psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  K. Friedli

Dear all,

I hope you are doing well, and that your ways of combating directed energy are making you feel strong, and on top in your own personal lives. I am a journalist in Switzerland, Europe. I have been a victim since 2007.
I am lucky enough to know WHO is doing this, and, since I am a professional journalist, I have begun a very serious investigation about these people, and on the way they function as a group of criminals, using directed energy weapons to torture and set Swiss ladies in a state of sex slavery.

Indeed, this particular group of perpetrators actually "connect" to ladies in order to destroy their lives or to marry them to the male members of this group that calls itself a "mafia". Those are the people I am facing today. In a couple of months, thanks to the knowledge that I have acquired about these particular perpetrators, I will be heard by a Swiss judge.

I will then be able to talk about directed energy weapons to a set of officials, ALONG WITH accusing particular people that I know the identities of. The final issue of this particular situation will, I am pretty sure of it, be a victory FOR US.

If one of you were willing to be a witness of what is directed energy during this Swiss trial, I would be very happy to begin a correspondence with them.

I wish all of you a pleasant day, and take you along with me in my daily prayers.

Here's my Tip of the Day: "Perpetrators don't give a damn who you are, they just perpetrate."

Kindest regards,  

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