psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  L. Serebrjakova

Lubow Serebrjykova tells...

I was born in Moscow. I have been a victim of microwave and psychotropic weapons and of the psycho terroristic state since spring 2007.These tortures and ill-treatments have been going on for many years now and started exactly at the same time as the terror situation underwent Arina D. who lives with me. In 1999 strangers repeatedly attempted to break into my apartment in Moscow. Even after my complaint at the police station, the crimes are going on until the present day. Once the criminals attempted to force my apartment-door open at 5 o' clock in the morning, while I was sleeping. After that, I had to appeal to the police again. On both occasions, the district policeman categorically refused to consider my statement and tried to convince me that those crimes had been committed by young people. After that he promised me to have a talk with them. Since the year 2000 these state criminals have started to chase and observe me, attempting to take revenge on me, because I had asked for police assistance. It turned out that “these young criminals” lived in the same house and were part of a dangerous criminal group protected by the secret services. The district knew about this, but he did not inform me.

Once I had to leave my previous apartment. During the removal my car had been shadowed. Now they are openly stalking me everywhere: in my house, on the workplace, at my parents' and my friends'. The criminals knew exactly where I worked and lived and did not let me out of their sight. They frequently waited for me in my door-entry and I already knew their faces personally. They tried several times to stab me with a knife in the house-entrance. I have fortunately survived, surely because God is protecting me! In spite of the whole nightmare I managed to survive. I got married after my college years and I dedicated myself to an interesting work. I thought if I moved to the other part of Moscow, then the criminals would finally leave me in peace. But they kept attacking me as before.

In 2006 my grandfather died and since that moment, the criminals have started to commit their brutal crimes intensely. They used pressure and intimidation methods, once applied in the totalitarian state: psycho-terror from the neighbors - a friend who tried to help me got threatened. A girl who lived in my building and tried to warn me about a murder attempt was beaten up and raped by the criminals in her own house. Since 2006 I continuously kept lodging complaints at the district police station, at the public prosecutor's office, and at the Department of the Interior of Russia. My complaints were sent back to the district department of the Strogino police which has until the present time hidden the case of the girl's rape by the criminals. The officers of the police department behaved as if nothing had happened.
In November 2006, immediately after a common request from the neighbors to protect the girl from the violent criminals, I was under constraint sent to the psychiatric hospital by the officers of the police department. They have started to irradiate me in Germany in a friend's house since spring 2007, literally before the departure to Moscow. I felt the irradiation immediately. The symptoms are quite typical of this kind of crime and they completely coincide with other victims' symptoms.

First of all I had dizzy spells, nausea and strong headaches. But when I came back home to Moscow, they began to attack me with psychotropic weapons. German and Moscow criminals attempted together to repeatedly manipulate my willpower, break me and drive me to suicide. And until now they are exerting a strong mental influence on me. I frequently have unpleasant "drilling" sensation in the back of my head and in the neck. In addition to that, there are heart pains. The criminals can artificially create painful shocks, so that the victim would continuously go to the doctor. Pains immediately disappear in the doctor`s room on a regular basis.

I have learned to ignore the pains, which the criminals create artificially. Such tortures will not certainly disappear without leaving a trace on me. I still was perfectly healthy the year before I had the irradiation. The mental torture committed by the criminals has greatly impaired my health.

In spring 2007, I went to my friend's place in Germany to rest a little. But I could not rest there either. However, from the first day of my stay in her house, I realized that my friend is not delirious, and that we are in the same situation. Since 2000 she has also gone through the constant ill-treatment from parts of the German criminal services. These gangsters left Russia once and moved to live in Germany to test microwave and psychotropic weapons on innocent German citizens. Many people have never heard about those things and they cannot even imagine that they can possibly exist. The criminals have left my friend in peace in Germany at the moment and are now having a real go at me. I am now the witness of crimes of criminal groups both in Moscow and Germany, which are working together to test psychotropic weapons on German and Russian citizens.

I am writing my story under complete control of the psychotropic terrorists. The Great Patriotic War wasn’t as long as the psychotropic war, in which I have to fight. And I will continue my combat against these monstrous crimes and psychotropic terrorists.

When many of my friends found out that I am a victim of psychotropic weapons, they turned away from me immediately.
People get false information from the secret service and they have been programmed “not to believe” us.
Because of the everyday mobbing I had to change workplace and must now live under hardly complicated conditions. Still, there are people who have known me since I was a child, and they believe me and help me. During all these years I have seen and experienced a lot of terrible things.
I have understood how the state can degrade, torture and pitilessly destroy its own people. And when victims do not complain, no one will help them! The whole country is under the yoke of the state Mafia which keeps people in fear. The Russian citizens and the children are regularly ill-treated and tortured in their own apartments and houses. And yet, every citizen has indeed a right to freedom.

The facts presented in my story are a testimony of the systematic violation of the rights of the citizens of the Russian Federation. The deliberate undermining of my health, the constant ill-treatment and tortures, the use of illegal experiments on me go against the articles of the international convention: article 2 “The right of citizens to life”, article 3 “The right of citizens to be protected from tortures and inhuman treatment”, article 8 “The right of citizens of inviolability of their personal life and dwelling".

With kind regards


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