psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe



The injuries caused by radiation are kept secret by the medical institutions of the state and the examination results are altered deliberately because a large amount of medical institutions are under control of the Secret Services in many countries. The police and the public prosecutors are prohibited to investigate the injuries and hence, they are not exposed, meaning that victims have no possibility to obtain any forensic examinations.



The media are not allowed to report about the psycho-physical radiations of the population. The European High Court for Human Rights and UN Courts have been informed about these crimes, but we have as jet received no reply. Various reports submitted to government representatives of our homeland were all in vain. All of our efforts have been completely ignored! 

An extremely wide net of murderers has been set up to carry out the victims' torture. It is a gigantic army about which nothing has ever been published in the newspapers and only few people have heard about it. Doctors have been criminally involved for a long time. The whole judicial system is corrupt and only serves the culprits. The culprits' misdeeds and terrorism are even covered up by the International Court for Human Rights and the International Criminal Court.

In these last hours of the history of crime and criminal aggressions all borders have been crossed. The history of mankind has never known such barbarity!

There never have been  "criminalized victims " nor " Manchurian candidates ".We must have a good knowledge of killing spree'phenomenon, in order to subject the new "clean weapons" to a close scrutiny. Only in this way it is possible to see the real reasons for events such as the Erfurt case seven years ago, the recent cases  in Winnenden in Germany, in America, in the Belgian childrengarden, and the other crimes of all kinds possibly staged by the Secret Services. The responsibility for these crimes and for terrorism are assumed by NATO and the secret services together with the organized crime, masons and sects.

We, the  victims of non-lethal weapons want the secret services and military forces to get their dirty hands off the  highly dangerous experiments carried out on us, on our partners, our children and grandchildren!

We can no longer accept that psychomurderers control and destroy the population with unethical, immoral and often deadly experiments.

The situation is comparable with the Third Reich, now the same is taking place, but with high tech weapons on a worldwide scale. This possible genocide of a new kind has no right to exist. The culprits must be brought to the international court of law to face up to their responsibilities!

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