psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
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The psychothrone - concentration camp 

Stepanowa N. I. – one of the veterans of the psychothrone special commands answers questions of Russian citizens, magnitron5.html - 50k  

The psychothrone - concentration camp for tortures with psychothrone weapons on distance consists mainly of Freemason's groupings. Within every special command the number of victims in the personal concentration camps varies depending on the duration of the serviceman’s work in the Freemason grouping and from their skills of torture methodology.  

All TI's (targeted individuals) with which we deal in our psychothrone-concentration camp are people who are tormented with psychothrone weapons on distance. These people are converted into receivers and are steered electronically. The members of the special commands are people who connect the victims to the controlling operating system. The rest of the people will be connected to the controlling operating system after the implantation of microchips. We were taught by own microchips to work with the programs of electronic control of the brain, so that each of us can create his electronic concentration camp. We have got the possibility to localize sensations and emotions of TI's (targeted individuals), to fix and to steer them on distance. I suppose that "the object" can be seen as slave stations and all special command members as transmitting stations which read information in you and hand them over to the operating system.


We create the causes which lead to the development of illnesses whose origin is not known. It would be probably interesting for doctors to get to know in which manner normal physiological processes are and can be disturbed. Some disturbances of the central nervous system, particularly this which appear and disappear must not necessarily deal with anomalies of the so-called hard mechanisms, for example, with the neuron nets or media gates. They happen because of disturbances in the so-called sensitive mechanisms, in the "programs" of the brain respo
nsible for processes of the logical analysis, the synthesis and the comparison of the information...» We generate these disturbances. Only I or similar to me "magicians", the psychothrone operators from special commands, lead the Winchester (hard disk) to every block of the electronic brain (the artificial effigy of the intellect) which is responsible for this or that area or the structure of the brain. After the connection with this block my work starts. It concerns, on this occasion, a computer simulation which is connected with the biometrical computer representation of the TI's (targeted individuals). My work on the hard disk exists in the search of that recording which corresponds to the symptoms of some illnesses (the beginning-the development-the result).

On this place the magnetic head is stopped and the process of the illness can begin. As you have maybe noted after long observations, these artificially generated illnesses have periodical character. So this happens, because I can’t hold the reading head on this illness transference sector for long. If I have done my work completely, I leave this sector. Nevertheless, their psyche and their body do not know that I am not there anymore at this moment, i.e. their illness time has already recovered at this time. Nevertheless we drive the victims away with strong and toxic neuroleptics to become crippled (to treat brutally). We would never treat really sick people so brutally, since they have natural cerebral disturbances. I give examples of the places of the organism most often treated by us.   

1. Faulty work of the brain (affect disturbances, hallucinations and schizophrenia). On fig. 171 the effect from Serotonin and Noradrenalin is shown within the structures of the brain. For the forming of the symptoms of an affect disturbance in the brain of the TI's (targeted individuals) which has of course no notion of it, I must find the sector on the hard disk where the information required is taped. Then I must stop on the elective point of the biometrical computer representation of the TI's (targeted individuals) and begin the transference of this information. On fig. 181 it is shown which effect is generated in the brain on the dopamine household. The technology of the effect on two cores, to the origins of the dopamine fibers is same like in Abb.171. I steer the magnetic head on the hard disk, transfer the specific information and the TI (targeted individual) will get the artificially generated illness and will behave accordingly. 


2. Pain. I generate sometimes prophylactically artificial pain sensations to the TI (targeted individual), i.e. the process of the appearance, the duration and the step of pain depends on me. I often repeat these actions. If I am connected, for example, in the block which is responsible for illnesses of the central nervous system, I give the command switch off and I change to the block where the pain centre is, i.e. I search the suitable sector with the specific information on the data carrier and stop the magnetic head on this sector. On fig. 112 the impulse courses are indicated. Because I have fulfilled my work, I move the magnetic head and leave this place. Then pain with the TI (targeted individual) disappears immediately.

