psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Chemical or Biological attack
From the FFCHS Medical Committee:
Health Tips for symptoms of
Electronic Harassment,
Chemical and/or Biological attack
                                                                                                                     September, 2013
Greetings, all. 
We're sure everyone realizes that maintaining optimal health is a very important goal in our daily lives as survivors of various forms of electromagnetic harassment .  Therefore, we're very appreciative of our Medical Committee for the following health advice to the TI Community.
This information is given by a couple of MD's, a few RN's, a Registered Dietitian, and a pharmacist  who have taken some time to combine their expertise to help survivors in our community.  This advice may also change and grow over time and we will occasionally publish updates as they occur. 
The FFCHS Medical Committee will also be the featured guests at this Saturday night's podcast: 
Time/Day: Saturday, September 14, 2013;  9 pm EST/ 8 pm Central/ 7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific/ 3 am CEST
Call-In Number:  1-724-444-7444
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The body can only react in so many ways to assaults or injuries.  The Medical Committee has recognized that many "symptoms" of EH and/or chemical and/or biological attacks can be treated as if caused by inflammation or irritation from any other source. 
Therefore, to treat:

Headache:  alternate days of Tylenol with days of Advil
Eye pain:  Alaway
Runny or irritated nose:  NasalCrom
Asthma or lung pain:  Advair (prescription), Intal (from overseas)
Nausea/Vomiting/Diarrhea:  Pepto-Bismol, Imodium A-D
Low sex drive in men:  Testosterone cream, gel (prescription)

Insomnia:  Klonopin (prescription), Benadryl (diphenhydramine).  Caplets instead of capsules are recommended to prevent tampering. It is best to take the medication an hour before bed, and realize that particularly sensitive people can be "hung over" the next day. It is possible to break a caplet and take less'if a person is sensitive.
Also, herbal supplements, such as skullcap, kava kava and valerian root are good for sleep. These can be purchased at a health food store. Check with a pharmacist if you are on prescription meds before taking these herbal medications.
If there is severe insomnia and one is willing to take antipsychotics, Seroquel is excellent for sleep.
Skin rashes: topical benadryl or for more severe irritations, topical Elidel (prescription).
General Pain: 
1) klonopin (prescription)
2) neurontin (prescription) - good for nerve pain
3) Tricyclic antidepressants: amitriptyline, desipramine, doxepin, imipramine, nortriptyline
(all prescrpition)
Generally Speaking:
-- Try to stay away from narcotics for pain:
as they carry a negative connotation with most medical professionals and could get the TI further stigmatized as "drug seeking".
Furthermore, they can be very addictive.
-- When exhausted, try a small dose of pharmaceutical sleep aids like mild sedatives, but only on occasion.
-- If you feel you are being poisoned or drugged: 
first, realize that directed energy weapons can cause effects similar to being drugged (when the brain is targeted), including decreased level of consciousness.  First try to rule this out.
-- If you still believe you are actually being poisoned:
to avoid being drugged through household items, do not take any capsules filled with powders, these can be filled with drugs or toxins to adversely affect your functioning.  Also, gelcaps can be filled with toxins or mild poisons.  Stick to tablets.  These are much more difficult to tamper with effectively.  If family members are sympathetic, share foods with them to avoid poisoning.
-- Remember that when you are interviewed by a nurse or MD:
that not only your symptoms are being evaluated but how you present them, speak, your demeanor, mood, affect, hygiene and grooming. Everything is assessed and part of the entire picture of who you are.
-- When charting, an MD or nurse:
will chart not only the physical symptoms that you present but all of the things mentioned above. If there is to be a referral, then much of this information may be passed along to another MD in another specialty. They will also add to your chart. Any information that is erroneous will also be passed along and will influence how they see you. It is very important to get copies of your chart to review for charting mistakes and take issue with the MD regarding these issues in writhing, certified mail and ask for the erroneous charting to be corrected or seek legal action.
-- Reporting symptoms must be done with thought put into it.
