psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Murdered victims

Many victims of radiation and mind control from Germany have been killed:

Hanz Kümmer 1990, Sonja Dietrich 2002, Ingrid Hassel 2003, Wilhelm Lotz 2003, Heiner Gehring 2004, Nadeshda Felsing 2004, Robert Born 2004, Agnes Roth 2005, Waldemar Weber 2005, Erika Kaltenstadler 2006, Eveline Stampehl 2007, Gabriele Müller 2007, Peter Heiwig 2007, Christian Schäffer 2009,  Markus Bott 2009, Emilia Weigel 2010, Viktor Voight 2010, Claus Walter Will 2010, Anna Schmidt 2010, Chris Petzold 2010, Serge Shuni 2013;

The last letter of Peter Helwig

His handwriting is hardly legible, because Peter was irradiated strongly during the writing of this letter. On the 4th of September 2007, at 9.05 o'clock in the morning, the manipulators penetrate with dialogue-like voices into my head. Permanent questions, just questions, in this way they put the psychological pressure on to me, in a way, that it is impossible not to answer. They used different means to work on my psyche; sometimes they say something good about me, sometimes they insult me. This condition is called „ interrogating - questioning closely, cross-examining “.
On the 05th of September 2007 I had to endure again the voices with threats in my head uninterruptedly. Slowly, but frequently and permanently the voices penetrate into the head (intimidations and constant threats): „We kill you! You are already a Zombie! We kill also your relatives! “
It goes on like this until the 10.09.2007. Two nights in a row they did not let me sleep. Today they demonstrated to me the ways, they are able to torture me. I`ve already decided for me a long time ago, that I don´t have any other exit than to let them to kill me. If they want to kill me, then they should do this, I think fatalistically. I lay down for a while and they tell me much today and threaten again. They said: „We will take your life and your heart away! We will erase your memory! We`ll detach your left arm and your feet! You need your penis! We`ll leave it to you! “. They manipulate me and make me depressive. They ask me: „Why do you lie down, why don´t you speak?
We`ll make a Zombie out of you! “I answered them that I am too tired to talk in such a state. Even so they can steer me and urge me to answer their questions automatically, without wanting to.
I continue to note: They steer me and threaten me permanently. „ Decide yourself, either we kill you or then your relatives! “
My psyche is entirely broken in pieces and therefore I am restless. They exert pressure on me by ceaselessly bombarding me with threatening words.
Peter wrote his last letter on the 10th of September 2007. He died on the night to the 11th of September 2007.


Murdered victims from Russia

Viktor Weigel 1977, Heinrich Gamel 1985, Irma Weigel 1987, Irma Schmunk 1997, Iwan Schmunk 1998, Frosja Kondrateva 1998, Abram Gamel 1999, Tatjana Iwantshenko 1999, Nadja Vjatkina 2003, Teresa Gammel 2004, Igor Smirnov 2004, Wassili Schunin 2005, Andrej Schunin 2006, Genadi Dronin 2006, Helena Blinnikova 2007, Vladimir Rybin 2007, Anna Rybina 2007, Igor Sazonov 2007, Valentina Smirnova 2007, Elena Russalkina 2007, Eugenia Gnezdilova 2008, Andrej Slepucha 2008, Ludmila Malantschuck 2008, Alexandra Danilova 2009,  Nikolaj Schunin 2009, Irina Drushinina 2010, Vladimir Jermakov 2010, Andrej Sarkin 2011;

(1) J, (A mind contol victim whom I knew nothing about) who I heard from the torturers, died during May 2002 to August 2002 in China. Her death frightened me; I had ever mentioned her death in my letters to United Nations.  

(2) Clare L. Wehrley [sic], described as a local transient, was crossing 34th Street North just south of Dartmouth Avenue North on January 6, 2006 at 7:40pm, when she was struck by a 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix, traveling southbound and driven by Edward Raymond Peters, of St. Petersburg. A minivan had been in front of Peters and it swerved to avoid Wehrley as she crossed against traffic. The minivan blocked Peters view of Wehrley in the roadway as she continued walking from the center lane to the median lane and was struck by the Pontiac.This pedestrian/fatality traffic crash was investigated by a Traffic Homicide Investigator (not to be confused with a homicide investigator). There are no charges pending in the traffic crash. Most victims believed that because torturers using mind control and Directed Energy Weapons to cause her death in a car accident. 

(3) Carole Sterling , On November 6, 1997, Carole Sterling, a mind control victim, committed suicide. She lived in Washington, D.C. and was tortured so brutally she was led to kill herself to escape the torture. She went to a UFO conference years ago and it was there she noticed she became a victim. 

