psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Mary Lou Hoerster

Mary Lou Hörster

My three children and I have been stalked, harassed, and repeatedly criminally victimized by both members of the small German immigrant community where we live and a hired professional stalking gang out of San Antonio for twelve years now, with no end in sight.  Our stalking began when my husband suddenly left in June of 1999.  My now ex-husband, a physician, and his father and brother, both attorneys, are also wealthy and powerful bankers and real estate developers with very high-level political connections;  the LBJ ranch, Bush Museum of the Pacific War, and home of Karl Rove are all nearby.

We have documentation showing we are being targeted as part of a “Trammel” conspiracy to obtain our house and land (the main assets I received in my divorce) for a planned expansion of the local hospital that includes a lucrative outpatient surgery center.  By comparing notes with Dr. John Hall, a well-known victim of the same professional gang targeting us, we’ve learned this gang is often hired by a group of powerful local doctors, all of whom are known associates of my ex-husband.  The head of the stalking gang is a licensed private investigator who claims to be a former FBI agent and has close ties to the San Antonio FBI office.  He has had numerous serious criminal complaints filed against him but has never been prosecuted or even disciplined.  Because my ex-husband was born and raised here in this extremely clannish community where everyone is interrelated, in our case, the expensive professional stalking gang is being used only for specific tasks.  The majority of our stalking, victimization, and harassment is being done by local residents, many of whom we once considered friends.  Often we are stalked by two or even three generations of people, proving that young children are being recruited and taught to stalk and harass by their elders.  Our stalking and  victimization is being done by, among others, physicians, public officials, law enforcement officers, members of the local press, city and county employees, employees of all the major mail and delivery services, local contractors and repairpersons, and more.  I have received emailed death threats, threats of illegal invasions of our home, and copies of my private faxes to an attorney from law enforcement officers.  My name was forged on a fraudulent trust document involving my property that was filed without being notarized, and local officials have repeatedly refused to do anything about this.

I have been filing criminal and civil rights violations complaints with local, state, and federal law enforcement for years and have also repeatedly begged state and federal law enforcement for help and protection to no avail.  I’ve asked thousands of attorneys and organizations for help unsuccessfully over the years.  In desperation, I began blogging about our situation and posting documentation of what was done to us online.  This attracted attention overseas, and with international help, we’ve been able to start locating some of the large amounts of illegal surveillance equipment being used to facilitate the stalking.  We’ve discovered that this equipment is sealed inside our walls, cabinets, porches, and in other places where removing it would cause great damage to our house, so we are currently looking for a construction crew and a documentary film crew to help us remove it properly.  (The stalkers are preventing me from working or moving, so I can’t afford to hire these; my financial situation is dire.)  This means my children and I are still being recorded around the clock, and these recordings are somehow being broadcast publicly, probably over the Internet.  We are also believed to be victims of “Ethernet over main power supply”, which I’m told is probably illegally installed on our city electric pole.  We recently found out our email is being hacked and intercepted at the server, a serious federal offense.

This area has a long history of problems with millions of dollars worth of missing and misused equipment bought with federal Homeland Security grants, much of which is sophisticated federal surveillance equipment.  Some of this is manufactured locally by companies that also make medical equipment.  We have not been able to get any information from the U.S. Government as to whether any of this equipment might be installed in our house or vehicles or on our property.

There have been a number of highly suspicious local deaths of people owning property close to mine over the years.  Now I’m being told that a high-profile homicide in the U.K. may also be related to the Trammel conspiracy through an odd series of events.  This victim was stalked before being killed. (Experts say stalking is in fact unrequited murder.)  I’ve also been told that a local city councilman who has stalked and harassed us is an international fugitive from justice because of his former position as an executive with Union Carbide, in connection with the Bhopal disaster.

Mary Lou Hoerster,
410 W. Windcrest, Fredericksburg,
Texas 78624

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