psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  John Finch



Whenever and from wherever I turn on a TV that is broadcasting to me live I'm seen on the monitors in the TV studios or on the monitor of the live camera. This happens every single time I turn on the TV. IT’S BEEN HAPPENING SINCE 2004.


It doesn’t matter where the TV is being broadcast from - as long as it’s live - as soon as I turn it on I’m seen on the monitors in the studios or on the cameras. Thus I’ve been transmitted live to studios or cameras in Australia, US, France, Spain, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Indonesia, Germany, Chile.

All the newsreaders of the news programs from those countries that are broadcast live to Australia have been seeing me since 2004, as well as all the guests who appear live on their programs. Also all the regular Australian newsreaders and live TV presenters and their guests. They have all been seeing me since 2004. Anyone could see me if they were in one of the studios or in front of one of the cameras that’s broadcasting live and I turned on that channel.


Initially I treated it all as a joke and laughed and smiled and waved etc. at them. So they were mostly friendly, curious. Then I started getting aggravated by the invasion of my and my family’s privacy that this “TIVO-1984 TV” represented. Sometimes I got abusive or confrontational. That didn’t help at all.


But then I realized that all they know is that I appear on the monitor – and that they don’t necessarily know about all the DIRECTED ENERGY and NEUROLOGICAL WEAPONS torture and abuse that’s being done to me. So I started holding up protest signs and signs telling them I was being tortured etc.. Now they know there’s definitely some “funny business” going on – and they give me concerned looks etc. I don’t know if any of them have taken any other steps to help me.

Some are more sympathetic than others, some seem to be thinking along the lines of – “he must have done something to be put in that position”. All the Australian journalists know that it’s all completely out of the hands of the Australian Government because I have protested, abused, held up signs and messages to the Prime Minister, other Ministers, the Governor-General etc. when they have been live on TV - and they just have to sit there and take it.


In this way such people as Donald Rumsfeld, Christopher Hill, Nancy Pelosi, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, John Howard, Angela Merkel, Silvio Berlusconi, Richard Holbrooke, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, and many other politicians, officials, commentators, journalists and celebrities have seen me and are all potential witnesses to this technology and this aspect of my abuse. It happens any time I see a live broadcast, no matter where I am. It completely ruins watching live TV - as you are actually like being in a video-conference - so it's hard to remain impassive or unaffected.


It's been happening since 2004 - so most of the regular newsreaders etc. are quite used to seeing me. They also see whoever is with me in the room. Nowadays mostly I hold signs saying "I'm being tortured. please help me" or "stop directed energy and neurological weapons torture" so I don't have to stare directly at them.


I'm just astounded that supposed "free media' people, politicians, officials etc. - can witness this bizarre invasion of a person's privacy and human rights - plus the fact that I'm telling them I'm being tortured - without doing anything about it. So, of course, I conclude that they are completely unable to do anything about it - even if they wanted. and I have seen how they find it just as unusual as me.


Although - as I come across on the director's or producer's monitor - they seem used to people coming across there - and at first were perfectly unsurprised to see me there - it's just when I started abusing and protesting and not acting like the typical people who appear on those monitors that they realised something was wrong.


For them it's like they get tuned into a reality TV show - me at home, in a bar, with family etc.- except I’m holding signs saying "please help me I'm being tortured" , or I protest or wave at them etc..


A lot of what I've experienced technically seems perfectly explained - and simply explained - in John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA at as far as I’m concerned that gives a very plausible and simple technical explanation of 80% of what I've been subjected to -  including the media stuff they can alter, insert etc. digital information whilst it's passing through the air, or go directly into the hardware.


NOTE: I also believe that they can sample a DJ, NEWSREADER’S or anyone’s voice and synthesize a message in that voice and “deliver” that to your TV, radio, head or whatever. So it may not be the actual DJ or NEWSREADER etc. collaborating and it may just be a artificially synthesized personal message directed and delivered to you only. Also I think they have the ability to alter pre-recorded digital images and information prior to and during transmission – so for example a pre-recorded “talking head” can appear to be talking to you and reacting to you.