Remember, you are presenting as a normal patient and should report the symptoms of what is causing the most discomfort or problems. Report at other visits symptoms of another problem. An MD will diagnose according to a known set of symptoms for a known diagnosis. What we are experiencing is not a known diagnosis and if the symptoms are vague or unrelated to a specific problem, it will go undiagnosed and may be misdiagnosed.
-- Many of the symptoms that we experience may, when mentioned in one visit, be diagnosed as depression and  psychotropic medications may be prescribed and a psychiatric diagnosis has been made. This will follow you. Report symptoms related to a specific organ system ie. gastrointestional, cardiac, etc.
-- Your chart is proof of what is happening to you and also admissible in court.
-- Our skin is an important organ.  In protecting the skin from severe microwave harassment, keep it as moist as possible and shield with many of the various metallic fabrics offered on 
-- Also, keeping ice packs on hand is recommended.  
Mental Health
Recommendation:  Stop trying to convince family members of all the various things you are experiencing. You can find support through the group. Having your loved ones ignorant may lend them some form of protection.  
Pray to the God of your understanding.  If you have a spiritual belief system, cling to it.
Keep a journal and photos of what's happening to you and believe someday you will get
Strive as much as possible to live each day in peace with yourself and others.
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
It's vital that community survivors know the information at the above link so that they can report HIPAA violations to the HIPAA security officers of pharmacies where they get their prescriptions. The more survivors that complain, the more action corporations have to take.
They are required by law to investigate within 30 days of a complaint being filed.  If you read what it states about sharing peoples' private health information with research departments and other agencies, it could be significant. 
Diet & Nutrition
Whole, organic foods, clean water, plenty of rest when possible (naps count), melatonin (for sleep) and other herbs may help.
Vitamins and supplements
Iodine for radiation
to combat the GI upset occurring when cooked with technology.  Probiotics specifically designed to combat candida, which seems to be prevalent lately, possibly from chemtrails.  
Vitamin D
5,000 units for cancer prevention and bone formation if housebound.
For heavy metal toxicity
Chelation therapy of Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC, Chlorella, cilantro and glutathione (marketed under Readi-Sorb).
Zinc deficiencies-- 
--physical indicators:loss of hair, diminished sense of taste, slow wound healing
--recommendations:red meats, greens, spinach, pumpkin seeds, nuts

Vitamin A deficiency
--physical indicators:night blindness, dry eye membrane, gingivitis, skin is dry and flaky
--recommendations:orange & yellow vegetables, such as carrots, yellow and orange peppers, sweet potatoes,dark, leafy greens, dried apricots, cantaloupe

Protein deficiencies
--physical indicators: dull, dry hair,  hair loss, scaling of skin around nostrils, fragile nails, bi-lateral edema(swelling to lower extremities), wasted appearance
--recommendations: red meat, liver, buffalo, beans, vegan protein powder (dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free) for smoothies or added to hot cereal , such as oatmeal, cream of wheat, rice

Vitamin C deficiencies
--physical indicators: swollen, red gums that bleed easily, bruising (black and blue marks)
--recommendations: red peppers, pineapple, mango, oranges, strawberries, dark, leafy greens - kale, broccoli
Calcium deficiencies
--physical indicators: de-mineralization of the bone - lessening of calcium deposits
--recommendations: acidophilus milk (10 mins before eating), digestive enzymes, lowfat cheese, dark, leafy greens - kale, collard greens, dandelion greens, okra, watercrest, broccoli, almonds, canned fish with bones (salmon, anchovies)

Niacin deficiencies
--physical indicators: redness and cracks of eyelid corners, hyperpigmentation - dark spots on skin
--recommendations: niacin, pork, nuts, whole grain breads
Poisonings - by Barbara Makela, RN
Poisoning is common to the TI experience. There are two aspects to poisonings: prevention and recognition/treatment.
Prevention is obviously best, but depending upon the intensity of targeting, may not always be possible. Here is a description of a variety of wast to avoid being poisoned. First, perpetrators can poison your environment most easily if you are not present. Therefore, whenever possible, it is best to live in an environment with trusted others and keep the home occupied as much as possible.
