psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Weaponry of the future

Angels and Demons FSB
(Weaponry of the future)

Nr. 43 (308)

The mankind enters new millennium with a new weapon.

Date: 26.10.99

For a long time discrepant rumours about experiments, tests and military appliance of psychotronic weapons, crucially new defensive intercept systems and many others are getting abroad.

One of the elaborators of psychotronic and plasma weaponry Jurij Jur'jevich LEONOV agreed to enlighten new kinds of weaponry, which would define the face of global military political confrontation in the interview conducted by the correspondent of the newspaper Zavtra.
LEONOV Jurij Jur'jevich was born in Moscow. In 1963 finished MGU (Moscow State University), worked as a teacher at school, headed the All-Russian Trade Union Association Zašèita, in 1993 as a member of the KPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) fraction became a deputy of the State Duma.

CORRESPONDENT: To our editors' office come dozens of people complaining of some secret manipulations which they are allegedly exposed to. In the result their consciousness changes, they suffer insomnia, psychic disorders even somatic diseases. That fact that let say, at the first half of the XX century manias and other psychic disorders had other characteristics is frightening. There was no such technotronic, electronic delirium. What is real in those claims and what is not? What is zombiing, what is psychotronic mind controlling?

JURIJ LEONOV: I must admit that nowadays exist elaborations actually enabling such influence. Everything you mentioned, what people claim of, is really in existence and has been being under development by the Russian defence institutions. I have to report that in the hands of Yeltsin's power this weapon looks very terrifying. Twenty years ago in the Soviet Union similar research works were held, but they had a considerably lower level of technical development. At that time such weapon could not be used against people, against leading political personalities. Today we are sure and can confirm that elaborations in question are really existing neurophysical weapons. It is actively used against political personalities and businessmen, leaders of the opposition up to and including. For that matter I ve appealed to your newspaper.

CORRESPONDENT: The team of the newspaper Zavtra carries responsibility for the information printed on its pages. We are working with people on a going basis. However, we don't feel the impact of this weapon impulses, though we percept other impacts internal as well external. The enemy reasonably should suppress this centre of spirit counteraction, makes us go crazy. But this doesn't happen. Why?

JURIJ LEONOV: This could be commented in the following way. At first, people with a strong will are less exposed to energetic impacts. They cannot just reach their target. Not any person can be zombiied. But some even the most of people could be controlled. In the case of murder of the General Officer Rochlin I can with certainty say there were all possibilities to arrange psychotronic impact on his wife, induce a temporary obfuscation and hallucinations. The peculiarity of psychotronic impact is based on that fact that it not only induces obfuscation but that it is capable of mind controlling. The person is not only out of his psychic stability, moreover those who carry on zombiing have all means to make persons do nearly anything, up to suicide and murder and including.

CORRESPONDENT: How does it technically look? Let's consider for example a rifle with a telescopic sight: one points it at the target, releases the trigger and the head goes all to smash+ I know what is Shmel' (humble-bee)+ How does happen what you are talking about? What, a van makes up to, a man inside, and he starts implanting?

JURIJ LEONOV: There are two main ways of implanting. The first one: people involved in could be called hypnotizers. These are persons possessing corresponding abilities and have a certain school through. A hypnotiser for simple actions assumed he possesses inborn aptitudes could be made fit in a month. The second way is a technological one; there are certain frequencies of waves impacting human psychic state in a quite certain way. You have published in one of the issues of your newspaper an article about it. It reports that in the beginning of 60ties Americans and a little bit later our compatriots started to develop psychotronic weaponry, but it was very primitive. What do I mean? They found frequencies which were impacting points of brain regulating the simplest actions such as sleep, eat, reproduce or kill.
It didn't go further than that. Potentialities of the present including technological ones enable controlling human mind and motivation of human actions at the quite wider range. By now there are devices created producing waves at the frequencies that enable to induce more sophisticated psychic reactions. Thereby we have to bear in mind that such devices are able to function at the great distances, in other words the radiator can be placed 500m far from you and it is capable to penetrate concrete impediments and so forth.