What I have experienced and described above is quite different, and quite easily distinguishable, from these type of fabrications.  Please assist me.




"The NSA's electronic surveillance network is based on a cellular arrangement of devices that can monitor the entire EMF spectrum. This equipment was developed, implemented, and kept secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs.


With this technology NSA personnel can non-obtrusively tap into any communication device in existence. This includes computers, telephones, radio and video-based devices, printers, car electronics, and even the minute electrical fields in humans (for tracking individuals).


The NSA's EMF equipment can tune in RF emissions from personal computer circuit boards (while filtering out emissions from monitors and power supplies). The RF emission from PC circuit boards contains digital information in the PC. Coded RF waves from the NSA's equipment can resonate PC circuits and change data in the PC's. Thus the NSA can gain wireless modem-style entry into any computer in the country for surveillance or anti-terrorist electronic warfare.


Radio and Television signals can be substituted at the receiving end with special EMF equipment. Replacing signals in Radios and Televisions is another outgrowth of the NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission."


From - , John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA




INTERVIEW with 2006


1. Can you please tell me when you first noticed  something was happening and can you describe this experience?


I sent 2 human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003. In 2004, Feb-April, I sent some more specifically regarding the war in Iraq, and the war on terror.


In about June 2004 I became aware of being surveilled by media "feedback" - messages directly, personally concerning me and things I was doing. these messages were embedded in TV, INTERNET, NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES. some were specifically personal - that could only relate to me. others were like horoscopes -applicable if you want to draw the connections.


Also a CCTV street photo of me was placed on my internet home page, and some very old emails I had sent were sent to me.  Also I had a few "Organised Stalking" experiences - cars following me and groups of people noticing me, and seeking to draw my attention to them.


This was a disconcerting experience. I initially thought my house was video-ed and bugged and was being directly transmitted to the internet - thereby giving people the information about me that they were commenting on. So I moved house. Then it started happening in the next place I lived. this was Sept/Oct 2004.


This was very disconcerting and bewildering.  Then, about 6 months after I became aware of being surveilled, I was subjected to a relatively short bout of mentally invasive torture - noises, dogs barking, bullying people. one them was a "respected" newspaper columnist and Australian literature board director - really, also, a local Gestapo member.  The media "feedback" was also continuing all this time.


Objects, papers - various types of messages were also presented to me - for example on the street where I was walking etc.. This was achieved, I think, by nanotechnology - de-constituting the objects, "delivering" them by directed energy, and then re-constituting them. or it may been direct image placement into the brain - although I don't think so because those type of images are recognisably in the brain.


About 6 months after that, April 2005, they hit me very strongly - with sleep deprivation torture for a week, sensory overload torture, and various very clever and well- produced  "headtrips", and then vasectomy (it felt like castration).


Since then the torture and abuse has been continuous i.e. not just surveillance and "feedback" - but mentally invasive and physically destructive torture, abuse and tricks 24/7. This started in May, 2005 and has continued since then.


A lot of what I've experienced technically seems perfectly explained - and simply explained - in John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA, at


As far as I’m concerned that gives a very plausible and simple technical explanation of 80% of what I've been subjected to. including the media stuff they can alter, insert etc. digital information whilst it's passing through the air, or go directly into the hardware. also they take some time to do the brain-mapping/EEG readings or whatever.


2.Why do you think you were singled out over other peace protesters and human rights activists. I think it may have been a combination of the tone and timing of my emails. Also bulk emailing public forums and authorities worldwide as an individual, not a member of an activist group, may have left me more vulnerable. I think I hit some raw nerves, and may have been considered particularly forthright and outspoken.


3. Do you see a pattern of the victim of this torture, some type of profile from other cases you know of.  I think some are specifically political/ideological/"security" targets. Others, more randomly, are being used for experimentation. And some to create confusion.


4. Can you please give an example of one of these emails you sent.  The Record of the United States


The record of the United States is monstrous and abysmal and yet its self-righteousness, assertiveness and unilateralism is undiminished. Why is that?


