psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Siegfried van Hoek

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

in relation to your site against medicaltorture (I encountered that yes), and the info of John St. Clair Akwel I ask your attention: I carry an illegal implant in my neck (medicationexperiment with monitorfunction is a possible explanation).

I have proof on and next to this I can also hand over auditive proof of it I have not put online.

A German hospital is involved in committing x-rayfraude to conceal and to obstruct my criminal research report, only prof Seibel dared to speak.

The Dutch office of justice is deliberately forsaking on their duty to take criminal report, I'm about in procedure against them European Court (EVRM)

Recently I found another Dutch fellow who also carries several illegal implants, we are comparing cases now.

I hope to hear from you upon, kind regards,

Siegfried van Hoek

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