Poisonings can occur to many sites. Food obviously comes to mind as a prime target. Foods most likely to be poisoned are those which perps have easy access to and those which TI's use often and/or enjoy immensely. Common items to poison are sugar, salt, coffee, tea, soda (including individual serving bottles), leftovers, items in jars and jugs such as milk, juice, and pickles. Below is a listing of ways to prevent common foods from being poisoned. These ways will help deter, but will not guarantee safety.
  1. Buy small sizes you can use up in a day.
  2. Repackage items into individual servings and wrap them up well. Then wrap the individual packages up as a big unit.
  3. Double bag and knot items going into your refrigerator and pantry to make them harder to access. If possible, knot them in an unusual way to detect tampering. Plastic grocery bags are good for this use, and free.
  4. Freeze whatever you can to make poisoning more difficult. For example, a package of raw chicken is harder to tamper with when solidly frozen. You might want to enclose all of your items in plastic grocery bags and knot them before freezing.
  5. Freeze all leftovers (if freezable) even if you plan on using them the next day.
  6. Do not assume individually wrapped items are safe if intact -- perps have been known to soak packages in PERC (a dry cleaning solvent), which is relatively tasteless and unnoticeable when absorbed. It is best to wrap even individual portions in small groups such as double-ziplock bags, in units of 5 or so, then putting the whole package in another container.
Yes, these measures seem extreme and are a real pain to the TI. But they are also a pain to perps! Your safety is worth the extra effort. Be good to yourself!
Certain poisons have characteristic flavors. I have experienced ethylene glycol (antifreeze) poisoning in my salt. This toxin has a sweet taste. PERC has a slightly menthol character to it. Organophosphates (insecticide chemicals used in agriculture) leave a metallic taste and a dry mouth and lips.
Other ways perps poison us is through our external environment. Water can be poisoned centrally. Try boiling your water to concentrate it. See if it develops an off-color. I have had water which appears clear out of the tap turn yellow when boiled yet still retain its clear, non-sedimented, nature. Water coming out of the hot tap may also smell odd or look cloudy. Try comparing your water to someone else's, or freshly purchase distilled water. Look at it. Taste it. Often contaminated water will boil at a slightly altered temperature, but this will require an accurate thermometer. The water will look a bit "off" when boiling as well. Sometimes the bubbles appear to move in a bit different fashion. It is subtle.
Be aware poison water can be absorbed through the skin as well, especially through palms and soles, and the face. Women are also more susceptible to this than men are. Clothing washed at home as well as showers will allow toxins to be absorbed through the skin. Dish washing or other contact will also be a source of contamination. Wearing rubber gloves when washing dishes or other household tasks is a good idea. Make sure gloves are not wet inside.
You might want to cover your plates with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to minimize contact further. Rinsing your cups and cutlery in distilled water is another method to reduce toxins. A shower or laundry at a friend's home may be occasionally needed. If you use a laundromat, do not leave your machine and do not use the same machines each time.
Toxins can be applied to surfaces. These materials are often applied to surfaces you frequently touch, such as door knobs, cabinet doors, refrigerator door handles, etc. Often, over time, these materials will etch metal. I have had door knobs and silverware etched with what I believe is PCP (angel dust) - like compound. It is hard to do, but it is best to wipe surfaces every morning before using them. Wipe all appliance knobs, door handles, faucet levers, etc. You can use white vinegar or baking soda and water, or other cleaners. Make sure your cleaners are safe, too!
I have also had greasy toxins applied to cabinets and plates. Be aware, and wash well.
Perps have placed grayish, clay-like, greasy substances (pesticides or perhaps arsenic) on rugs and in slippers and shoes. Check your shoes before putting them on, and do not go barefoot at home. Look at the rugs in front of your favorite chair or in the passageway to your bedroom.