Since the end of World War II the United States has killed more than a million Vietnamese in the Vietnam War, it has sponsored and trained death squads, armies and police in Central and South America and elsewhere that have killed millions. It has been, and is, a major supporter of mass-murdering China, Indonesia, Turkey, Zaire, Nigeria and others. It is the major supporter and sponsor of Israel who has dispossessed and is brutalising and oppressing millions of Palestinians.


At the same time the United States has denigrated, undermined and actively opposed the United Nations and the rule of international law and standards – so much so that it will not even support an international human rights and law court. A knight in shining armour? More like Frankenstein. The United States and the world will greatly benefit when it becomes an honest and positive participant.


Besides honestly and positively supporting international laws, standards and institutions it could start by, along with other members of the international community, directing 20% of its military budget to the creation of a standing United Nations humanitarian intervention force. It could also start by encouraging Israel to withdraw to its 1967 borders, in compliance with numerous United Nations resolutions, and along with the international community especially European countries, by organising and funding a generous compensation, assistance and development plan for Palestinians, including a large voluntary assisted migration program.


Gold coast 2004


5. Did you report this to the police or local authorities and what happened when you did this. No because it seems too incredible. I didn't believe it, and still find it incredible and nightmarishly totalitarian and hard to believe. Family and friends didn't and don't believe me.


Also I didn't think it was or would be necessary because what has been done to me has been extensively witnessed by public and authority figures both in Australia and overseas - i.e. Since 2004 whenever I turn on the TV  - if it's live, I appear on the director's/producer's monitor. Thus I have been witnessed by, and have protested and appealed to, many newscasters in Australia and overseas, and by anyone who appears live on the news. 

Politicians, celebrities, newscasters and others have thus all witnessed me in this position and I have appealed and protested to them –
for example - Bill Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Queens of Sweden, Norway, England, Prince Frederick of Denmark, Princess Mary of Denmark, Colin Powell, John Howard, Mark Latham, Mark Vaile, Angela Merkel, Julia Gillard, Nancy Pelosi, John Howard, Donald Rumsfeld, the Governor General of Australia and many other Ministers and Officials. And from Australian TV - Alan Kohler, Kerry Obrien, Li Lin Chin, Mary Kotstakidis, Silvio Rivier, Andrew G, Andrew O’Keefe, Mari-Anne Kennerley.

From American TV - Jim Lehrer and the other people from PBS News, Katie Couric and many, many others. With so many public and authority figures thus witnessing my predicament it seemed unnecessary to make any further reports. I certainly have no lack of witnesses to corroborate at least this aspect of my story!


Also since 2004, I have continually appealed for help, in writing, to Governments, UN Missions, UN Organisations, EU Organisations, other International and Human Rights Organisations, and many, many media outlets in the US and worldwide stating all the facts of what is being done to me. I have received virtually no help, or even acknowledgement, from anyone at all! Both the technologies and the perpetrators of these atrocities remain secret and unprosecuted, although so many people, including many so-called authorities and journalists, are aware of my situation.


6. Has the media in Australia addresed your story?


Not at all. Even though all the journalists and newscasters have in the ways outlined above witnessed and have been informed of my situation, and even though I always ask them “What happened to a free media?”. The most totalitarian censorship has thus been blatantly applied to my story in Australia and all over the world. I think they’ve been told it’s “National Security” or “Patriot Act” type secrecy.


7. Who do you think is doing this and why?


An extremist US security organisation  - neoconservative extremists who are extremely well-resourced, connected and coordinated and who are using US National Security resources and pretexts to further their own ends and to operate unaccountably. As such they have very seriously undermined and overridden all the democratic processes and institutions.


US National Security resources and pretexts also gives them near complete control over the dissemination of information. In concert with a virtually non-existent diversity of mass media sources and opinions the result is incessant propaganda, selective reporting, double-standards and the virtual absence of any real, hard news and information i.e. any news, information or opinions contrary to their agenda and interests.

So they control the public agenda and avoid any real accountability and scrutiny.


Democratic people, processes and institutions have been made accountable to this SECURITY/SCIENTIFIC/BUSINESS/INFORMATION COMPLEX. Whereas in a properly functioning democracy this SECURITY/SCIENTIFIC/BUSINESS/INFORMATION COMPLEX should be accountable to democratic people, processes and institutions.


