psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Carl Clark tells about Secret monitoring

Secret monitoring and radiation torture
by Secret Services

The history Carl Clark tells, partially takes away once breath. The Englishman describes how he has monitored and pursued people for different Secret Services and then after his escape from these services became a victim himself. He has also accompanied the application of microwave weapons then got to feel it. This criminal machination has to go to the public conscious, so that they can be stopped, he describes his motivation to come out.

Interview with Carl Clark, Norfolk, England  

Armin Gross: Want you to bring the light in the darkness? Whom have you worked for? 

Carl Clark: I have worked as a freelance from 1980 to 2003 for different Secret Services. Till 1997 I was active for the American Secret Service (CIA). Then I worked for the Israeli Secret Service, the Mossad and for the Anti-Defamation league (ADL), the US American organization against discrimination and slander of Jews. I stood also in the service of the MI5, a sub grouping of the British Secret Service. Later I changed to police Secret Service and also to the Secret Service of a research lab. My operational area was Europe: Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Munich, Madrid, Lyons, Bilbao and Moscow.

Comprehensive news service

Armin Gross: What were your major tasks?

Carl Clark: A major task was to infiltrate groups to receive information about them. I joined certain groups, built up friendship with members and helped to ruin their life.   

Armin Gross: What were those groups?  

Carl Clark: Primarily criminal gangs or drug cartels. For the Israeli Secret Service I procured information above the „Nationwide front“, a radical right-wing party, about Nazis, skinheads or Jews. Interesting for them were names, addresses, meeting places and plans. For the CIA I observed individuals.  

Armin Gross: What did you do there exactly? 

Carl Clark: I observed people for a long period, eavesdropped on their talks. I also had the order to confuse these people. Therefore I penetrated secretly into her houses, took away things or shifted one or others. I extinguished data on their computer. Or I unnerved these people, while I pursued them, appeared over and over again in their nearness, at the bus stop, in the railway station etc. Or we threaded a fight on street which takes then place before the eyes of this person and others. If somebody should be put under pressure even more or should be arrested, I also pulled certain contents on his computer as for example child-pornographic contents or a management to the production of a bomb etc. 

Armin Gross: What individuals were you attached on? 

Carl Clark: People, who were politically relevant, members of the opposition, people who operated against big companies, for example, against pharmaceutical firms. Some belonged to criminal gangs. But with two I could not recognize why they also were in this list.  

Armin Gross: How many individuals have you observed all together?

Carl Clark: In the 80th from five to six, in the 90th seven and from 2000 to 2003 three. You can see by this low number how intense the surveillance of a person within just six months was, to possibly receive the most of information about the curriculum vitae.   

Armin Gross: How have you come to this information?  

Carl Clark: About the garbage, the phone, the post, the Internet. With increasing mechanization it has become easier and easier. Today you don’t need no more bugs to monitor. You eavesdrop on mobile phones, ISDN-phones or small dish aerials. Unfortunately, also the application of microwave weapons has become very slightly moveable. Constant supervision and pursuit can destroy life!!! 

Microwaves - weapons  

Armin Gross: Have you also used these weapons? 

Carl Clark: No, I was responsible for the supervision! These were employees of special departments which did this. However, sometimes I was on site if these worked. 

Armin Gross: Can you describe more exactly how the weapon application happened?  

Carl Clark: It is a little bit like in a Science Fiction movie. People could be pursued everywhere using radar, satellite, a base station and complementary computer programs. Often, for example, three radar devices were positioned in the bigger vicinity of the person. The radar sends out electromagnetic waves, catches some again and evaluates the result. Then my friends who have worked in the special departments could pursue the person on their computer the whole day. Then this localization made it easy to use the weapons straightly. The colleagues could see exactly where they had to aim and also how the person reacts to it. 

Armin Gross: Which effects had the weapons on the people? 

Carl Clark: They could cause heat, internal burning, pains, nausea, fear. However, tracks mostly do not stay visible on the skin. If these people go to the doctor, he says, everything is alright with them.   

Armin Gross: Which aim was pursued with the bombardment? 

Carl Clark: One tries to intimidate people. I myself have been radiated for three years when I quit. I am pretty sure that during the years 2003/2004 microwave weapons were used against me, which provoked strong aggressions. At that time I almost killed somebody, once my neighbor, a nice old lady.

Attempts to drive people to insanity

Armin Gross: Do you think that it is possible today to influence the feelings straight by electromagnetic rays?