(4) Nadine Elaine Mitchell (May 16, 1938 - August 5, 2006) Last Saturday, August 5, 2006, a fellow-target passed away due to her injuries rendered physically and psychologically via covert harassment. In speaking to those that were close to her, she suffered greatly, especially in her last days because of the cancer, directed energy weapons and non-stop group stalking activity. Here is a link to her online obituary: 

(5) Darin Smith From Jennifer M: I received a strange and sad phone call tonight. A woman was going through her boyfriend’s cell phone to find out who he had been in contact with prior to his suicide. It was a TI who had contacted me in June about targetting. He described what was happening to him first in an email to me. His name was Darin Smith, a member of the Coast Guard. We talked on the phone for about an hour. He was very supportive to me and seemed to be knowledgable about the technology. He knew what they were doing to him, but he didn't understand why or how they did it, like most of us. He shot himself in the head, while driving, on Aug. 31st. 2006. To any of you who knew him, I am very sorry. His girlfriend Tiffany, was asking me about this group. I'm still freaking out. He seemed so strong, when I last spoke to him in June. We have to stay tough guys. I'm having a hard time processing this, but I know that this is a supportive group. Please add Darin's name to any memorial group or list we have and let me know if you need more information on the case. Sincerely yours, TI Jennifer M.

(6) Rena from USA suicided  with great regret that I inform my fellow TIs that a fellow TI has committed suicide. Her name was Rena, and she had a brief blog that she kept at the following address:,;
Over the last couple of months, she and I had become friends. She had stayed over at my place a couple of times, and we shared our stories. She had also been a victim of the electronics, as many of you are. I had hoped to perhaps engage in a relationship with her, and now she is dead. Rena was a very sweet lady about my age, who also happened to be legally blind. What these bastard pig shit sewer scum gangstalkers do is evil. I am just sick right now, and I can't say anything more. Dave
(7) Johan Heller --A Sweden Mind Control Victim died from a heart attack (we believed that was an artificial heart attack)This bad news was firstly brought to us by Sherry Bell a Ti, one his good friends in USA and forwarded to us by Monika Stoches. Our friend Johan Heller (Sweden) had passed away last week. He died from a heart attack while he was in the Philippines. Probably this was a result of the abuse of remote technology on his body and mind for several years. He got targeted consciously with electromagnetic weapons in 1999. In 1999 he lost his children and wife as a result of this, nobody believed him this was happening He lost his work being a computer programmer. And he accepted forced antipsychotic medication that strongly damaged his health. This disbelieves and ignorance of what was happening to him, also from his second wife in the Philippines since last year, made him suffer deeply, in fact the disbelieve was the most painfull part of it, as it is to many others. This story once more should tell us all that there is nothing more important than what is happening to us and to thousands of us worldwide. I realize that we have only one life, and that ignoring reality and acting as if nothing happens, it impossible and totally wrong.
Our reputation is totally unimportant in comparison with this crime, we must break the silence and face reality, ignoring these historical crimes , is as wrong as denying the existence of the concentration camps back in world war 2 . This must be exposed, and only by exposing ourselves, all the people who know this already, we can do something. So many targets worldwide, only need to find each other and work together!


(8) Darrim Daoud suicides and Passes Away (on Nov 17, 2009); What we are experiencing is truly getting to be a holocaust. Here's the newspaper article about the apparent suicide of Darrim Daoud. Some of us knew him in the community both in England and the US. He was the organizer of the London TI's who participated in the global protest in October. Here is the newspaper article about what happened. There's also this message at the bottom of the article: "Did you know Mr Daoud? Leave your tributes below or call our newsdesk on 012923 597600". Mr. Darrim Daoud is an organizer of Global protest in London on 14 Oct and 10 Dec 2009.

Remembering Pam Anderson

Greetings, everyone.  The FFCHS press release about the suicide of Pam Anderson was sent this morning and is copied in this email below. In a call earlier this week, her sister-in-law informed me that there will be a family-only graveside ceremony today in San Bernardino, California where she lived.  I've also received an email from her sister-in-law with the following information:   "Pam's obituary is running for one day Saturday in the San Bernardino California Sun Telegram. Also available on Saturday will be an online link at: where people can leave comments, this will stay open for one year."
In memory of Pam, and in recognition that this same scenario could happen to so many in our community, I urge all to send her story as far and as wide as possible. The PRWEB link to the story is also listed below.