In the laundry room I have had detergents messed with and "dryer sheets" which seem to contain PERC placed in my dryer. These sheets make the clothes smell faintly like dry cleaning. The funny thing is, I do not use dryer sheets. I do not even own them. I have never bought any. I also believe a scintillation-type material has been placed in my washer and dryer, as dryer lint has glittered. I have also noticed green residue or sometimes greasy residue in my washer's soap dispenser, indicating possible poisoning by copper and either pesticides, heavy metals, or other items.
In the kitchen, my dish soap has been contaminated. It is helpful to purchase a clear dish soap that is fragrance-free or very mildly scented. This way you can see if the color or scent is off. I have had mine "go yellow". I double bag and knot my laundry soap and my dish soap with my rubber gloves.
Perps also contaminate via air. Heating systems are tampered with. I believe my ducts have spew a white/gray toxic dust which covers everything. I have read that the NSA (which appears to be involved in my case) has "kits" to drop down ductwork.
If you feel sleepy when the heat comes on, shut it off! The effect will dissipate quickly (at least in my case) if you let the system "rest" for a half hour or so before reengaging it. I believe perps are also able to activate my heat remotely. This is often done after I go to bed. The heat would come on, even if the house was "at temperature" and I would feel suddenly very sleepy, which is not normal for me. Staying awake to "shut off" the heat is a help. If you feel strangely sleepy when the heat comes on, turn off the heat, and possibly go outside for a bit of fresh air immediately!
Another favorite tactic I have experienced is the "copper pile." A small mountain of copper crystals (like Miracle Gro) have been found under my microwave and convection toaster over. I suppose these chemicals were supposed to become airborne and contaminate either my food cooking or the air around the appliances. This substance, when subjected to a flame, burned green -- a sign of copper.
Observe your water tap! I have had experience with perps "pulsing" the tap by injecting chemicals into the water supply. If you see a strange ebb and extra-hard flow to your water, you may want to avoid using the water and let the water flow to flush it out.
TI's with gas stoves need to be aware that perps can contaminate gas lines and gas stoves. My gas line outside was tampered with. I have also seen evidence that perps unscrewed the surface burners to tamper underneath. In my case, they broke a wire. Since switching to a small electric coil stove, I have observed material spread on the coils to smoke and possibly smoking items in the drip pan. Keeping drip pans shiny clean by covering them with foil often helps detect such tampering. If smoking occurs you might want to open windows and possibly exit the house for awhile.
In the bathroom I have had evidence of poisoned toothpaste. The cap was ajar, and the inside of the cap was very messy and green and tan instead of blue. I again suspect copper. The toothpaste also tasted a bit odd. Shampoo has been been altered, and I believe a razor was permeated with toxins. Rinse your razors well, and put shampoo in small bottles. You might want to consider purchasing travel size items.
In general, it is best to take the fewest over-the-counter medicines as possible because they will further tax your stressed liver and kidneys. Occasionally they may be contaminated by perps. I have read that capsules are most vulnerable, but I have personally witnessed blister packs of tablets ruined by attempted poisonings.
It is best to keep important medications such as prescriptions supervised by keeping them on your person or in an area which is supervised. If this is not possible, make it difficult for them to get to the by wrapping well. This will make it a pain for you, too, but you will be safer for it.
When you go grocery shopping, do not leave your cart unoccupied. Do not leave groceries in the car between stops. Make your grocery list the last item of your errand list. If you usually shop at more than one grocery store, you may need to take someone with you to sit in the car while you go into the second store, or shop at the second store another day.
Habits can be good, but when it comes to foods being poisoned, habits are bad. There have been reports of foods being poisoned in-store. If you tend to purchase "Mrs. Suzy's" whole wheat bread every Friday, perps will take note of that, and may have some bread tainted and waiting. Perps work in grocery stores like any other store, and will cooperate. It is particularly disturbing to think that not only you, but also other innocent people may grab that bread.   One has to wonder how many cases of "stomach flu" are actually unintended victims getting TI's food. If possible, vary the type, brand, and day you purchase your food. The same can be said for meal preparation. Eating steak every Wednesday night may be another opportunity for a perp to target your sirloin.
