psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Robert Duncan discusses Mind Control Weapons on the Richard

Syrett Internet Podcast

Outside the Box #98


Dr. Robert Duncan is a former government scientist, who became disillusioned with the corruption within the US Military-Industrial- Intelligence complex. He now researches many different aspects of this corruption, including the US Intel/Military connection to directed energy weapons, and how they are being used to illegally access and manipulate the minds of the global population.

Perhaps what is most interesting in regard to the statements which Dr. Duncan makes is that there is a more clandestine side to this technology which can covertly affect the mind and behavior of a targeted person, in such a way that the person may be acting on thoughts himself, which are not even his own.

I have been saying this for the past few years, and consider this to be perhaps the most dangerous aspect of mind control technology, since unlike the physical injuries which many targets of directed energy sustain (as well as the holograms and other types of satellite projected images which they see), this covert attack on the mind occurs silently and without any trace.

Given this, any person being targeted in such ways can display a range of abnormal behaviors without having any idea that such behavior is being remotely induced. In this way people can be unwittingly manipulated into committing criminal acts, never realizing they that were in reality carrying out the commands of others which were implanted into their subconscious minds.

As a long-term target of non consensual human experimentation, I found this program very interesting. Dr. Duncan's interview takes place about half way through the second hour of the Richard Syrett program, which can be accessed at the following Websites. Given that any of you can be targeted for this technology at anytime, without your knowledge or consent, it's in your best interests to learn more about synthetic telepathy.

I had been targeted by this technology for decades, however until the controllers wanted me to know that I had been (which occurred in 2003), I had no idea that I was being watched 24 hours a day, or that my thoughts were being electronically accessed and manipulated since the time that I was all of 20 years of age. There are likely millions of Americans who have been targeted in such ways, who will abruptly learn as I did, that both their physical privacy (as well as the privacy of their mind) was destroyed by this technology and its sociopathic operators, long ago.

The term for when the surveillance of your person is made known to you is called going from covert to overt mode. Once this occurs, you will be quickly made to realize that you can be seen within the so called privacy of your own home, that your mind is being remotely read, and that no matter where you travel to you will be accompanied by networked groups of organized stalkers; those who will utilize various forms of psychological warfare in which to drive you to a state of mental instability, while attempting to force you to commit suicide. A clear indication of the diseased Orwellian society, which now exists on this planet.

Alex talks with Dr. Robert Duncan, an expert on mind control technology and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Robert Duncan summed it up, that it is a weapon of delusion/illusion and deception basically a remote electronic way to spike you with drugs disorientate/confuse/manipulate/destroy your life and well being.

"The Mother of All Black Ops"

The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Represent One Of The Worst Black Operations Ever Perpetrated. This Site Documents This False Flag Operation As Well As My Experiences With Precedent Setting Color Of Law Violations, Perpetrated Against This Author By The FBI, NSA & DHS. The Use Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network To Brain Fingerprint Americans Is Orwellian.-- James F. Marino. 


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