psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

TI - Targeted Individual - is a person being targeted with OSEH by a group of individual called "perp" for the purpose of human experimentations.
OSEH - Organized Stalking Electronic Harassment - are methods use by perps in targeting a specific person for the purpose of inducing harm and possibly death.
DEW - Direct Energy Weapon - are device used for OSEH purposes, weapons can be microwave with pulp frequencies, v2k or other electronic and hearing devices.
V2K - voice to skull device - is a weapon use for transmitting voices with low or high frequencies. Voices can be for commands or harassments attacks that may look like the TI's own voice. V2K can also use to induce or manipulate dreams or to deprived TI sleeps.

 Neighborhood Involvement in Organized Stalking

The individuals in the community who have aided these perpetrators have certainly not made my ordeal any easier. From my own experiences, I can unequivocally say that neighbors have definitely been instrumental in allowing the continuance of this crime against my life (and my family, who hemorrhage emotionally over what is happening to me) and who I've been driven to stay with because I have become indigent due to the wearing down and destruction of this crime. To one of my diabolical neighbors in particular (mother and daughter duo): for all of the torment, angst and teasing that you were so quick to administer to me in my situation you are TWO-FACED, CRUEL and UGLY individuals inside. For all the YEARS that you allowed, deceived and aided these perpetrators in putting my mother and I through turmoil in our town home - I can only hope that God will bring around to you a situation in your life (A REAL TEST) that stretches every ounce of strength you have in you, and further adds more weight to it -- so you can FULLY understand what it feels like to be wronged.

Electromagnetic radiation weapons & targeted individuals. In my opinion, the following individual may be a CIA operative:

Leonard Williams
1132 Victory Lane
Concord, CA 94520

William Ottmann
3815 Northridge Dr
Richmond, CA

Another day of "Organized Stalking" in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (Oakland & Berkeley). This is just one aspect of an intense "negative energy" psychological & physical torture campaign which includes directed overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. The targeted individuals program is run by the CIA & various federal law enforcement agents and implemented by local community "helpers" including freemasons which consist of a relentless campaign of slander & defamation of character, invasion of privacy, unimaginable psychological harassment and continuous physical torture through the use of targeted overexposure to electromagnetic radiation. As a targeted individual this blatant overt harassment campaign began over 3 1/2 YEARS ago (January 2006) while living in Concord, CA (RWEB US). The psychological warfare tactics and daily torture from directed overexposure of electromagnetic radiation has persisted uninterrupted ever since even though I've moved my family twice, first to another County and most recently to another State! This video shows the phenomenon called "Organized Stalking" which has been reported by more and more credible targeted individuals throughout the country. The desired outcome from such a campaign is either incarceration or suicide. A targeted individual is systematically destroyed - financially, emotionally and eventually physically through constant psychological abuse and torture by electromagnetic radiation weapons. This has been described as the "perfect crime". The tactics used are designed to be very difficult to prove and in the case of electromagnetic radiation weapons nearly impossible, in an attempt to make a targeted individual appear mentally ill. The guise of an "ongoing criminal investigation" (which never ends) or "reasons of national security" are used to give the perpetrators the support of the community needed to allow this astonishing abuse of civil, constitutional and human rights against innocent, law abiding American citizens to continue. Initially, reporting such harassment by our government was written off as paranoia / mental illness. However, the more brave targeted individuals that step forward and report the astonishing details of this horrific abuse of power and torture by directed overexposure to electromagnetic radiation weapons being perpetrated against them by the very same U.S. government agencies we entrust to protect us, the sooner these criminal hypocrites and their truly evil tactics will be EXPOSED! Please visit my website at for more details of this ongoing injustice being perpetrated by the CIA & various federal law enforcement agents and their local community "helpers" against U.S. citizens on American soil. Electromagnetic radiation weapons are being used against targeted individuals. Are they just practice? Governments can now torture and murder using electromagnetic radiation weapons without due process or leaving any evidence of a crime.

In my opinion, the following may be Organizers & Participants Personalized License Plates:


Citizen Spy Groups??Youth movements? Co-op? The Organized Stalking, and the use of technological weapons that innocent Americans have been violated for long time and NOT a word in the Press or media, is what President Obama is talking about: "Counter part civilians for the military". Young people recruited to be corrupted into "spying innocent" civilians and tortured, this young people are endoctrinated to use "technologial weapons" for torture, that's where the enslaving of Americans begin, to control society. The zombies of the futuristic movies are the "psychopaths cannibals" of this generation. The complete destruction of humanity.

DEW- Directed Energy Weapons


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