Eating out may also be problematic. I have had trouble with drive-through windows (coffee), and buffets. I have actually had less trouble with very small Mom and Pop places. You may not be able to eat out. I have thought of providing a small card describing my problem. Or, you could explain to the problem to the manager. Others will hear it, perps and non-perps alike, and this will promote awareness. You might want to inform you dining companions of your plan prior to going. This will obviously not work well if perps work at or run the restaurant. Whatever you do, do NOT discuss your dining plan location aloud. Perhaps you would like to surprise your dining companion with the destination. None of these suggestions are guarantees of safety, just increasing the odds for the TI.
Poisoning can occur on surfaces outside of the home. Consider your steering wheel, tools and equipment you use, and your phone. Look for greasy or powdery substances. I have smelled cheap male cologne on the surface of my van door. (They like to sit in my car when it's cold to make a faster run to the house.) While in the van, they can be spreading toxins around.
Keeping Healthy and Restoring Health by Detoxifying
One can maximize their health, whether being poisoned or not, by detoxifying measures you can do at home. There are a variety of routes by which toxins are removed from the body: skin, liver, and kidneys are three such main routes. Each person's ability to remove toxins varies by route and by toxin. These abilities are due to age, lifestyle, and genetics. I personally believe perps have genetically tested TI's to target chemicals to their individual sensitivities, especially when multiple people live in one household.
It is important to utilize as many different routes of elimination of toxins as possible to "cover your bases." For kidneys, it is important to remain well hydrated at all times. This will help flush out poisons and limit concentrations which can damage internal organs. Water is optimal for hydration. If you suspect bad water, buy bottled, but keep it safely wrapped. Buy daily if needed. Do not assume intact caps are a sign of safe water. I have had caps carefully removed and reapplied, but evidence was noticed under the caps, or, in the case of carbonated beverages, by lack of fizz. Although soda is not good for hydration, the fizz level can be telling. Coffee is dehydrating (but understandable!). Tea is a better choice, and green tea is particularly detoxifying. Try to take good care of yourself by drinking fruit juices, water, milk, and tea. This has not been proven, to my knowledge, but I have found teas of all sorts to be most effective when consumed without sugar. However, if you really need the sugar, by all means, use it!
To assist the liver in removing poisons, a supplement called milk thistle (sylmarin) has been proven to protect liver cells and boost liver efficiency. Garlic capsules also detoxify -- buy a good supplement and follow the label. Selenium (a mineral) also is helpful, 200 mg a day. It can be purchased in health food stores. Zinc also helps, try taking about 50 mg a day. It may be a bit constipating. Vitamin C is probably one of the most important supplements you can take. The dosage should be to tolerance. A person who consumes too much vitamin C for their system with begin to have loose stools. (It is also possible to have loose stools from many other factors, of course, so common sense should dictate practice.) Taking 1000 mg of vitamin C with each meal would be good. Cilantro, an herb popular in Chinese and Mexican cuisine, can be purchased at most supermarkets by the bunch. It is excellent as a chelator, blended in a blender and taken with 1000 - 2000 mg of vitamin C. Although this can be taken anytime, it is especially good taken before bed, as the body naturally detoxifies well while you sleep. It has an odd taste to many, but most people get used to it if it is taken for awhile. Green or "regular" tea contain antioxidants and are good to help with chelation as well.
Vitamin B-12 has helped some people with memory and fatigue. In order to be absorbed properly, it needs to be a form that is easily absorbed. Unlike the other supplements discussed, this one needs to be taken sub-lingually, in other words, under the tongue. Purchase a good quality, very high potency sub-lingual tablet from a health food store or reputable mail order facility. Make sure it is a sub-lingual form. Don't be put off by the percent recommended daily allowance being so will not absorb most of what you take in. B-12 has detoxification effects as well, so if you don't notice an improvement in memory, it can still help with detoxing. You probably don't want to take B-12 indefinitely, though, as it can mask symptoms of a certain type of anemia.    
Although it may seem odd and perhaps even a bit offensive, there is a product called food grade diatomaceous earth. It is actually the skeletons of microscopic animals long gone. A half teaspoon of this product in food daily is supposed to help chelate and it also reportedly removes parasites. It is not a drug nor a herb and does not interact as such.
