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  Torsion Fields


Why has Shipov so exasperated the strict, mistrustful scientific world? Even the subject of his research, "mysterious torsion fields", is like a nail in the shoe of physicists, very inconvenient! But, scientists today are recognizing that "spinning fields" really do exist. Just as electromagnetic fields are caused by a charge and gravitational fields are caused by weight, torsion fields are created by any rotating objects. This idea was first introduced by the French mathematician R. Cartan in 1913, then by Albert Einstein. Within the framework of Cartan-Einstein theory, the existence of these fields has been permitted. But, they are weak, cannot be observed, and seem to have no practical application. Shipov states the opposite. This is connected to his theory of physical vacuum and the "mysterious ether" Newton wrote about. For the last 30-40 years, scientists have been trying to analyze the properties of physical vacuum, although from an electromagnetic or gravitational approach.

Torsion field, also called axion field, spin field, spinor field, and microlepton field is a scientific concept loosely based on Einstein-Cartan theory and some unorthodox solutions of Maxwell's equations. The torsion field concept was conceived in the Soviet Union by a group of great physicists in the 1980s. The group, led by Anatoly Akimov and Gennady Shipov, began the research as the state-sponsored Center for Nontraditional Technologies. Everything is made of vacuum. Its energy gives birth to, penetrates, and feeds the whole world of existence. Clever scientists know this, but only smile skeptically. New representations of the nature of physical vacuum do not fit the picture of the world created by classical science. But, the idea of the Great Emptiness, the Dao, was known in China 5000 years ago. Today, this idea is promising a cataclysm in natural science, technology, and all spheres of life. Along comes Shipov with his formulas. His equations of physical vacuum explain and unite all types of interactions present in nature. These formulas should help provide unexpectedly new and unusual answers in a number of areas- transport, communications, medicine, etc. The solutions are so improbable that they are difficult to believe. Unlike the mechanism attributed to quantum spin effects, the torsion fields involve the use of long-range (Pauli) classical spinners to describe such interactions. Here, focus is not on the Dirac equation to describe fermion spin, but on a classical analogue, the Bargmann-Michel-Telegedi (BMT) equation to account for spin effects. BMT follows from a quasi-classical extension of the Dirac equation with an added Pauli term, and has been responsible for accounting for the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, and confirms the effect of radiative self-polarisation, both without the necessity for the standard application of quantum electrodynamics.

Torsion fields also have the important characteristic of being affected by the specific topology/geometry of macroscopic objects and biological fields, a feature which has been corroborated by the work of Glen Rein on DNA irradiated by non-Hertzian energy emanating from various geometric patterns. Torsion fields have been found, by Dr. Buryl Payne, to emanate from living organisms, included humans, cats, dogs, horses, plants, and fruits. They can be detected by a simple device he invented, called the "Biofield Meter", which can be constructed by anyone in an hour from household materials. Now come Torsion Fields and the skeptics and the detractors will have a field day!

Physicists are well aware of the existence of energy fields with properties which are not explained by the classical equations of Maxwell or Schrödinger. Experimental anomalies associated with so-called free energy research may also involve non-classical energy fields, referred to here as quantum fields. Recent findings in biology indicate that certain bio-molecules act as superconductors and biological systems in general exhibit non-local, global properties, which are consistent with their ability to function at the quantum level. The possibilities that such anomalous behavior might be accounted for by the presence of endogenous quantum fields in biological systems have received little attention.

Torsion fields have been studied by several groups of Russian scientists for at least three decades and most of that time in secret. What are torsion fields?

According to A. Akimov, these fields come in at least three types: E-fields, S-fields, and G-fields. The E, S, and G stand for Electric, Spin, and Gravity fields. The torsion field and its emanations are subtle energy fields. They are separate and distinct from classical Electric, Magnetic, and Gravity fields. Generators for these fields can be shielded against electro-magnetic fields and the torsion field still manifests itself through such shielding.

Torsion fields can be generated, detected, switched on and off (such as for communication purposes), and are a distinct type of energy field heretofore not included in today's classical physics. Torsion field emanations can travel at velocities at least as high as 109 times the speed of light. Torsion fields can interact with laser beams (change frequency); affect biological processes; are generated by melting or solidifying some materials; affect quartz crystals; affect some electronic components; can favorably change some beverages; and have been noted to affect gravity.

