psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Diego Sánchez Martín

Diego Sánchez Martín

I´m Spanish citizen and I´ve been suffering tortures through a neuronal implant for the last 10 years. I´ve been making an online research and I´ve discovered an incomprehensible number of similar cases of people who have been suffered a non consented neuronal implant, and whose have suffered the same harassment that I´ve done by neighbors and even persons of our families. I´ve discovered that the microchips inserted into our brains are controlled by supercomputers managed through satellite by NASA mainly, that shares the information with espionage agencies as CIA, MOSAT, etc... I´m gonna explain to you my deduction.

Last summer I went to Miami to study music, and I suffered innumerable tortures professed by neighbors, citizens, even my mother who lived there with me. I can see photos, movies and to hear noises through this implant, and a huge number of famous actors and musicians appeared at the screen inciting other citizens connected to the device to place illegal bets to the quantity of pain that I suffered through tortures, misfiscalizing money to create what I think it could be a movement to produce instability on the government. They call me "The GOD of Torture". They gave them the excuse that if they contributed with the cause, they would got salvation (at heaven) before the ones who didn´t. But they also said that I was gonna give them what they thought "Da Vinci Code" was. They fooled out population telling them that I was gonna give them a key of coordinates that NASA would use to find an unknown planet where human being could live.  

Many of the testimonies I´ve found online complain about the fact that such technology, despite the fact that violates each human right in an overwhelming way, is used to submit human being to tortures involving people of their environment. It´s an unbelievable number of cases about people suffering the same kind of torture that I do. Most of them talk about espionage agencies controlling their vital functions, but I haven´t found any case in which as me, involve clerics  controlling the device. Otherwise, I´ve checked out that most of the cases which as me have suffered the implant without self consignment, result to be citizens of countries in which catholic religion is comfortly settled even interferes on the state.

Taking on count these facts, I have got to the conclusion that the North American Government is developing a secret project with misacknowlegde of O.N.U., and those who as me have these neuronal implants into our brains conform a kind of survey as if we were rats to check out repercussions on the human body. But going further, I also think that those who profess tortures, could be a kind of economical research of the American government to contrast hidden desires and/or utopic behaviors of a society that can control human being as if they were dogs or simple computers. I´ve also read some comments explaining that it could be a strategy to get to the situation of having the whole humanity controlled via satellite, what appears to me a weird thinking nowadays, but what could be a perfect way of having a hierarchical control of power.

My situation is extremely serious. The public denigration I suffered at Miami by neighbors, partners at the university and famous artists from all along the world makes me think that those who are responsible of this secret project are trying to make from it a public issue. I also think that my case could be a CONSPIRACY against the established government, because I know that those who suggested to implant this microchip into my brain are a circle of persons whose are very related to the Vatican. It could be a perfect way of letting Catholic Church getting into the powers of the North American State, giving more power to "Defense", as Republicans wanted to do last campaign, and endorsed by Church to justify crimes going unnoticed by O.N.U. and other States. This situation takes me back to the Second World War and the Nazi determination of finding the "HOLY GRAIL" or also "THE GOLD OF DAVID". The people is watching me out day and night don´t stop telling that I could be that person that Nazis looked for during the Second World War, a search that brought 50 million deaths and a huge postwar period. But I think they could have realized late of this fact, and that´s the factor that makes causes their need of keeping me hidden and submitted to tortures to press me out and to enforce me to give them the "DA VINCI CODE", which as some artist thought, I really believe is a person too.

I make this call because I really think I run extreme and serious danger. It´s not only that they torture me, but also that they are causing me serious psychological and physical illnesses to cover up all crimes that clerical community has exerted upon me. They are producing a cardiac illness to my heart, and I have also heard that a benign tumor is developing in my brain. But it´s not only me who is suffering Church´s harassment. There are people dying at my city. They were some of my friends, but I growled apart from them when I realized they were torturing me. I think that there could be a conflict of interests between Church and some enterprisers whose result to be some of the parents of these victims. I trust the fact that it could be a conflict between those who are loyal to Church and those who are not. I´ve heard some people telling that those crimes are being committed by the most extreme faction of the Catholic Church. I´ve heard it´s the most aggressive faction of the "OPUS DEI". The deal is that I know that, as it occurred at Miami, they control the forces of the State, because I am harassed by sirens of the police cars. At Miami I was also harassed by sirens of ambulances, and even the F.B.I. passed through the road near to my apartment with those flicking lights turned on, all that combined with skids of civil cars. Even TV exerced harassment upon me. I know the whole town council could have been corrupted, and I really believe that It´s already done, or they´re still trying to corrupt F.B.I., because I think they´re the ones who protect the information that satellites storages into their database, but I don´t know if it´s really this way or the information is storaged into supercomputers of NASA, which could involve also this organization. I´ve been hearing many days ago that they could have corrupted intelligence agencies as C.N.I. (Spain), EUROPOL, C.I.A. and INTERPOL, what makes this situation more difficult even.

I know I appear to have gone mad, but I really need you to believe me, because I am persecuted to death, and one of these days, the chiefs of the operation could decide that the moment has come to get rid of me. I contact you all because I am absolutely desperated and I really need some organization to help me out, because otherwise I could die not leaving legacy of my anguish. I also need you to consider the fact that I´m endangering you with this communicate, because I´m watched out day and night and they know I´m sending this e-mail to you. I also think my IP address and all its activity could contain a tracking method and they can register every movement I make through my internet connection. I beg you please that you try to make know about this issue to the most extensive number of organizations and persons related to the defense of human rights possible, and I recommend to you that if you do it, do it under the name of an organization, and never use your name to send information about my case. I think it´s better if you don´t use your cell phone or your internet connection, use a telephone booth or a cybercafe’. I will explain my case with more details on another occasion but in Spanish, so I can express the better.

Really appreciate any help you could lend, and I´d like you are discreet about my case for what it concerns to us all. Don´t forget this could be a worldwide conspiracy, and humanity needs you.

Thanks for your time!



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