Another factor to consider when trying to maintain health and remove poisons is to alkalinize your body. The body is naturally slightly alkaline, but many people who are ill do not have sufficient alkalinity. As with anything, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. You want to be slightly alkaline, not extremely so. It is possible to achieve this state by eating healthy foods, especially deep green leafy vegetables. It is also suggested a person take 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water. The vinegar is acid, and soda is alkaline, but the net effect is to slightly alkalinize your system. Do not use baking soda if you have uncontrolled hypertension or kidney disease without first consulting a physician. In this case, nettle tea is a good choice, as is red raspberry tea. It appears to be most effective when taken plain. Place a heaping teaspoon of tea in boiling water, boil for a few seconds, and let steep for about 5 minutes. Most people report an increased sense of well-being when drinking this tea. It can be purchased loose or bagged at health food stores. Capsules are also available at health food stores. As with all food and supplements, try to keep them in a tamper-resistant setting.
Another method of removing toxins is through the skin. This can be accomplished several ways. The first way is by perspiring. Although unpleasant to many, sweat removes toxins efficiently. This is most effective by using a sauna, but it can be accomplished by old-fashioned physical labor and/or heat. Do not attempt this technique if you feel you have a risk of stroke or uncontrolled hypertension, as this can raise your blood pressure. Another way to remove toxins from the skin is through Epsom salt soaks. Place a few handfuls of Epsom salts in clean water and soak your feet for 10 to 20 minutes. Make sure the water is good and warm, but not too hot to burn yourself. If you have diabetes, you need to be especially careful not to burn your feet if you suffer from numbness. A bath with Epsom salts is also very helpful. Place a cupful of salts in your bathwater. The salts are for external use only. If you want an extra detoxifying "boost", have someone rub some dry salts gently on your back as you soak in the tub. Some particularly sensitive people can get diarrhea from Epsom salt soaks,but this is not a reason to stop the soaks. Cut back on the amount of salt used. 
Stress and exhaustion can give anyone problems with attention and memory. Sleep is important, and often difficult with DEW's, perp behaviors, and worries. To boost memory, try taking fish oil capsules or memory aid or attention deficit disorder pills which contain DHA, EPA, and other ingredients. These pills can be found at big box stores and health food stores. One brand of ADD chewable tablet is called Attentive Child. An adult would probably have to take a bigger dose. These supplements are good for anyone and have multiple health benefits, such as controlling cholesterol and inflammation. This may be impossible for most, but staying up all night (or having someone in the family up at night) is very helpful in preventing poisonings. In my experience, perps come out at night most often, and having an awake person limits their access. For those living alone, if possible, trying to find a trusted roommate who would be willing to stay up in exchange for reduced room and board is a worthwhile goal. The nighttime vigil also may help to prevent other forms of crime and harassment. 
Sometimes trying to incorporate new, healthy habits into our lives can be overwhelming, particularly for TI's who are already exhausted, stressed, and perhaps a bit forgetful due to DEW's and toxic substances. It is best to try to incorporate one new change into your life at a time, until the change has become a new habit. For TI's with friends and family, it may be helpful to ask a trusted source to be your new health buddy, reminding you to take your supplements, or do your Epsom salt soaks, or whatever, until you have firmly established this new habit. Once your new habit is established, try for a second habit. Try to pick the most important habit first.
Types of Poisons Used, Signs and Symptoms
Acute poisonings are often attempted using stereotypical substances. Commonly used materials include organophosphates, hallucinogenic substances, anti-psychotics such as Haldol and Thorazine-like drugs, and narcotics. Although they can be used acutely, they are often also used chronically, to "build up" in your system, to slowly poison you and perhaps cause a death which appears to be of "natural causes", often a heart attack, stroke, seizure, or kidney failure. They can also produce an acute psychotic episode or chronic paranoia which could get a TI labeled as mentally disturbed. It would not be possible to describe all the signs and symptoms of each drug, nor cover every possible drug which can be used against a TI. Additionally, there are reports of "designer drugs" which do not fall under a standard drug test and are not technically classified with an official name. Despite these shortcomings, it is possible to cover possible perp drugs in some detail.
