psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Fam. Kats

We are Kats Family 

Dear Senator, Congress Rep.,
Dear visitors!
Our address: 493 W. Charleston Road
Palo Alto CA. 94306, Tel. 650-493-3696 

What make me, Edward Kats - originate this letter, is the situation that requires immediate involvement of appropriate US Government agencies to stop ongoing classified medical experimentation that continues for the last 24 years.  During this period of time, Kats family has been forcefully subjected to serve as human guinea pigs in illegally run by the Stanford, CIA - THE MK ULTRA classified medical research - involving behaviors-modification, and viewing studies. The elements of these outrage program, require transmitting signals via radio transmitters illegally implanted into the sculls of the Kats family thus, it would allow two-way communication with the Test Subjects. This countries Law, highly prohibited such an action especially if it is directed against children. The residence of MK ULTRA Guinea Pigs located at 493 W. Charleston Rd. is constantly under the microwave of similar to that bombardier. As the result of such an outrage crime, our voices sound very low, muscle around the face getting tense.

Sincerely: Klaudia & Edward Kats  20 years residence of Palo Alto CA Thank you.

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