"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military/industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. "


Dwight D. Eisenhower




"We are in a time of extremism, permanent war, and the unilateral manifestation of ethnocentrism and power by a cabal of people in the U.S. government. These power elites have been in operation for decades and are set on nothing less than the total US military (cultural) domination of the world. They defy the foundational values of the American people to achieve their ends."


From - A Study of the History of US Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research in Electromagnetic Weapons at  my italics.


One must wonder what exactly the so-called war on terror is being fought for. In western countries free speech is being attacked, diversity of mass media sources and opinions is virtually non-existent, civil liberties are being undermined, the rule of law, accountability, the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence are being openly ignored and abused, and the humanitarian treatment of detainees has been rescinded and shrouded in secrecy. This driving down of standards lends support and legitimacy to tyrants, dictatorships, corrupt and authoritarian regimes the world over.


At a time of global paranoia, violence, injustice and change where are the human rights and international law upholding leaders, representatives and supporters? The abolition of torture, the upholding of universal human rights and world peace and development based on international law needs real global leadership and support not this pitiful coterie of acquiescers, complicits, fellow-travellers and compradors  obediently, self-deludingly and/or indifferently supporting war economies, national security state imperatives and criminal belligerents.


I believe an extremist US security organisation is doing all this stuff to me as ‘pedagogy’, ‘teaching me a lesson’, 'making a fool of me', a ‘retrieval’ (I’m part Jewish – so they told me), a sadistic, ugly power-trip and/or a psycho-physical ‘reengineering’. Whatever the reason it’s all forced and in complete disregard for my human rights and well-being.


Thus, from this horrendous personal experience, I can confirm that thought control, monitoring, commentary and disturbance; audio and visual input direct to the brain; and other remote physical and mental torture and abuse technologies are in existence and are being abused. Essentially it is “star wars” and directed energy weapons technologies coupled with advanced neuro and medical science, and also using nanotechnology and holography technologies.




For anyone at all concerned about human rights, liberty, democracy, privacy and ALL aspects and degrees of  human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health this uncontrolled and unacknowledged technology and abuse is intolerable!


There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding these technologies and victims such as I are being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged torture and mental and physical destruction.


These aggressive, exploitative philistines have stolen and wrecked my human rights, happiness, health and democratic freedom and are breaking multiple laws with impunity. How and why has such a situation been allowed to develop and continue? Why are the “democracies” and their ruling classes and exploiters, and the international and human rights organisations displaying such double standards with regard to my case and these abuses?

Why is there no press freedom regarding my case? Why the public conspiracy of silence and acquiescence or complicity regarding this complete denial and abuse of my human rights? Why aren’t the criminals responsible for this being brought to justice?


8: Have you sought medical help of any type?


Yes my family asked me to see a psychiatrist. I saw a few and told them what is being done to me. None of them paid much attention to any of that and made various diagnoses – schizophrenia, deluded, psychotic – and gave me some medications. Of course none of the medications made any difference to my “symptoms” – they just gave me various “doped” effects plus some side-effects.


9. Have your symptoms changed while doing this interview?


No not at all.  I’m still being : - 1. continuously - 24 hours a day 7 days a week  mentally and physically monitored. (2004-present)


2. subjected to sleep deprivation torture. (2005)


3. continuously subjected to sensory and mental torture by being verbally and aurally abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. This takes the form of a running commentary with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities and biorhythms - both straightforwardly and with echo, repetition and distortion effects.  This sensory and mental torture directly into the brain has varied from extreme causing near-complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder. It is all, however, unignorable and inescapable, and it has profoundly degraded and wrecked my mental and physical life and being. (2004/2005-present)


4. repeatedly and relentlessly subjected to electrical abuse and torture on the genitals - electric currents are applied to my genitals at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from mildly disturbing to extremely torturous. The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical stress and tension. This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals is applied at any time of the day or night. I am often woken up by the application of electric currents to my genitals - night after night after night. My genitals have also been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. Also my nipples are often “electrocuted”, and more recently what feels like my semen glands, and other internal organs are also being intensively “electrocuted”(2005-present)


