psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Dr.Katherine Horton

Dr.Katherine Horton

My name is Dr. Katherine Horton. In 2011, when I was a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, I became the target of British intelligence when I attended the public High Court case of Berezovsky v Abramovitch in London as part of my research.

What began as overt surveillance became intrusive harassment by a group of British men mostly in their 50-70s after the end of the court case. And eventually, it morphed into open, rampant criminality by people connected to the intelligence agencies and the police. Their violations grew ever more sadistic and brutal with time, followed me across Europe, escalated into systematic physical mutilation and have not abated to this day.

With time, they even began using me, as well as my family and even friends, as target practice for modern weapons and subjects of human experimentation with impunity. They have already permanently mutilated me in premeditated assaults, nearly murdered the mother of my best friend, sent me repeated death threats and almost murdered my husband and me on the motorway. By now, I am fighting for my life.

I have begged for help from the human rights charities, Swiss & UK & German police, Swiss criminal police, Swiss military police, German BKA (Federal Crime Squad), the Swiss & UK Attorney Generals, the UK Investigatory Powers Tribunal, the Heads of MI5 & BND and the German ambassador to Switzerland. No one helped me. The police took even active steps to intimidate me.

In spring 2016, I fled to London and was desperately seeking an emergency injunction from the London High Court against British Intelligence. My court case was Dr. Katherine Horton v SIS, MI5, GCHQ (Ref: [2016] EWHC 2095 QB)

Just for daring to approach the High Court, I was almost murdered by British Intelligence.
After my first court hearing, MI5 shot me repeatedly in the head with microwave guns when I returned to my hotel room such that I collapsed from pain. When my husband arrived, they repeated the assaults such that I collapsed from pain in front of him. I received a death threat and survived an assassination attempt three days later on the Swiss motorway.

It became clear that MI5 had corrupted the High Court when the court was reluctant to give my case even a case number (this is why the first two transcripts to do not appear with a case number). The transcripts were also manipulated such that an important question by Judge Edis and my answer didn’t appear in the transcript. Subsequently, the y despite the insane assaults on her. Subsequently, the mutilation became even more psychopathic.

Throughout my court case, I continued being brutally crippled by attacks. I gave my best to prove the technology and the many other victims, nevertheless, Judge Holgate terminated my case.
As a result, I was forced to investigate herself. I came across the testimony of hundreds of victims online who were begging for help like me on YouTube, Facebook on Twitter. All of them were being mutilated like I was and had also been maliciously treated by the authorities. It was at that point that I realised that the police, judiciary and secret services are all knowingly complicit in a global Nazi extermination program that is using directed energy weapons to commit silent genocide.


What happened?

Over the past 5 years, I have been stalked and harassed continuously. My private life has been under intrusive and overt surveillance. All my communications (voice, phone, email etc.) have been intercepted and sometimes overtly acted upon by agents. Furthermore:

  • My home was broken into twice.
  • My computers were hacked.
  • My website was sabotaged and my email was service taken offline.
  • My private sex life was commented on by strangers in the street.
  • My business endeavour was disrupted.
  • My family and friends were attacked, some near-lethally.
  • My medical care was infiltrated and sabotaged.
  • My blood sample was stolen.
  • My emergency medication was swapped for an unknown tablet.
  • There were repeated attempts to break up my marriage.
  • My hip and knee were permanently damaged in physical attacks.
  • I was sexually denigrated and humiliated repeatedly.
  • I received several death threats.
  • I survived an assassination attempt.

And to top it all off:

  • I am continuously assaulted with microwave weapons since summer 2015.
  • These attacks have become open and demonstrative in January 2016 when I threatened to report the second break-in to the police.
  • Every one of my organs has been microwaved painfully countless times.
  • When I try to shield myself, I receive painful shots to private body parts.
  • The attacks are now mostly aimed at my head and spine to cause maximum neurological damage.
  • The microwave assaults are incredibly brutal and occur continuously every hour of the day and night. The attacks ramp up at night when I am lying stationary and defenceless. The microwave beams with which they target people (for there are thousands more victims!) are invisible, penetrate walls and are so intense that it hurts. Imagine putting your hand in your microwave; then focus that into a beam and aim it at your face.
  • Most of the time, I am assaulted inside my home. However, I have also been attacked spectacularly in public. And during certain “assault campaigns”, I am microwaved with large beams that follow me everywhere I go. Those times I am also shot at painfully from tail-gating or over-taking cars. I have also been assaulted inside professional venues. (For example, when I attended a HR & consultancy fair, Personalmesse-Nord, in Hamburg in April, I was literally shot in the head twice! The second time, it was so intense that I lost control of my right eye-lid and it began to flutter and the muscles around my eyes were contracting uncontrollably.) In London, I was shot in the head by dozens of agonizingly painful sharply-focussed pulses such that I collapsed on the floor.

What on Earth are microwave weapons?!

Microwave emitters, or more generally, electromagnetic weapons are a new type of assault and murder weapon currently being manufactured in very large numbers (and very cheaply) by arms companies around the world, for example Diehl, Rheinmetall, Aaronia and Siemens (yes!). They are also known as directed energy weapons, scalar weapons, no-touch torture devices and, euphemistically, non-lethal weapons (ha!).

The nasty thing about them is that they penetrate the walls of your home. That is because microwaves pass through concrete, brick and wood effortlessly (like the beam from a laser-pointer passes through the glass walls of a conservatory). However, they get absorbed in the human body, where they cause pain and incredible damage. Microwaves damage cells, organs, cause tumours and cancer. And they can kill (think of a sausage in a microwave oven).

By this means, it is possible to assault a person inside his home from the outside (from even large distances!), cause cancer, organ damage, brain damage, a heart attack and death without leaving a visible trace of the assault. These weapons thus allow people to commit the perfect crime – on the cheap!


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