A common drug class used by perps against TI's is organophosphates. These are insecticides used in agriculture and sometimes also used by homeowners. These are "neurointerruptors" which disrupt the nervous impulses of the body. They are very toxic in high doses and can be administered as a large dose or slowly, over time. Signs of organophosphate poisoning can vary, as they have different effects on different parts of the body which may seem to contradict each other. For example, they can cause high blood pressure, or low blood pressure. The signs and symptoms of organophosphate poisoning are numerous. Here are some of the main effects: garlic or "asparagus" smelling urine, loose stools, vomiting or gastric distress/bleeding, pinpoint pupils, sweating, anxiety, forgetfulness, difficulty breathing. Muscle weakness or paralysis can occur right away or up to several weeks after the initial episode, therefore, monitoring should occur for weeks after the poisoning occurred. It is possible to test for organophosphate poisoning via urine at specialized labs. A holistic doctor might be your best source for this testing.
Another chemical class frequently used by perps is heavy metals. This covers quite a few substances, among which include arsenic, copper, lead, and cadmium. Arsenic can be yellow, gray, or black. It can be ingested, absorbed, or inhaled. It is excreted by the kidneys. Arsenic has reportedly been placed in food, water, and other vehicles. A hallmark of chronic arsenic poisoning is peripheral neuropathy, which is numbness and tingling in the extremeness, particularly the hands and feet. Acute poisoning often produces a "stomach flu" syndrome, garlic breath, garlic smelling urine, burning mouth, GI bleeding, and drooling. Arsenic can cause organ failure, abnormal heart rhythms, respiratory failure, blood and/or protein in the urine, coma, and seizures. A more chronic poisoning can cause wart-like growths on the palms and soles, white lines on the nails, excessive pigmentation of the upper chest and arms (often in a teardrop pattern), and peeling skin. People often suffer uncoordination. These substances can be detected via a urine test after a "challenge" agent is administered (a single dose of a chelator). A blood test is not usually useful to diagnose these illnesses unless the poison was given in the immediate past. Hair samples can also be taken to determine exposure. These metals are removed by chelation, over time, with resulting improvement in health.
Another class of poisons used are anti-psychotics. Common drugs used include Haldol and Thorazine. These substances produce sedation, coordination, tripping over simple objects, shuffling, and lip-smacking. Muscle stiffness and difficulty breathing are possible with Haldol and blurred vision and difficulty urinating are symptoms of Thorazine.
PCP and related substances, which are often applied to surfaces, can cause memory issues, paranoia, eye "twitching", and behaviors which can vary from calmness to violence. A more rapid pulse and increased blood pressure are common. Sweating can occur. These drugs are designed to have people appear unbalanced mentally and to be forgetful.  
In the case of acute poisonings, the TI will have to determine if the condition warrants a trip to the emergency room. Most physician's offices will not want to try to deal with this problem and will refer you to an emergency room. If you decide to go in, try to have a supportive person accompany you. This will help you to receive better care and will lessen (but not remove) the problem of medical personnel labeling you as mentally unstable. If you have a trusted friend or family member, it might not be a bad idea to bring up the idea of accompanying you to a hospital before anything ever happens. If you believe you are having trouble breathing, you may lose consciousness, you are having chest pain, are experiencing a very severe headache, or other life-threatening condition, you ought to get to the hospital. Do not drive yourself!
It should be emphasized that many poisonings are chronic. The best way to assist yourself is prevention, the next best is to remove as much toxins as possible through daily healthy living and natural chelators as described above. Obviously, what is truly best is to stop groups from getting away with such atrocities, but barring this scenario for the immediate future, this "guerrilla warfare" technique of keen observation, careful protection of resources, and detoxification will assist TI's in their quest to preserve their health.
The above information is for educational purposes only and is not designed to replace the advice and care of your personal physician.
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