psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Quam Koffi

I'm victims since 2009 of electromagnetic aggressions and gangstalking!!!  

At the beginning I didn't know what was happening. It started with mobbing acts from my neighbors (noise every time). I was very stupid to reply to that ... Once three young boys were busy with such acts and I went to them and asked them whether something is wrong. One of them got angry and told me I'm not the police. At the end they refer to my landlord with letters that I'm aggressive (incredible, me, someone very cool. Sometime I called the police that come at least 3 times but did nothing (one of them told me if I want to live quite, "I should go back to the bush",Allusion to my african origin. Then mobbing, stalking everywhere. I feel electric shocks in my arms and feet, vibrations in my whole body. In the morning when I wake up, I have tears in my ears continuously and my face is swollen!!! 

Finally I noticed that it was something organized (my landlord with) but I didn't take it serious. The same scenario everyday: it start with the serene of the police followed by the banging of cars doors; the all my furniture in the apartment vibrate!! 

I got pain in my bones everyday!!!

The first year I thought I won't survive. I've talk to some people who advised me to move from that place, what I did. It became worse when I move. I've searched more than 5 months over the internet to know what really was happened with me. Then I've discover the blog of Mr. Labreze Serge and symptoms were curiously similar to what I'm encountering. All the people in my area look at me as if I was a criminal. Once I had the opportunity to hear from one making an allusion: "In Belgium, the police take a watch on people that are aggressive or not quiet ". Then I began to understand what I had read: they use to lie to people to hate you or to isolate you, so they are free to make any harm they want to you. I took times to wonder why such thing happened to me but after I've read infos, I know that they can do that to anyone. But after I analyze that, I have a very strong suspicion that it comes from Germany; I was in court against a landlord that threw away my things remaining in cellar when I was still living in the apartment. I've ask two neighbors that told me the cellar was clean by someone living opposite to our building. With a friend I was to him and asked him what about my things and why the padlock was broken. He told us he was innocent and surely my cellar was clean and empty by the brother of the landlord because he remembered he asked him to do so but he didn't. I went to a lawyer and we went to court together with my witness; unfortunately we were told that the man was in prison so we had to go for a second session when the man got out from jail. But at that time my witness wasn't with my lawyer and me. The "man" came and said he never told us so!!! Curiously, the man that was there didn't resemble the one we met!!! And I lost the trial. I went to another lawyer and told her I didn't agree!!! She told we had an amount of days remaining to appeal against the decision. But she didn't till the amount of days was over!!!  

And worse, she wanted me to pay the consultation, what I refused!!! I felt angry, and went with a witness to another lawyer that told me that I was right. But till now I had no feedback (the story began in 2004)!!! 

Two years ago, I've tried sometimes to ask feedback but unsuccessfully. I think the mobbing may begin in Germany. Before I went to Germany. I didn't have such problems. That's my life since 2009.  

 Faithfully yours, Quam Koffi PORTO-RICO    

PS: This started when I ask the communal Authorities to change my driving license. They refused, explaining that it's a false one!!!   

Though it's not true, I requested from my country (Togo) a document signed by the Belgian consulate that my driving license is a right one, but it didn't change anything. I was at the court, advised by jurist, and asked what was written in the dossier. The employee just told me that it's a cold case (classé sans suite...)!!!   

I was so surprised. I went to a lawyer but it didn't change anything...only that I'm subject to heavy electromagnetic aggressions, gas, gangstalking, the feeling,  that I'm watched every time. I have so many pains in my veins, my skin burns and I have pain very often in my testicles. As I was living in Liège, I call at least 3 times the police and got no feedback. Please, can you do something?

Ich stamme aus Togo aber bin seit 2008 Deutsch eingebürgert. Habe auch in Lahr (in der Nähe von Offenburg) gewohnt von April 2007 bis Januar 2008. Und danach bin ich nach Belgien, wegen Arbeit, umgezogen. Zuerst nach Lüttich und dann nach Brüssel.

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