psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Psychological warfare


CIA spies on US citizens who applied for the CIA and did not sign a consent form for the CIA to spy on them. Their main purpose is to discredit and disrupt. Their very presence serves to undermine trust and scare off any agents from coming forward and publicly complaining about the extensive harassment they went through. The CIA exploits this fear to manipulate people into working for them with no pay under a supposed Agency system set up alongside Communist guidelines with the CIA leader even being called a Czar where they only receive shelter and food in exchange for evil work which they say is to be terrible enough to destroy peoples’ lives. They do this to make agents angry enough to be mad at the world and be able to fight in rudimentary ways using knives and whatever is in the vicinity to protect them and murder anyone in their way during spy missions.  

Psychological warfare:

The CIA uses myriad "dirty tricks" to undermine trainees. They forge correspondence, send anonymous letters, and make anonymous telephone calls. They spread misinformation about meetings and events, set up non-profit groups run by  agents to terrorize people, and manipulate or strong-armed parents, employers, landlords, school officials and others to cause trouble for agents.

Legal harassment:

The CIA and police abuse the legal system by harassing dissidents and make them appear to be criminals. CIA agents give perjured testimony and present fabricated evidence as a pretext for false arrests and wrongful imprisonment. They use inconspicuous surveillance and monitor agents to prevent them from going public with all the harassment and U.S. bill of rights violations they go through.

Illegal force:

The CIA threatens dissidents; conducts illegal break-ins in order to search dissident homes; and commits vandalism, assaults, beatings, and assassinations. They also drug people with Crystal Meth (and other drugs like mushrooms, cocaine, and Mephedrone distributed by an agent within the CIA)--thus to encourage agents to spend all of their money before entering the communist empire of the CIA (where no money is given and instead only the living essentials are provided), and to use it for brainwashing to encourage people to conduct evil acts.  This is aimed at destroying another agent in training to break him down to the point of doing the same thing. The object is to frighten, or eliminate dissident agents and disrupt their movements to the media and U.S. law enforcement--trapping them in a lifelong cycle of sadness and anger while being forced to conduct evil training and spying worldwide.

For confirmation that these acts are being conducted please visit www. and search for "skepticism meetings" made up of ex CIA agents.

Robert Cardillo -Satan impersonated John Bennett. A person who wants to change the CIA but Robert Cardillo likes the current “programme” where evil is done and where spies aren’t trained well—leading to poor spying in the world and not much Intelligence collected for a lot of wasted government dollars spent and a lot of people who go through tortuous brainwashing and evil acts against them to make them into bad spies.,

CIA/ NCS trying to take over U.S. government with private army. The website says they have 2,000 employees when in fact they already have over 6,000 employees. See below for the training tactics of their "soldiers" and "brainwashers" and how they are manipulating the US government to use federal funding to set up this army and how they encourage evil acts.  They try to take away any religion the agents in the NCS has and waste extensive amounts of money to fund different programmes designed to launder money, create an army, and even propagate the use and selling of drugs like Crystal Meth and Mephedrone which they buy from

Elaboration of findings

The elaboration which follows details the general finding of the Committee that in attention to -- and disregard of -- legal issues was an all too common occurrence in the intelligence community. While this section focuses on the actions and attitudes of intelligence officials and certain high policy officials, the Committee recognizes that a pattern of lawless activity does not result from the deeds of a single stratum of the government or of a few individuals alone. The implementation and continuation of illegal and questionable programmes would not have been possible without the cooperation or tacit approval of people at all levels within and above the intelligence community, through many successive administrations. 

The agents in the field, for their part, rarely questioned the orders they received. Their often uncertain knowledge of the law, coupled with the natural desire to please one's superiors and with simple bureaucratic momentum, clearly contributed to their willingness to participate in illegal and questionable programmes. The absence of any prosecutions for law violations by intelligence agents inevitably affected their attitudes as well. Under pressure from above to accomplish their assigned tasks, and without the realistic threat of prosecution to remind them of their legal obligations, it is understandable that these agents frequently acted without concern for issues of law and at times assumed that normal legal restraints and prohibitions did not apply to their activities.