 The Suicide of a Government Secret Program Victim

She was respected in the targeted individual (TI) community and had recently been appointed to the board of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). However, after 53 years of constant suffering and sabotage, with no end in sight, Pam Anderson had reached the end of her endurance.
As far back as she could remember, she had been a victim of “the program” as she described it. Therefore, she was grateful to have found the human rights organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) several months ago, one of only a very few groups in the world that deals with her issues. She was bright, articulate and knowledgeable and soon was invited to the board of FFCHS. However, Pam Anderson, distraught and disillusioned after 53 years of suffering mental, emotional, physical and psychological torment, with no hope of a solution anytime in the near future, went to a local firing range on Thursday, September 8, 2011, “swallowed her gun”, and blew herself away.
Pam’s father had been a NASA scientist at the Huntsville, Alabama space station. Her stepfather was enlisted in the Air Force and retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 1985 at Norton AFB in San Bernardino, California. So, she had grown up on military bases, however, she had also been an MKULTRA experimentee from infancy. 
MKULTRA was a secret CIA project which often non-consensually used and abused men, women, and children in the ultimate quest for control of the human mind. It began in the early 50’s, and focused mainly on the use of drugs, mostly LSD. Gradually, the emphasis shifted to electromagnetic frequency research, which provided many advantages over the use of drugs. With this new method, subjects could now be manipulated and monitored from a distance, thereby avoiding detection. The researchers discovered that all manner of effects could be achieved in human beings via the modulation of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, including the transmission of human voices to the brain, the control of moods and emotions, the targeting and remote manipulation of limbs and processes of internal organs, even the remote induction of serious health conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and cancers.
The US military also conducted mind control experiments and even collaborated with the CIA on some projects. This accounts for the experiment sessions that Pam endured that happened at military bases. It wasn’t until a congressional investigation and hearings initiated by Senator Frank Church, in the early 70’s that the nightmarish programs were made public. Officially, MKULTRA was abandoned after the congressional hearings. In practice however, according to whistleblower testimony and victim accounts, the secret research continued at a steady pace.
Pam was an intelligent woman who could have done very well in life had she not been interfered with at every turn. She was on the honor roll in high school until an eye injury playing on a women’s basketball team forced her into surgery, after which her grades plummeted to a D-. Immediately after the surgery, she started experiencing “abnormal, controlled horrifying dreams and remotely influenced imagery” that never ended.
During her adult life she enjoyed brief success as a business owner for four years, but this eventually came to a halt due to the covert sabotage of her business. She later excelled in her college major of Administration of Justice with a 4.0 GPA, but due to electromagnetic targeting, her grades dropped somewhat. She then worked as a reserve police officer for the City of San Bernardino, California until workplace harassment began to happen.
She worked a series of jobs after that, but was never able to obtain or maintain steady employment for an extended period of time because of covert stalking scenarios such as unexplained customer complaints or sudden illnesses, resumes that never reached their intended destination, phone calls from potential employers that were re-routed to a ‘disconnection of service’ message, vehicle sabotage and more.
In her recent statement to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, she wrote: “I have suffered the systematic destruction of my life, health, credibility, finances and general well being as a result of being placed in this program… All forms of communication intercepted: land line and cell phones, mail missing, opened or delayed. Sprint recently admitted only the Government has the power to intercept or corrupt my Blackberry. A Sprint employee in Redlands Ca. witnessed my Blackberry remotely being activated. I recently had to get a replacement Blackberry. I have had a plethora of cell phones, all with the same COINTELPRO tactics. My computer programs, internet searches and e-mails censored, controlled or delayed.”
Her health became more of an issue as time went on and she eventually had to receive disability payments. Her physical ailments included: an auto-immune disorder, vasculitis, fibromyalgia, and tinnitis, as well as remote cognitive and behavioral control, synthetic telepathy (transmission of voices or other audio content to the human mind)
- racing heartbeat, remote-influenced trancing, extreme fatigue, induced sleep, blurred vision, excruciating knee pain, excruciating foot pain, itching eyes, eye pain, intense pain in hands, debilitating migraines, sudden hearing loss, vibrations in parts of body, constant ringing in ears with constant pressure, involuntary movements of head and limbs" - and more. She felt that some of her symptoms were consistent with radiation poisoning and began to feel more hopeless as she vainly sought medical help. Her condition continued to degrade, however hospitals refused to admit her even though she had very serious physical issues that doctors told her needed immediate attention. Her doctors would order her to be admitted to the hospital, but hospitals mysteriously refused to admit her with no explanation and her doctors were pressured not to intervene. “I have literally begged for death,” she once said. During her last days there had been a noticeable change in Pam. She called one activist late one night and interrogated him endlessly, desperately searching, probing for answers that she knew already were not there. “Who do I go to with this?” she said over and over. “Pam, we’re making progress,” he would say. “I need help right now!”
That familiar urgency in the face of horrific suffering, while no congressman, no influential human rights group or privacy rights group, no police department, no task force, no attorney, no phone call from the cavalry would be coming to offer a modicum of help or relief.
“Who do I go to, to report this?” she repeated accusingly, knowing the sad reality that for victims of secret government mind control experimentation programs, at least for the present, there are no answers and no one to go to for help. So, when this activist finally received the call from someone who identified herself as a friend of Pam’s, he knew the next words would not be good. How many more victims will have to resort to self-inflicted violence before the world pays attention to a growing network of covert technological crime?


In memoriam of Andrey Sarkin from Moscow 


Andrey Sarkin, a TI, died on September 21, 2011, at the age of 35.


Andrej was brutally tortured by electronic weapons and mind control technology, for many years. Many times he tried to end the torture and committed par suicide. Around15 times Andy was hospitalized in the psychiatry. Even there he was brutally tortured and got a high dose of medicals. Days before his death, Andy was tortured horrible with mind control.  Then he made the decision to end all this suffering. He went for a walk and found death in the river Moscow. Probably his suicide got pushed with mind control techniques. Andy, now you found the peace, you were looking for all these years!   

At least you were released from all the tortures and horror what was done to you by the governmental murders from Russia! Deep condolences arrive from many TI’s from different countries!

  There will be no peace for those barbarians!!

How many innocent people and children more have to suffer and get killed, till the world community opens their eyes and realize what’s going on in many countries!! 

More victims stories: 



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