According to Akimov, torsion fields coupled with the standard electric, magnetic, and gravity fields should provide means for a unified field theory that will extend the realm of science to include the effects of consciousness. The concept of dowsing, for example, can now have a scientific basis for explanation of the phenomenon. If this suggestion by Akimov proves viable, then science has an opportunity to extend its borders more rapidly into the so-called psychic realms. That could be a multi-decade venture of considerable importance to the expansion of scientific knowledge.

A couple of issues ago, NEN began advertising "gravity-wave tapes" and a multi-channel "gravity-wave detector". You may question our motive. After reading some of the Russian literature about torsion fields, your editor became almost convinced that there was a similarity between the so-called gravity waves of Ramsay and Hodowanec and the torsion fields. If correct, then the Ramsay gravity-wave detector will be an excellent torsion-field measuring instrument. Therefore, we have obtained copies of professional papers from three groups of scientists working on torsion fields in Russia. All three of these torsion-field articles are published in volume2, no. 3-4 of the Journal of New Energy.

In Russia, several types of torsion-field generators have been patented and some are available to purchase. NEN will try to obtain more information about the availability of torsion-field generators. Hopefully, such generators can be made available for purchase (or replication) here in the U.S. NEN encourages its readers to consider becoming involved in the development of low-power FTL communication systems. You may want to get a fast start by ordering a gravity wave detector. Maybe the next Mars Rover will be controlled by a torsion-field communicator and not suffer the considerable delay now endured in controlling the rover over millions of miles using the slow, old-fashioned, radio waves.

Until now, little attention has been paid to the four forces of inertia: centrifugal, translational, rotational, and carioles. Shipov's results indicate that vehicles propelled by inertial force can operate in any medium with 70-90% energy efficiency and are ecologically friendly. The research focused on "twisted" space-time, or torsion in space, as the propulsion source. Shipov's prototype (a small vehicle without gears, propellers, or any emissions) moves along the ground, on water, and when suspended in air. With this motion, unlike conventional jet-propelled motion, inertial mass is not expended, degraded, or emitted; it remains controlled by the local metric engineering of warp. The experimental unit weighs 1.7 kg and has a traction force of 170 grams. Controlled by the computer software through an attached cable (in the future, it will be just a microchip),the test vehicle moves at a speed of 2 meters per 10 seconds (1.4k/h) and can accelerate. Calculations indicate that a vehicle weighing around 1.5 tons could travel 1000 meters (1 km) in 4 seconds or 900 k/h.


Over the course of latter decades, tens of unexplainable microscopic and macroscopic effects in natural sciences and especially in physics and biology have been revealed and investigated. It should be emphasized that a large part of these phenomena were demonstrated by objects having spin or angular momentum. Probably the first researcher who experimentally detected the unusual effects associated with torsion was a professor of the Russian physical-chemical society, N.P.Myshkin, who at the end of the nineteenth century conducted a series of experiments using scales [1]. These experiments were successfully repeated in the 1960s by Professor N.A. Kozyrev and V.V. Nasonov and later by V.S. Belyaev, S.P. Mikhailov, A.G. Parkhomov and others.

In the 1940s, the soviet astrophysicist N.A. Kozyrev proposed that the rotation of stars was connected with their energy output. According to the theory developed by N.A. Kozyrev, time and rotation are closely interconnected. In order to verify his theory, N.A. Kozyrev conducted a series of experiments with spinning gyroscopes. The goal of these experiments was to make a measurement of the forces arising while the gyroscope was spinning. N.A. Kozyrev detected that the weight of the spinning gyroscope changes slightly depending on the angular velocity and the direction of rotation. The effect he discovered was not large, but the nature of the arising forces could not be explained by existing theories. N.A. Kozyrev explained the observed effect as being the manifestation of some "physical properties of time" [2,3].

In the 1970s, in order to verify N.A. Kozyrev's theory, a major research of gyroscopes and gyroscopic systems was conducted by a member of Belarus Academy of Sciences, Professor A.I. Veinik. The effect discovered earlier by N.A. Kozyrev was completely confirmed, but in order to explain the observed results, A.I. Veinik developed his own theory. According to this theory, every substance has its own "chronal charge" defined by the quantity of "chronal" particles which were named "chronons". A.I. Veinik supposed that while the object is spinning, "chronons" are interacting with other "chronons" that surround this object and therefor the weight of the object changes. According to A.I. Veinik's theory, "chronons" generate the so called "chronal" field. A.I. Veinik found experimentally that strong "chronal" fields can be generated by spinning masses. A.I. Veinik measured some properties of "chronal" fields and found that two types of "chronons" exist ("plus" and "minus" chronons). It is important to emphasize that A.I. Veinik concluded that the sign of the "chronon" depended on orientation of its spin [4].