Significantly, those officials at the highest levels of government, who had a duty to control the activities of the intelligence community, sometimes set in motion the very forces that permitted lawlessness to occur -- even if every act committed by intelligence agencies was not known to them. By demanding results without carefully limiting the means by which the results were achieved; by over-emphasizing the threats to national security without ensuring sensitivity to the rights of American citizens; and by propounding concepts such as the right of the "sovereign" to break the law, ultimate responsibility for the consequent climate of permissiveness should be placed at their door.

By direction of the President in Executive Order 12333 of 1981 and in accordance with procedures approved by the Attorney General, the CIA is restricted in the collection of intelligence information directed against U.S. citizens.  Collection is allowed only for an authorized intelligence purpose; for example, if there is a reason to believe that an individual is involved in espionage or international terrorist activities. The CIA's procedures require senior approval for any such collection that is allowed, and, depending on the collection technique employed, the sanction of the Director of National Intelligence and Attorney General may be required. These restrictions on the CIA have been in effect since the 1970s.

I am currently training for the CIA. They go through my mail, break into my apartment. In the beginning of the training they hid my medicines and I almost developed AIDS as a result. Once I met another CIA operative and he drugged me so that I would miss my doctors’ appointment the next day. They also drugged me with a drug called Mephedrone which ended up developing a cyst on my lip which I recently had removed at Morningside St. Lukes Hospital in NYC.  The CIA encourages their operatives to use Crystal Meth and they even developed a special kind of crystal meth that they distribute with their own CIA operative/drug dealer to make people go insane during the training and spend all their money on drugs. Later if the person refuses to go on a mission, the CIA threatens to take away the rent and food leaving the agent homeless and hungry.

They refuse to stop screaming at me in my head with the V2K Chip ( The CIA/NCS uses NYC as a training ground for serial Killers.

CIA basically kidnaps you by putting 3 trainers to scream at you.  They don’t pay you money and instead only pay for living expenses--basically a form of modern slavery.

Occasionally they use electromagnetic and electronic weaponry on agents to torture them from far away to make them have a breakdown and get angry to do any evil acts they want. 

explains the brain-chip technology and how it works explains the CIA training in detail including the use of children for child molestation used for confirmations.


The CIA implants these chips without the knowledge of us citizen who applied for the NCS and never pays agents and instead only pays their rent and food and then later threatens to take away everything if people don’t go on spy missions.

The CIA brainwashes people that if they aren’t completely perfect that they aren’t religious taking away their religion.  I vote for freedom of religion which this country was founded on and not on nasty evil people who’ s only plot is to take away everything a person cares about—their life, liberty, and property (real property), as well as their religion.

The NCS/ CIA uses spies that have dual citizenship of the country that they will be spying on-they can speak the language fluently with no accent and usually look like citizens of the country they spy on.  Example-in Argentina, they use Argentinean/ American citizens for spying, in Brazil, they use Brazilian/ American spies.  Sometimes they make these spies enter with the passport of the country and sometimes they make them enter using an American passport.  Be on the lookout. Anyone can be a spy.

Brainwashing (confirmations) are done to create an empty feeling/ urge/ desire/ and also to maximize OCD compulsions in people.  You never speak to or ever see the person you do confirmations with again. The person is later taken out and you are left with a lonely lost feeling in your gut, brain and soul.  This empty feeling is then filled with orders from the CIA for you to blindly follow with OCD.  As you slowly clear your subconscious mind and follow the lines like a book. 

You feel dead inside at that point and you don't care about what you do.  They NEVER let you go and meet the person you fell in "love" with.  The empty feeling is filled with orders from the supposed lover you fell in love with.  They always make it to where you feel like you are not doing enough confirmations to actually meet the person, making you feel bad about not meeting the person. The CIA tries to develop kinky ideas in your brain associated with your lover to where you can never date anyone and end up alone and sad forever. Confirmations of any kind are bad.

The bible states: "The spirit makes it clear that as time goes on, some are going to give up on the faith in God and chase after demonic illusions put forth by professional liars.  These liars have lied so well and for so long that they have lost their capacity for truth.  They will tell you not to get married.  They'll tell you not to eat this or that food-perfectly good food God created is god and to be received with thanks.  Nothing is to be sneered at and throughout.  God's word and our prayers make every item in creation holy."

The CIA is Professional liars who worship evil. They don’t allow people to get married.

The CIA claims to have 2,000 employees but in fact they have 6,000 employees.  They are trying to create a mini-army to take over the U.S. Government.



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