3. The vegetative nervous system. We follow particularly the vegetative nervous system. The areas of the brain which are connected with the vegetative functions mostly are hypothalamus and the cerebral trunk, in particular that part which lays just about the spinal cord, the extended spinal cord. In the picture you can see the pattern of the education of the vegetative nervous system. In the computer there is a program to three-dimensionally display the vegetative nervous system and a model of his work. Then I move the magnetic head on the data carrier and find the sector with the required information. Then I begin to work. If I have an effect on the knots of the nervous system, I can damage the organism of the TI's (targeted individuals) seriously. Imagine that the vegetative nervous system is connected with the sympathetic and the parasympathetic by knots and fibers like an electric circuit and you hold an electrode in the hands. If you now touch a selected knot with the electrode, the circle shuts and the stream can flow from this knot to the suitable organ. If I raise the current, the effect increases by the knots on the organ (heart, stomach, liver, kidney etc.) or vice versa if I reduce the strength of the stream, the effect on this organ is weakened. Therefore I can interfere with this bioelectric micro-organism intentionally and influence him. Thereby I can weak, damage or destroy the organ chosen. If I influence the knots of the brain vessels, I can expand or restrict them extremely. My test person feels either a cooking or a deafness feeling in the brain. By restricting the heart nerves I adjust your heartbeat. The influencing of the hypothalamus and the pituitary gives me the possibility to decelerate or to stimulate the secretion function of the cells. Consequently I decide on the future state of health, the life or the death. I steer my magnetic head and provoke illnesses, besides, in particular I have a good time if I generate artificially a briefly inappropriate behavior of the test person. I forge ahead from an organ to the next, so that the test person also really notices that he has become ill (illusion of an illness). Afterwards the test person mostly starts to go to various doctors, taking medicaments which then finally destroy the organism.  

4. The emotions. In the dynamic systems of the brain those neuronal processes take place which adjust emotions, the limbic system. A row of the structures of the brain trunk and some parts of the brain bark also take part in the production of emotions. On fig. 102 you can have a look at this system. As a result of the researches which were carried out with the introduction of electrodes in the separated specific places of the brain, we have received detailed results. These formed the basis for the neuronal-anatomic maps of emotions. All these data are stored in the computer and worked on. To cause the necessary emotion in the test person, I steer the magnetic head on the data carrier as long as I found the required neuronal-anatomic map and start working with it. I can make a furious person presently a peaceful person or move a person from euphoria into depression. I can erase aggressiveness or generate excitement. I can suddenly eliminate all emotions and move them into a artificially made unfamiliar, lifeless state. Thereby they lose her uniqueness. And I reach all that thanks to the easy control of the magnetic head on the data carrier where their whole biometrical information is taped. That means, if I want I can switch you on and terrorize you or I can switch you off and leave you alone. Because all victims are steered through electric stimulation, the electric stimulation of certain cerebral areas is mostly carried out from a secure distance.  

5. The memory... To successfully use the memory, the brain must fulfill three duties: It should collect information, keep and when required reconstruct it. If you cannot remember any more in a little distance, this can mean that every, or only one of these three processes is disturbed. For the learning and for the memory, many areas and the structures of the brain are important: there is the Hippocampus, the thalamic cores, the bark of the big hemispheres (bark shares). All these structures and a computer model are also implied in the computer program. You try, for example to keep some information and I use exactly at this time the table № 8 where is shown in which area of the brain the impulses do not arrive i.e., in which area the work of the brain is disturbed. Or I give you the possibility to notice information to yourself, but neither the space nor the time which you need to restore or reconstruct this information. The aimed person (test person) does not understand at this moment what happens with her (his) memory which sometimes functions properly, sometimes wrong, because it is dependent on the manipulations which I effect on the suitable sector of the data carrier which contains the recordings of your life. Now their life is taped, by the way, in every second upon CD, each of your steps in the course of the day, the month, the year, everything what they hear what you think about, what you have read. The more intensely (more actively) I hold on the magnetic head in these areas of the brain, the more slightly becomes the opposition.

6. The language «... With the biggest surprise of the science in the history of the humanity only a short time ago the unity of the personality has originated. The consciousness has appeared within human beings only approx. 3000 years ago with the written language when the culture developed more and more complicated. Up to that time humans had use of the bicameral sanity. This means that two hemispheres of the brain worked in certain degree independently of each other. The language was transferred from different levels of the right hemisphere into the left one and accordingly interpreted. People at that time interpreted the language as the voice of God. The signals which were transferred from the right hemisphere into the left one had a peculiar regulation. Although they were connected to the moral default of previous cultures (the statements of the czars, priests and parents), the signals perceived, which came from the depth of the brain, became interpreted as voices of the gods. Because of their origin no other explanations existed.

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