CORRESPONDENT: In your time you were involved in developing of such weaponry. How does a laboratory and experiments look like? How high is the percentage of psychotronic weapon efficacy and which method is used to work it out?
This weapon has been for already some years a real military reality. Experiments were carried on at the KGB and on people suspecting nothing. The KGB used singles, in most cases elderly ones; this could be called in a certain sense humane. Nowadays there is just inferiority. The FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) is so eagerly up to make such alluring weaponry that they conduct their experiments almost on all people. That will be enough if you live on the ninth floor in the twelve-storage building. At the attic they will install a special radiator insuring the experiment on you and your neighbours. And I have to mention that the technology level and skills and knowledge plane of the special department of the FSB enable becoming 95% positive results. Even a person with a strong will feels this impact. His will is going to counteract. But in any case the impact will operate changes in his state of mind. At the time a strong will opposes any impacts, this manifest itself
 in fatigue and irritability. You have mentioned this fatigue.

CORRESPONDENT: In Russia one and a half million people go missing a year. A plain person can cope with non-stop stresses at work. If he is irradiated with microwaves it will be more difficult to manage. If a person watches NTV, where 90% of the broadcasted is selected- death, violence, immorality, it induces obviously weariness, rage and bad temper, nevertheless he is psychically independent. Is psychotronic weapon capable to cause more considerable damage to human mind than stresses and TV?

JURIJ LEONOV: Let us consider the second aspect of the impact of this weapon. This is the aspect of purposefully aimed impact, which our mass media call zombiing. But we have to take into account that currently the FSB have at their disposal the methodology of reading thoughts, looking through the innermost information of a human. This fact represents the more extensive danger but again to the opposition leaders and deputies of the State Duma. The FSB is capable of reading off internal psychic information of a human. The effect of telepathy only seems puzzling. Not so long ago Wolf Messing demonstrated the miracles of telepathy. But that was a phenomenon, there were single cases. These days telepathic technologies especially those in possess of the FSB enable to read off innermost information of almost any person.

CORRESPONDENT: What physical laws do stipulate this phenomenon?

JURIJ LEONOV: Information on those experiments is quite secret, but the experts already know and for the plain people it will be of great interest. There is an effect of holography. As known, the first hologram was created in the Soviet Union at the beginning of 60ies. The physics of this phenomenon consists in the existence of object and reference waves. Let us assume object wave is you by yourself, the person who is exposed to a certain irradiation of a certain frequency. Further it will be enough to produce a reference wave, which reproduce the picture and we get a hologram. The clue of understanding these processes in terms of physics is holography. Our consciousness is functioning on the principle of holography. Earlier people used to say that only God and innocence know the brain. These days we can say that the principles of organisation of human brain and mind are also known for the FSB and for special services of the range of other countries.

CORRESPONDENT: Broadly speaking, a human head is placed in some kind of imposed field. The head modulates this field and removes it then.

JURIJ LEONOV: Right, it is modulated, but if we create a certain continuous frequency of the reference wave, it can be read off, in other words taken outside the bounds of your mind. And if it could be taken outside the bounds of your mind, it could be certainly read of, that is the matter of equipment.

CORRESPONDENT: What about a plain person, how can he protect himself against this or is he absolutely helpless?

JURIJ LEONOV: The first thing required is will and self-control. The second is what is called an individual psychological factor. Alone the awareness of the fact such actions are possible let people mobilize their mind to counteract such impacting. There should not be any panic and any fear of these radiations. The most important is to control feelings. And at last there technical means of removing the focused frequencies and radiations.

CORRESPONDENT: I visited once a lecture on esoterics. They told about white and black magicians. If there are black angels from the FSB bedevilling the population, there are possibly white angels, patriotic ones, who are able to remove contamination with the same methods, aren't there?

JURIJ LEONOV: As a matter of fact any struggle for mind, disappointedly leads to the destruction of the brain in question. In this case the right parallel to draw could be the similarity of the drugs as LSD. And I have to say whether it is a white magician or a black one, he destructs human brainwork. Anyway whether he is going to protect you or vice versa get rid of you he starts controlling you. Concerning the above mentioned I can acknowledge that Iljuchin will be right to pass the law regulating the activity of this kind because any impact at these frequencies ends up with schizophrenia, to the instable state of mind. By the way schizophrenia appears not infrequently specifically in the result of psychotronic impact.

CORRESPONDENT: It only remains to thank you for the very interesting discussion. The information you have told us really boggles the imagination and makes up a picture of the future wars not similar to familiar military campaigns of the passed millennium.

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