cracks, it is very likely that the cause is the Chemtrails' desiccant.
This is what we are all breathing; and it explains why so many people are so very sick, especially when it rains, snows, or when there is heavy fog. But physicians are not looking for aerosolized chemical toxins when their patients are ill. So, many patients get the wrong diagnosis. I'm reminded of the words of an old song that Woody Guthrie sang: "it comes with the dust, and is gone with the wind." Only now, it isn't gone with the wind, but is in every Chemtrails-laden breath we inhale to wreck havoc with our already compromised immune systems. Is there anyone else who can report on other Chemtrails recent lab results? Here are two recent photos (taken near Portland, Maine, January 3).

So, basically, we have another illusion: a sky color that isn't real with "clouds" that are fake. One deadly illusion on top of another, as we look up. In the bigger picture, these illusions are not just above us, but surround our every move with the Orwellian doublespeak of the corporate-controlled mass media. I have often thought, when seeing jets spraying lines perpendicular to these artificial sky blankets that these had another poisonous chemical brew that was to be mixed in, to make it even more lethal as it falls invisibly on us. And with all these poisons comes more illness and air that becomes less and less breathable. Clifford Carnicom has stated in his public lectures that we are now breathing "plasma." That is, our air has been electrified. Many of the chemicals in these synthetic sky blankets have been created to be electromagnetically primed. The nano-particles of fiber-coated aluminum help facilitate this. Electrically conducive plasma is being used for the military's black operations "that enhance conductivity of military radar and radio waves."(1)
In militarized and corporatized countries, such as ours, citizens are expendable for corporate profit greed. We can be deliberately distracted by the latest "cool" technology, or be busy texting, but none of this is safe for any of us to use. No matter. Safety and any kind of REAL PRECAUTION are not part of the secret plans for us by the elite insiders. Amy Worthington has written that:
This, as Dr. Rosalie Bertell has written, has made our planet and, thus every one of us "the latest weapon[s] of war."(2) This has dramatically compromised even further our already besieged immune systems. Our bodies were never meant to be sponges for such a lethal number of poisons. And it is why we have such an increased range of deadly illnesses."
In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the purveyors of perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth's life-giving sunlight, and reduced atmospheric visibility with lung-clogging particulates and polymers. This ecological terrorism has severely compromised public health, according to thousands of testimonials. Years of mass appeals to legislators, media and military officials for information, and for cessation of catastrophic atmospheric degradation, have fallen on deaf bureaucratic ears."(3)
These comments remind us that they are part of the on-going crises, not part of any real solutions. In a very astute observation, Rebecca Campbell calls Worthington's "ecological terrorism" by a newer name: "terracide" (in personal conversation).
The polymer "tendrils" and wisps seen in the digital photos, accompanying this article, already have been linked to Morgellons Syndrome. This is a painful illness, where synthetic fibers (red, white, and blue do you get it?) often come through the skin. Over the past decade, they have been photographed many times. These same fibers taken from the bodies of humans and our companion pets (seen in samples examined under a high-powered microscope) are the same ones that we see in our distorted, fake clouds. The link is there.
There is no cure, and any insignificant attempt at any kind of governmental research has been shelved. These tendrils and wisps are not some form of new "cloud." Rather, they are military-made harbingers of illness and death. Morgellons is not a naturally occurring illness. The probability that Morgellons and the fibers found in samples gathered from around the country both originated at some bioweapons lab seems likely. While millions suffer health injuries, those supposedly in charge (and the cause of the damage they created) are mute. So many of us are ill. Can we connect the dots, and realize that this IS PERSONAL; and it detrimentally affects every one of us?
The air most often smells of chemicals and is filled with far more pollution (now hardly regulated, as corporations can dump assorted hazards, with almost complete abandon, into our air, water, soil basically, our entire food supply). When one goes outside in this kind of toxic air, it often smells like a sewer.  
Question: When was the last time you remember taking a deep breath of real "fresh air"?

We were never meant to be experimental laboratory animals on an indefinite basis. Don't forget: in most all of completed lab experiments, the animals are killed. On paper, this is supposedly illegal by our own and international laws. This goes for all living beings and the entire web of life. This also means the entire food chain! We are at the top of this chain. All these laws are disregarded, as if they did not exist. The latest nightmare is the almost nine-month-long Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe continues to decimate the entire South. Everything! All living beings are still being sprayed at night with the Corexit 9500 dispersant AND Chemtrails. Serious illness is rampant. The sham of any vestiges of "democracy" have been deliberately and secretly destroyed, now done at an accelerated pace, especially over the past decade.  
REMEMBER: The poisoning of our skies means the poisoning of all our lives.  Think about this! The planet is now so poisoned with billions of tons of barium, nano-particles of fiber-coated aluminum, ethylene dibromide (a pesticide that dries out every mucosal part of our bodies and destroys the soil), and the rest of this Chemtrails spew, PLUS chronic low-level radiation, and 100,000 other mostly untested chemicals-- so that thousands of edible plants are already having tremendous difficulty growing normally. Have you noticed how the taste has changed in vegetables? For example, carrots used to be sweet. Organic carrots used to taste sweet and crunchy. Now they are bitter, even when grown in supposedly "organic" soil. How can they have a sweet taste, when all our soil is filled with a poisonous brew of Chemtrails and pesticides? The term "organic" no longer exists.  
Cornell University has been teaming up with the government to create genetically modified plants that will be able to "grow" in poisoned Chemtrails/EMF/GM soils.(5) Think about this! We cannot eat this kind of hazardous food without grave consequences, and these are already in evidence.  
Question: Can we link how sick so many millions of us are, because the food chain has been so dramatically poisoned with Chemtrails along with the entire rest of the pollution spew?  
Given this unprecedented and off-the-scale hazardous scenario of these military Black Operations that have suppressed our immune systems and are methodically destroying all life, our planet may possibly survive this horrific onslaught (but in an entirely different form without any life), but certainly it will not be fit for human habitation or life as we know it now. Can we really process this concept? IS THERE STILL EVEN ANOTHER HIDDEN AGENDA?  
If we really want to do something to stop this nightmare, then I urge that we all join together and stay home beginning this Saturday January 15. It's a commemorative day to celebrate Rev. Martin Luther King's birthday. It is also the first day of a call for a first NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE. We're underpaid, or not paid, and overworked, while our money continues to be stolen and our skies continued to be
poisoned with every breath we take. Jim Kirwan wrote a two-part passionate reminder this week of how wrecked everything is in this country. If you haven't read this wake-up call, please read these two articles and help get the word out! Here they are:,
Now, let's join together and make our collective voices heard. Instead of asking:
1. Amy Worthington. "Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War." Nov. 21, 2004:

2. Rosalie Bertell. "Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War. A Critical Study into the Military and the Environment." London: The Women's Press, 2000.

3. Amy Worthington. See # 1 above.

4. Clifford Carnicom. See his website for numerous research reports, and all his latest microscopic blood analyses: See especially: "Aerosols and Morgellons: A Systems Perspective." May 23, 2009:

Uk government has admitted to spraying British public with deadly toxins.,


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