5. continuously subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions  - night after night after night 2,3,4,5 or more times per night artificial "dreams" are introduced into my brain and therein experienced and processed "organically" (?). This has resulted in mentally and psychically exhausting, degrading and wrecking me. I haven't had an uninterrupted nights sleep in over 2 years. (2005-present)


6. subjected to "deep" neurological interventions on my brain creating a lasting "lobotomised" effect. Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain. (2005-present)


7. subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. This includes being extensively publically exhibited via internet and TV which has greatly magnified the complete violation of my privacy. (2004-present)


8. As an ancillary to these each and every night I am repeatedly put to sleep, woken up, made to go to the toilet, and mentally mood and temper controlled on waking. Other nights I am given erections, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped). I am being used like a lab rat. This regime has been ongoing now since 2005.


9. Each and every waking hour I am thought and image read, and continuously subjected to the various forms of sensory and mental torture by being verbally and aurally abused, goaded, disturbed and engaged with - directly into the brain. Coupled with the various forms of genital abuse and torture. This regime has been ongoing now since 2005.


Thus my human rights, liberty and privacy have been completely violated and ALL aspects and degrees of my human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health profoundly assaulted, tortured and wrecked in this ongoing totalitarian nightmare.


10. Have you tried any methods of protecting your self against this?


No I thought about things like Faraday Cages to sleep in etc.. but I’ve heard the specific waves are too hi-tech to be stopped. Think about it – they are beamed down through roofs and through my skull into my brain encrypted with “information” and “effects”,  and transmitted back. There are continuous links to and from my brain and body  no matter where I go. Scuba - diving under water did lessen it, but I was still reached.

By the time I even slightly conceptualised properly what was being done to me the bulk of the damage had been done to me i.e. my creativity, drives, and stuff relating to my “primitive” brain (I think they call it) had been knocked/burnt/lobotomised out. And the sustained nightly stuff had already substantially wrecked my imagination, sensibility and memory. My perceptual and sensory acuteness, strength and quality very much degraded. My mind-body relationship had been wrecked, and my psycho-physiological fluidity and coordination wrecked. My brains and wits had been addled, and my mind enraged, incapacitated and mangled in sheer powerlessness and frustration. My ability to sustainedly mentally focus wrecked. My digestion, heart beat and all my metabolism had already been altered and wrecked. My natural organic growth and maturation already truncated and wrecked. Also my body had already been disfigured. So it was a bit late.


Now, although they’re doing the same stuff, they are just farting around – the damage has been done and no substantial new effects are being achieved – just incremental, progressive aging and degrading of my psycho-physiological being. Although I think they are still trying to “rewire” my brain – by continuing the same stuff and seeing if prolonging the “treatment” helps and, with the aid of time, making me forget who I used to be and how I used to think and feel.


I think they have utilised all their technical resources – demonstrated the full extent of their “science” and obsession and now it’s just torture, abuse and live research and experimentation.


Originally I think it was a “psycho-civilizing” project (maybe something about a “retrieval” and Jewish Bell Curve racism). I think they were proud of their “science” and technical ability but all it has achieved is a stupid vandalism and has demonstrated the conceptual poverty of the whole “science” – their profound disrespect for, and lack of appreciation of, human complexity and diversity – and the simplicity, stupidity, reductionism and reifying-effects of the whole biological/genetic/physical determinism and behavioralist paradigm they are operating in.


It’s just hi-tech 1950s style US psychiatry – more precisely targeted and amazing but in the final analysis just vegetable-making brutal butchery. Another form of destructive invasive assault – TOTALITARIAN DESTRUCTIVE INVASIVE ASSAULT.


Of course if I could protect myself I would and obviously if I could get it stopped and the morons prosecuted I would. Also there are various rehabilitation steps that could subsequently be taken – after the first and foremost one of getting this directed energy and psychotronic weapon torture and abuse stopped!


11. How many people do you think have heard about your case in Australia?


10s 0r 100s.. Probably 1000s in the US and worldwide. Although many would only know little bits of it.


Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


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