psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe


On our Web site we presented an overview of the methods of how the "special means" are applied. These methods, judging from the cases reported by the press, continue to be used, however as a result of a long term observation an insight about the existence of other, remote non-contact methods of application have emerged.

From the history of application of chemical, biological and electromagnetic weapons a concept of the combined use of these three components to achieve the destructive effect is known. This concept later transformed into the idea of regulating biochemical processes on a cellular level by subjecting the living organisms to electromagnetic radiation, causing effects similar to the use of chemical and biological agents, but requiring only microdoses of such agents, or using chemical or biological agents already located in the body in a dormant state. And then came the opportunity to do even without the agents, by using only the electromagnetic radiation to control the biochemical processes of the organism.

For example, the site posted a book review [1] reported at the Joint Symposium on Interactions of Electromagnetic Waves with Biological Systems (1987, Tel Aviv, Israel). The book reads in part that weak low frequency and radiofrequency electromagnetic fields amplitude-modulated at extremely low frequencies (ELF) can alter behavior of hormones, neurotransmitters and other molecules in body cells contributing to the development of various diseases, including oncological diseases.

One of the books which has recently appeared on the bookstore shelves [2] reported about the wave genetic weapons “active development of which is presently being carried out by certain forces” ([2], p. 269). What this means is the possibility of a transmission of a viral information package by waves with a help of a “repeater”. As a result of such wave packet getting into the human body the virus may reappear on the physical level thus causing a virus-like disease ([2], p. 289, 293). (A virus in essence can be considered as an information poison). Such a wave packet, once in the human body, is able to alter the entire course of metabolism, in particular causing the appearance of endogenous toxins, which may have been what the authors discovered having experienced “severe toxification of the organism” during the alleged exposure. The authors “were surprised to discover that behind all this were the special services, mostly Russian, but others as well” ([2] p. 105).

We decided to comment on this information: to begin with, this sort of work was indeed conducted in the USSR ([3] Kaznacheev), and later in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4], Gariaev). In particular it became possible to invoke in a living cell in a contactless manner symptoms identical to those of a viral infection. The effect is caused by the transfer of information from an infected cell to a healthy one by means of electromagnetic waves (ultra weak electromagnetic radiation) ([3], Kaznacheev, page 22, 23). According to the publication [5], the Kaznacheev discoveries are reported to be the basis for much of the Russian electromagnetic biological warfare program.

Now about the “repeaters”: this kind of generators simulating the topology and electrodynamics of the DNA molecule did exist already in 1994 in the laboratories of the Russian Academy of Sciences ([4] Gariaev, p. 3), plans were made to create ([4], p. 198) a family of bio-opto-radioelectronic and bio-axion equipment capable of simulating wave states of the genome. The possibility of non-matrix synthesis of polypeptides and polynucliotides by the wave method was also researched ([4], p. 100) (polynucleotides – DNA, RNA; polypeptides – proteins, the foundation of cells of living organisms).

Relying on our personal experience, information from open sources, analyzing the cases of applications of special means, as well as observing the bizarre picture of outbreaks of viral diseases in humans and animals in the past two decades across the globe, we consider these methods rather plausible.

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ELF-Electromagnetic Disease Transmission.

Vadim V. Baranov
Tatyana A. Baranova

 June 5, 2011

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