Reported observations of gyroscope weight variations have been made repeatedly by various researchers in many countries (e.g.[5-7]). Almost in all cases the observed effects were interpreted as the manifestation of antigravitation. In 1989, H. Hayasaka and S. Takeuchi conducted a series of experiments in which the fall-time of a freely-falling spinning gyroscope was measured. They found that the fall-time varied depending on the angular velocity and the direction of rotation. H. Hayasaka and S. Takeuchi have attempted to explain the effect of antigravitation as the manifestation of torsion fields generated by the spinning gyroscope [6].

It should be noted that reports stating that the weight of a spinning gyroscope does not change are also known. Analysis of these reports shows that experimenters have simply not fulfilled the conditions required to achieve the expected effect. N.A. Kozyrev, A.I. Veinik and other researchers who observed the change of weight emphasized repeatedly that the rotation must be non-stationary. For instance, N.A. Kozyrev and A.I. Veinik used special vibrations, and H. Hayasaka experimented with moving (falling) gyroscopes.

From the mid-50s to the late 70s, Professor N.A. Kozyrev (with V.V. Nasonov) conducted astronomical observations using a receiving system of a new type. When the telescope was directed at a certain star, the detector (designed by N.A. Kozyrev and V.V. Nasonov) positioned within the telescope registered the incoming signal even if the main mirror of the telescope was shielded by metal screens. This fact indicated that electromagnetic waves (light) had some component that could not be shielded by metal screens. When the telescope was directed not at the visible but at the true position of a star, the detector then registered an incoming signal that was much stronger. The registration of the true positions of different stars could be interpreted only as registration of star radiation that had velocities billions of times greater than the speed of light. N.A. Kozyrev also found that the detector registered an incoming signal when the telescope was directed at a position symmetrical to the visible position of a star relative to its true position. This fact was interpreted as a detection of the future positions of stars [8].

In the late 1980s to early 90s, astronomical observations using the Kozyrev-type detector were successfully conducted by a group of academics at the Russian Academy of Sciences under M.M. Lavrentiev. While the sky was scanned by the shielded telescope with the detector inside, it registered signals coming from the visible position of each star, the true position, and also the position symmetrical to the visible position of a star relative to its true position. M.M. Lavrentiev could not give a theoretical interpretation to these facts [9-11]. In 1992 these experiments were successfully repeated by the group of A.E. Akimov at the Main astronomical observatory of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences (Kiev,) and at the Crimean astrophysical observatory (Nauchnyi). The obtained results were interpreted as registration of torsion waves. (As is well known, stars are objects with large angular momentum.) [12,13].

In the course of the latter 50 years there have been numerous reports on anomalous behavior of spin-polarized particles. In the USSR the groups under V.G. Baryshevsky and M.I. Podgoretsky experimentally determined that when neutrons are passing through spin-polarized targets, a precession of neutrons arises. The measured magnitude of precession has shown that the field which caused that precession has to be thousands of times stronger than the magnetic field of the target's nuclei [14]. In the USA the A.D. Krisch group repeatedly observed anomalies produced by spin-polarized protons [15]. In France, in experiments with 3He, it was found that the heat-conduction of helium unusually depends on the state of nuclei spins [16]. (This list can be easily continued.)

In 1977, A.C. Tam and W. Happer experimentally discovered that two parallel circularly polarized laser beams mutually attract or repel depending on mutual orientation of their circular polarization [17]. In 1966 the K.N. Perebeynos group demonstrated an experimental communication system in which the transmitter and the receiver were constructed as rotating masses. Transmitted information could be received even when the receiver was shielded by massive screens. The method applied was interpreted as the generation and reception of gravitational waves [18].

In spite of the seeming diversity, all of the experiments considered above have a certain resemblance: all of the mentioned effects are demonstrated by objects with spin or angular momentum. As was already noted, probably the first experimenter who made a major investigation of effects demonstrated by spinning objects was N.A. Kozyrev. It is also necessary to note A.I. Veinik's research work. A.I. Veinik made tens of types of generators based on rotating masses. These generators could change their weight (Very slightly. If a mass ~1 kg is rotating with the angular velocity ~ 20.000 rpm then the "inner force" ~30*10 -5 N.), and their "chronal" fields could affect practically all physical and biological objects and could not be shielded by "usual" screens [4].

