psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Methods of torture

„ We must be wary of those, who promise us security and ask in return for our freedom. We must recognize, that part of the price for freedom may well be insecurity, but the price for complete security is inhumanity.

Martin Luther King

Methods of torture

Today, innocent citizens of our so-called "democracy" have and are being tortured in their homes, through walls and windows for over 20 years. They are being ill-treated physically and psychically in an abusive manner, by the use of microwave devices. These weapons are of a type which irradiate, torment and kill. Although these weapons have been developed, they are none existent under law in the Federal Republic of Germany. Psychophysical weapons have an effect on the physical constitution and psyche of a person. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour can be altered directly, causing damage to the cells of the body, the nervous system and can even lead to cardiac arrest. These weapons are used secretly and from a distance, permitting cowardly perverts of the military and secret services to torture and to even murder innocent people. The beasts know exactly, that the existence and use of these weapons cannot be proved, because of the absence of a law which would bring them to justice and put them behind bars. Hence, they can merrily carry on their torture ignoring all existing human rights. Though Russia and Michigan / USA have already extended their weapon laws, they obviously do not adhere to them.

The information and protocols on criminal activities and methods are identical or similar in the statements of many concerned in Germany:

1.  Attacks by radiation weapons and chemical substances
during 24 hours without any break

2.  Organized stalking 

3.  Organized harassment, stress, psycho terror, financial harassment  

4.  Death treats 

5.  Blackmailing 

6.  Isolation and decomposition 

7.  Robbery with murder/Terror actions of neighbors, considering relatives as instruments. 

8.  Destroying mail/parcels/opened letters.

Destroying private property like e.g. household goods, other people’s
objects or changes in private sphere, destroying property ( house, car, furniture)

   10. Burglary with trespass und fake robbery 

   11. Monitoring of phones, manipulations of calls and severe call disturbances

   12. Manipulations of computer and disturbance of important
e-mails, attacks against the date protections, computer sabotage, manipulation, falsification and traffic of information/data, destroying the victim’s computer.

13. Collaboration between the political criminals by blackmailing  friends, colleagues, strangers which have been pushed to put us  under stress, to harass us and to attack us with radiation. 

14.  Sleepless nights caused by the radiations, the neighbors and other criminals. 

15.  Heavy physical injuries – burnings, waning of eyesight and hear  sight, heart attacks, circulatory troubles, inflammatory and allergic reactions. 

16.  Attacks by Ion-radiation. STGB §309

17.  Physical injuries by radiation with very serious physical and psychological harm 

18.  Torture: a) Physical – burnings, heartache b) psychological – Psychiatric manipulation of psychosis, mind and behavior        manipulation, manipulation from the victim, harming oneself, destroying family and one’s power to work. 

19.  Crimes against the date protection, mind-control-experiment : mind reading 

20.  Robbery of intellectual property ( copyright)


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