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Wendi Myers from Südkorea

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Wendi, and I'm in the middle of the nightmare known as mind control/electronic harassment.  I'm single, 46 years old, college-educated and a mother.  I lived in South Korea from November 2007- September 2010.

Here is my story:

~I was implanted by my ex-boyfriend of four years, a Hungarian who is now a US citizen, with some type of ear implant.  Also, I had a cosmetic neck surgery (initially only under the chin) in South Korea, and was implanted in the back of my neck (at the last minute the doctor decided to open up this area). All of this was done in 2009.

~I was living and working in Ulsan, South Korea when I realized something was happening. A gang of people stalked, and tortured me with some type of electrical device through the walls of my apartment in Ulsan, South Korea. The harassment became to much, and I attempted to leave the country.  I went to my employer, who did not help me, nor did anyone I encountered help me. Not even the US Embassy.  I spoke to a "Paul Thomas" on September 4th, 2010, and told "they did not have the resources to help".  This was at the Nammok police station in Ulsan. 
 ~The mind/control/manipulation was causing me to think I was going crazy.  Uncomfortable thoughts, not of my own were being "projected" into my psyche.  I taught children, and I felt a sense of inappropriateness in my behavior, I had never had ANY inappropriate feelings about children before. Images of scary men were being "flashed" into my head when I tried to sleep.  I was alone and wanted to leave, but I was also wanted to fulfill a contract I had signed with Sunmyong English School in Ulsan, South Korea.   

~On September 6th, 2010, I flew back to the US after being traumatized for more than a month.  My family, including my father thought I had a mental breakdown of some kind.  They took me from the airport in Houston, Texas, to the Neuropsychiatric Center.  We waited for nine hours before someone saw me.  A doctor there gave me a prescription, a false diagnosis and told me "I had only imagined what happened to me".

~Recovering at my family's house, I continued to have the same "electrical shock-like" sensations for a week, and would sleep with my computer over my heart.  This seemed to be the area being targeted. When I slept, it was with my mother. 

~I wrote everything down that had happened in South Korea and the high strangeness in Tokyo and Dallas on my flight home. There was some kind of "occult" aspect to all of this as well.  I truly thought I was going to die, and not see my family again. 

~Even today, my thoughts are being monitored and manipulated, my dreams are being orchestrated negatively, someone can "see" everything I see.  I have a strange eye-twitch, and "fluttering" in my head area.  I'm being followed and harassed by complete strangers, if I try to become independent, my efforts are sabotaged, my moods are darkened to separate me from my family and job opportunities.

As I type this, my arms and hands are being made to feel pain.  I sometimes say things that are not of my mind, offending people that love me.  I feel so vulnerable, but I'm strengthening my spirit.   

I swear, God as my witness, that this is all true, and happened.

  Wendi Myers

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