It is also useful to note V.M. Yurovitsky's patented generators which are based on spinning magnets. V.M. Yurovitsky was the first who pointed out that many phenomena could be explained as a result of manifestation of long-range fields generated by spin or angular momentum density. Later generators based on mechanically rotating magnets were developed by V.V. Bobyr and many others. As a result of a series of experiments conducted in the Institute of Material Research (in Russia, Kiev, Ukraine) it was established that the emanation produced by this sort of generator is able to change the inner structure of any substance (its spin structure). It was also established that an identical change of the structure of various substances can be achieved by "sensitive’s" ("psychics,") and could not be achieved by the use of other known technologies. The emanation of the developed generators was interpreted as torsion radiation [19].

In other series of experiments conducted in the Institute of Material Research, the influence of the torsion radiation on various photographs was investigated. It was established that by the use of this method it is possible to transmit information from one point of space to another [20]. (Probably the first researchers to apply this method were Albert Abrams, Curtis Upton, William Knuth, and George De La Warr.) The experimental research conducted in the Institute of Material research and at other scientific organizations was managed by the Center of non-conventional technologies under the USSR Science and Techniques State Committee. These investigations were based on the so called "Theory of physical vacuum" developed by russian physicist G.I. Shipov.

G.I. Shipov used the geometry of absolute parallelism (A 4) with an additional 6 rotational coordinates, and on the strict level it showed that the movement of any object should be described by 10 movement equations but not by 4 equations as it is in Einstein's GR. From Shipov's vacuum equations, every known fundamental physical equation (Einstein's, Young-Mills', Heisenberg's, etc.) can be deduced in completely geometrized form. G.I. Shipov showed that besides the two known long-range physical fields - electromagnetic and gravitational - there exists third long-range field possessing significantly richer properties: the torsion field. The torsion field is an extremely unusual entity.

1) First of all, the upper limit for the speed of torsion waves is estimated to be not less than 109c, where c is the speed of light.

2) Secondly, torsion fields are able to propagate in a region of space which is not limited by the light cone. That means that torsion fields are able to propagate not only in the future but in the past as well.

3) Thirdly, torsion fields transmit information without transmitting energy. Fourth - torsion fields are not required to follow the superposition principle [21].

Torsion fields are generated by spin (considering classical spin [22, 23]) or by angular momentum. There exist both right and left torsion fields (depending on the spin orientation). Since all substances (except amorphous materials) have their own stereochemistry which determines not only the location of atoms in molecules but also determines their mutual spin orientation, then the superposition of torsion fields generated by the atomic and nuclear spins of each molecule determines the intensity of torsion field in the space surrounding each molecule. The superposition of all these torsion fields determines the intensity and spatial configuration of the characteristics torsion field of that substance. Thus each substance possesses its own characteristic torsion field.

The property which is open to influence by torsion fields is spin. (We should note that the spin-torsion interaction constant is equal to 10 -5 - 10 -6. This constant is less than the constant of electromagnetic interactions, yet much greater than the constant of gravitational interactions.) Thus the structure of the torsion field of every object can be changed by the influence of an external torsion field. As a result of such an influence, the new configuration of the torsion field will be fixed as a metastable state (as a polarized state) and will remain intact even after the source of the external torsion field is moved to another area of space.

Thus torsion fields of certain spatial configuration can be "recorded" on any physical or biological object. Since every permanent magnet possesses not only oriented magnetic moments but also classical spins orientation as well, then every permanent magnet possesses its own torsion field. (This fact was first experimentally discovered by A.I. Veinik.)

Understanding this important property of magnetic fields allows us to understand a variety of phenomena, for instance the phenomenon known as "magnetization of water".

The following fundamentally important fact should be emphasized. In the framework of the theory of electro-torsion interactions, it is shown that if electrostatic or electromagnetic fields exist in some region of space, then there always exist torsion fields in that region of space. Electrostatic or electromagnetic fields without a torsion component do not exist. On the strict level this is shown by G.I. Shipov [24]. Strong torsion fields are generated by high electrical potentials and by devices with organized circular or spiral electromagnetic processes. (Probably the first researcher to investigate torsion fields by this type of generators was Nikola Tesla. In Russia, similar results were obtained by S.V. Avramenko and others.)

