psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  K. Dzhakypakunov
  My name is K. Dzhakypakunov

I come from Kyrgyzstan, a small country in Central Asia. I've been through microwave mind control experimentation for almost 10 years now. I have sleep disorders, slight acromegalia and other unpleasant things. Is there information you might be aware of how  to get a treatment after such experiments?  


From the novel “The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years” by Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aytmatov. As Kyrgyz folk legend says, mankurt is the person who was abducted as a child and tortured in a special way. Thus person becomes a slave, who obeys commands of only his master. In an episode of the novel, one of those mankurts kills his own mother. It’s a brief account of events I witnessed during my employment at Marconi Communications Ltd Ireland, from October 2000 to August 2002, and at CTBTO (ComprehensiveTest BanTreaty Organization, UN related organization), from March 2008 to November 2008. Your beloved ones, next of kin, could potentially become victims of microwave mind control experiments. It’s about electromagnetic weapon systems.

The main advantage of these kinds of weapons: ability to use it covertly and makes the deaths and illnesses from it look to be for natural reasons. At present, these kinds of weapons were being tested on “guinea pigs” from Third world countries, people just like me. (I come from Kyrgyzstan). And there’s a need for plenty of them. Firearms can be tested against any sort of targets, but to test mind control weapons, it takes life of human being. The   microwave mind control experimentation, conducted at Marconi Communications Ltd Ireland, Dublin, Ireland devastated my health, I became sleepless.  My body started accumulating huge amount of static electricity. I noticed sudden changes in state of my consciousness. The back of my neck started aching in constant pain, my immunity degraded.  I started to feel chronic fatigue. At the time, the manager of the factory was Ken Doyle. (Ken Doyle, Chief Executive Officer, I urgently had to leave my job to return to Kyrgyzstan due to bad state of my health. My speech became blurry; I started murmuring peculiar phrases that my relatives noticed, but I didn’t. Later, I realized that it were symptoms of mind control weapons’ side effects. For about 3 years I was only able to do farming jobs. Recovery was very slow. After a while, I returned to IT job. Then, in year 2008, I started working as Oracle DBA for CTBTO (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, UN related organization) in Vienna, Austria. Right after arriving in my workplace, my employer demanded from me the package of documents that prove my ethnic origin. I considered the demand was peculiar, nevertheless I submitted the papers to the employer. And   yet again, they started microwave mind control experimentation on me in March 2008. Oh boy!

It was like witchcraft, black magic. They could control state of my mind perfectly. They would make me feel apathy or enthusiasm, or get intense sexual arousal, or inflict aggressive mood. They even learned to read my mind. The mind control experiments started in Nazi Germany under auspices of Ahnenerbe, a SS occult institution. People were irradiated by microwave, electrodes were installed in their brain. They collected huge research material out of those inhumane experiments.  After World War II, those materials went to the Allies coalition of winners. My colleague Timothy Hampton, who worked closely with me, later died in more than suspicious circumstances. His dead body was recovered from the bottom of the stairway of Building E of UN the complex in Vienna, Austria. My work room was E 507, Tim worked on the same floor. (You might Google the story on Tim Hampton's death. Keywords: CTBTO BUILDING E OLENA GRYSCHUK WIDOW FLOOR 17) In November 2008 I couldn’t work. I frequently felt asleep and again my health condition degraded.  I had to return back to Kyrgyzstan and get medical treatment. Blood test results were just dreadful. Researchers used the so called John Gittinger method to evaluate my personality changes during stages of mind control experiment.  John Gittinger designed the PAS (Personality Assessment System). This is an extraordinary method to evaluate human behavior and predict their decisions. The key element of this system is to make person drink too much alcohol. This reveals basic psychological types of person. Later they create artificial stressful situations in job place or personal life. The behavior patterns are then compared to database ofhundreds of thousands such experiments. Thus, they will be able to create the fine model of person’s psychology.

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