psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

Sergei Torin tells about tortures in Russia


By the Act of Law

My name is Sergei Torin . I was born on the 7th August 1982 and for two years I have been subjected to directed irradiation, torture and manipulation by some unknown criminals. This daily torture is constantly on the increase, and so now I am desperately asking for help and advice.

1) To whom can I turn to, in order to gain help in eliminating this psychological impact and constant irradiation of my brain and body.
2) How can I get an indictment against these criminals, according to the article VI of federal law concerning illegal use of weapons from 13.12.1996 according to article III, which cause intentional bodily harm, according to the federal law 150 and article 117, which are violations against the law of the Russian Federation. Also necessary is a court action for compensation of moral damages.

These criminals made me understand clearly that my entire life, as all of my actions are constantly under their control, torturing me whenever they feel the need to do so. These unknown perpetrators read my thoughts, what means they are constantly informed of my intentions.
Frequently, when I am holding a telephone conversation with friends or relatives, they try indirectly to make clear to me, that they are also aware of my thoughts and of my intentions, even though I have never informed them before hand.

At my last place of employment in a Moscow commercial company, I frequently became aware, that thought reading was in progress, as when I was sitting in a conference, some of the leaders of the company would get a telephone call, precisely at that moment when clear thoughts entered into my head, hence causing a thought blockage.

Often, I was confronted by doubles of people in public transport, in places of leisure and on the street, whom I had known many years ago. Quite often I used to hear familiar voices during telephone conversations but with a change in modulation. This has lasted for more than half a year or may be earlier without my knowledge. I suspect that my dreams are being induced or read, because the following day, I do notice people whom I already had visualized in my dreams. They seem to place themselves in a certain position, in order for me to recognize them.

Manipulation at the traffic light

At the end of August 2007, I had read an article about psychophysical terror on the web:

At a certain place in the text I stopped, as I had to go out to do some shopping. Before crossing the road, I watched the red traffic light, which didn’t seem to change. In this instance the green traffic light came into view although the red light was still on. I cannot explain, why but I then turned my head to the side and took a few steps forwards. In that moment I realized that I had made a mistake and quickly jumped back to where I had been standing. I was unable to explain why I had taken several steps forward and I cannot recall ever having had such an experience before. I was very worried about this when I returned home. I actually read a book about these tricks of psycho manipulation which is entitled “Traffic Light” It was quite obvious, that these perpetrators had carried out experiments upon me, using all of their dirty tricks which I had also read about on the internet.

It seems that I have been manipulated quite often, even in my decisions. At first, it seemed very strange to me or even like a pure coincidence until I realized that it was happening frequently. It gave me a feeling of complete apathy at all times and caused great uncertainty for my future. Recently I was under such pressure, which, of course, affected my general state of health in a very bad way. Since August 2006 I have been permanently irradiated with psycho physical weapons.

1) I can hear voices of known or unknown people, who then call “hallo” and they have even sworn at me.
2) I frequently hear voices inside my head, however, no one else can hear these sounds. They do cause insomnia and disrupt my nerves tremendously.
3) Sometimes when I am in deep thought, I can hear the voice of a definite person, but it means nothing to me. After several seconds, my logical chain of thoughts concerning this particular person is concluded. It is clear to me that my further intentions are known by these perpetrators.
4) I can only assume, that my brain is connected to a computer, which is able to decipher my whole thought process as well as my intentions and which is capable of injecting thoughts into my mind against my will. It seems that my memory, my wishes and all the corners of my soul are being manipulated. I constantly develop a very repulsive feeling, when I realize that my thoughts are being read and that someone is trying to take over control of my sub-conscious mind. Quite often parts of my body (head, hands or legs) begin to twitch, accompanied by voices. It seems they want to make me very aggressive, trying to demonstrate that I am under their complete control along with stings in the back and abdomen.
Once I experienced an acoustic impact in the heart region, causing an irregular heartbeat for a short period of time. Sometimes I suffer from an electrical current passing through my body. I began to feel this torture after reading through various summaries of victims on the internet.
At the end of April, 2006, I suddenly developed dimness in my right eye. Several days later I went to see an ophthalmologist in the Meramed Clinic in Moscow, who diagnosed thrombosis in the central vein of the retina of the eye. He stated, that this diagnosis is very rare, especially for young people of my age. After the prescribed medicine did not alleviate my condition, I continued treatment in the Helmholtz Clinic in Moscow. After several months my eyesight deteriorated, leading to glaucoma of the right eye and subsequently to blindness. In order to alleviate the pain, I was periodically operated on. Laser treatment and ocular drops were prescribed. I then developed constant pain, especially in the genitals.

The Moscow Committee for the Protection of Human Right, conduct investigations into the cases of non-contact terror, using special equipment for detecting the mental effects. There have been many applications for tracking down the perpetrators in the Moscow areas of Selenograd, Medwedkowo, Tschertanowo and Perwoaiskij, etc.

The Moscow Committee entered statements on this subject from the inhabitants of the above-mentioned areas in 1992. I beg you to assist me in stopping this most inhuman torture.

With kind regards

Sergej Torin

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