Torsion fields can be generated as the result of the distortion of geometry of the physical vacuum. Every object with a certain surface geometry will simultaneously generate left and right torsion fields of a certain configuration depending on the geometry of the object. This fact can be detected by various types of physical, chemical and biological indicators. This type of manifestation of the torsion field was repeatedly observed by numerous researchers: A.I. Veinik, Yu.V. Tszyan Kanchzhen, A.A. Beridze-Stakhovsky, V.S. Grebennikov, I.M. Shakhparonov and many others in Russia and various researchers in other countries [25-31]. Later an experimental investigation of the torsion fields generated by objects with different geometry of surface was conducted by the group of A.E. Akimov at the Physics Institute of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences and at Chernovitsky University [32].

Another kind of torsion generator employs a combination of the above described principles. For instance, the combination of high-frequency electromagnetic oscillations and topological effect ("form effect") is used in the generators developed by Y.V. Tszyan Kanchzhen. The combination of high electric potential and topological effect is used in the device made by A.I. Veinik and in the device described in the patent [27]. The combination of magnetic fields and high-frequency electromagnetic oscillations is used in W. Kroppa's patented generators. Rotating magnetic fields are used in V.M. Yurovitsky's patented generators.

The extremely unusual properties and possibilities demonstrated by torsion field generators allowed the development of new approaches to the interpretation of various phenomena, including ESP and PK. From the late 80s till the late 90s, major experimental investigations were conducted that confirmed the theoretical predictions. It was established that torsion generators allow us not only to replicate all "phenomena" demonstrated by so called "psychics," but they also are able to demonstrate effects that were never demonstrated by any "psychic".



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physics of water through quantum field theory.

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Torsion-fields Generators

What follows are excerpts from the booklet by A. E. Akimov, the director of the Russian institute VENT, which was assigned in the 80s the job of building the psychotronic generators by Soviet authorities.  

A.E.Akimov: "Heuristic Evaluation of the Problem of the Search of New Long Distance Effects. EGS Concept" Interdisciplinary Scientific and Technical Centre of Non Traditional Technologies Moscow, 1991  

"In 1966 K.N. Perebeinos et. al. demonstrated an experimental system of transfer of information through massive screens, where the transmitter as well as receiver were produced on the principle of mechanically rotating systems (K.N. Perebeinos et. al, "Evaluation of the Possibility of the Use of Gravitation Waves for the Communication", 1966) "torsion fields come into being not only by spin, but as well by the rotation of objects.  

For as long as the rotation, including the classical spin, is stationary (the angle frequency is not changing, the rotating mass is equally divided, there is no wobbling, mutation etc.), the source is emitting a stationary torsion field. If the rotation is not stationary then the source emits wave radiation." "The torsion field will affect the objects with spin or angle momentum of rotation." 

There are 4 types of torsion-fields generators:

1) "As well as with electricity is the primary source of the field the electric charge of particles, the primary source of torsion field is a spin of elementary particles - as well as quantum."  

"The torsion field will belong to the body which will have whichever spin arrangement - nuclear, atom, molecule... a magnet arranges the space orientation of molecular flows, which give off the primary magnetic field. This arrangement has for consequence the appearance of collective magnetic field. The arrangement of the orientation of magnetic momentums automatically, as well, arranges the classical spins originating from the movement of electrons in circular molecular flows. As a consequence a collective torsion field takes birth. Consequently every steady magnet has aside of magnetic field as well a “torsion field."  

2) "Electromagnetic field gives off torsion field - most of electrical, radio-technical and radio-electronical devices are sources of torsion radiations and can be used as torsion-fields generators... Highly effective are radio-technical gears where circular or spiral electromagnetic processes take place - coil or magnetron. ..  

Many radio-technical or radio-electronical devices can be used as torsion-fields generators. However it is necessary to distinguish clearly what are those sources generating: static or wave radiation, what is the space structure of those fields or radiations, what is the spectrum of frequencies (wavelike and special)" built generators - with voluminous resonators and various crystals with voluminous condensates and special fillers (probably the wrong word) with the use of 3 Helmholtz coils  

3) Generators built on principle of specially organized spin ensemble or specially organized rotation of material medium (field or body) - for example a rotating magnetic field  

4) Geometrical torsion fields generators (the reason why they function is not yet understood)  

In the French patent from 1978 "the creation of torsion field is achieved due to the combination of topological effect and electrical polarization. Into 16 angles straight prism are built 2 couples of orthogonally distributed electrodes with the voltage up to 300 kV. On parts of sides conuses or ovoids may be distributed. Steady electrical voltage gives birth to primary torsion field which excites intensive torsion field due to the effect of forms - according to the authors the generator was capable to diminish the gravitation field" (the generators using geometrical shapes were described as well in the excerpt of Gurtovoi's book I was mailing to the list few months ago)  

"As a real source of torsion fields may be used for example crystals with polarized nuclear spins..." "Active torsion generators are used where the rotational momentum is created with the use of the external source of energy." (I am sorry, but the copy of the book I have received on microfilm is almost illegible) "Experiments prove that the activity of spin and spiral generators produces the same effects."  

"The construction of torsion generators and their production as industrial samples made possible realization of vast research opening the road to their use as new sources of energy, transportation, production of materials with new qualities, transmission of information, biotechnology, medicine, agriculture etc. - the material base for the new civilization of 21st century."  

"Interpretation of torsion fields as metastable states of spin polarized physical vacuum makes i t possible to formulate principally new approach to the construction of quantum (torsion) generators - ZVM."  

Biological Effects of Torsion Paradigma

"J. U. Little showed the analogy between neural networks and magnet systems. John Hopfield showed that such networks with symmetrical connections are equivalent to spin glasses (J.J. Hopfield: Neural networks and physical systems with emergent collective computational abilities. Proc. Mat. Acod. Sci. USA 1982, v. 79, No. 8, p. 2554, Amit D.J., Gutfreund N., Sompolinsky N. Spin-glass models of neural networks, Physical Review A., 1985, v.32, No. 2, p. 1007 - could anyone find this article?) This opened the road for the construction of models of brain mechanisms. Important proved to be the analogy between the fact that every neuron is connected with many other neurons and the long distance effects in spin glasses, where every spin is immediately connected with many other spins.  

Those ideas open the road to the construction of the new approach, since there is a possibility to resign on the understanding of a spin as a magnetic moment, which makes it possible to understand the spin glass as an ensemble of objects with classical spins. In such case that the spin-glass is conceived as a system in which arbitrary spin configurations are possible which create a torsion field. At the same time the external torsion fields may form space spin structures in the spin glass... ... to every act of consciousness corresponds its spin structure in the brain, which has for consequence a characteristic torsion radiation. At the same time, during every characteristical torsion radiation in the brain, a proper spin structure will be formed, corresponding to the particular perception in the brain... ...the concept of torsion fields makes it possible to formulate effective approaches to the foundation of this phenomenology on strictly physical basis and planning of experiments... a possibility appeared to attach to the consciousness and thinking their material bearer defined as torsion fields."  

The work of the operator of the torsion ZVM generator is the consciousness of the operator, having a spin nature manifesting itself by torsion fields. The work of the generator is based as well on spinory systems of physical vacuum and manifesting itself by torsion fields. This provides for the possibility of direct access of the operator to the processor without a translating periphery. "The operator can, on basis of arbitrarily chosen protocol, enter into such ZVM without any mediating apparatus, by way of direct interaction directly with the central processor through the channel of torsion exchange of information. With this approach the Consciousness as a specific, torsion adaptable ZVM and ZVM produced on basis of physical vacuum will function as a one single ensemble and not as two modules of one system.  

If we look upon the consciousness as on a biocomputer, realized on organic spin glass, we are obliged to state that this biocomputer was produced on molecular element base.  

The information on molecular level is encoded not only in the structure of molecules, but as well in the structure of the medium which surrounds it and this information is connected with spin polarization of physical vacuum, it means with torsion fields. We can assume that the consciousness as a functional structure includes in itself a biocomputer, it means a brain as a spin glass and its outside part - the torsion ZVM surrounding the spin polarized physical vacuum in the space around the brain."  

In another article A.E. Akimov announces several successful experiments with torsion fields generators - the melted iron was irradiated by torsion fields during the cooling and did not form the crystal lattice - the reception of torsion fields across the screen corresponding to 50 m block of concrete was not attenuated. When the transmitter was brought next to the receiver the intensity of the reception was the same as when the signal was passing through the screen.  

Mojmir Babacek

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