Carl Clark: Unambiguously. We know that the organism reacts very sensitively to electromagnetic radiation. Elementary life processes in the cells walk along with biogenic electromagnetic oscillation. Frequency can disturb or change from the outside these processes. There were within the scope of military research quite far-reaching attempts to influence body, soul and mind about frequency. It is possible to promote fears, aggressions, nervousness or forgetfulness in this manner. In combination with still other interventions one can make a person so mad. For example, radiofrequency is manipulated, so that the affected person hears his own name on the radio or his computer indicates his name over and over again. Also voices are sent to a person that give them thought or comment their activities. I heard, for example, in the morning after getting up a voice which said: „Get up and injure”!

Armin Gross: People are done straight in psychic extremes? 

Carl Clark: Yes, one wants to bring some people properly in the psychiatry. If an affected person looks for help and goes to the police or to the doctor, one does not take them serious. Some of the doctors and also some hospitals work together with the Secret Services. The diagnostic directives allow you to classify somebody as schizophrenic if he feels prosecuted and hears voices.  

Armin Gross: Hospitals co-operate with Secret Services?

Carl Clark: Yes, anyway. Also big companies, this is why one lives dangerous if one investigates against big companies. The American state protects big enterprises like Mc Donalds, Coca Cola, or certain pharmaceutical companies. State also supplies FBI – agents for industrial spying matters. The Freemasons from whom there are many in the CIA also play a big role in this wetting. 

Climbing out

Armin Gross: Why have you quit? 

Carl Clark: I saw that it was wrong what I have made. The last two people on whom I was attached had done nothing. They were not political, quite normal nice people, not criminal or economically dangerous. The only supposition concerning this I had hung together anyhow with the DNA or with the blood of these people. In newer time it is a lot research done on this matter. The DNA is associated with the last details of our character. The human genomes project analyzed from 1993 to 2004 all base pairs of human beings, also collected the genetic data of threatened people (human genomes Diversity Project) and compared the results. Our employers always were very keen on DNA analyses of the people whom we supervised. It always belonged to our major tasks in the first days of the supervision to organize DNA or blood analyses of these people. 

Armin Gross: You already mentioned that you got problems when you quit in 2003? 

Carl Clark: When I once drove 3000 miles by a truck at night to deliver packages, a helicopter always pursued me. When I once went along an avenue, a man attacked me and struck a blow to me. Once somebody had removed three connections from my engine, on the highway, the engine suddenly fell down. Another spot I drove a truck with three tons weight, two tires exploded suddenly at the same time. The police called, said they would have never seen such a thing. Once I was pursued driving my car for a very long time. That made me so furious, that I suddenly stopped the car, grabbed my baseball racquet and got out. The three cars behind me stopped and vanished at high speed backwards. If it had been normal people, they would have announced this to the police, however, they do not have. Then they sent me three amicable persons that should establish to spy me out. Because I knew that I was monitored, I allowed once to announce in a conversation that I will kill this person who creeps in my life. As a result he has never appeared again.  

Armin Gross: And how is it now? Do you think, you are still in their supervision? 

Carl Clark: Yes, of course. I have also found out that the Secret Service wants to know, why I have flown now to Germany.  

Armin Gross: Don’t you live dangerously at the moment?  

Carl Clark: I am ready to lead the fight against them. They also know that I know a lot about them and that I try to do something against their infringements. I have friends in special unities, people in Afghanistan and in Iraq, who support me.

Gigantic supervision net

Armin Gross: Do you know in which countries Secret Services supervise individuals and use energy weapons against them? 

Carl Clark: In the USA, Germany, China, North Korea, Russia, France, and England, normally without official knowledge of the governments there. But unofficially I think there must always be governmental people who are involved in any manner or know about that somehow. 

Armin Gross: Do you know how many people are supervised?  

Carl Clark: In England these are approximately 5000 people who are supervised and approx. 15,000 observers. Beside the big Secret Services there are another 300 to 400 small Secret Service companies who were founded by former policemen or secret service workers. They have the permission from the Ministry of the Interior to supervise, to take photos, to procure information. They pay their employees very well.  

Armin Gross: Was it a problem for you to change between the Secret Services?  

Carl Clark: No, for the new principals it was always positive because they could receive in this manner information about other Secret Services from me. Since the big Secret Services mistrust themselves mutually. I thereby earned more.   

Tips for supervision victims 

Armin Gross: Do you have tips for people who feel supervised? 

Carl Clark: It is better to avoid certain concepts in emails like mindcontrol, government etc., since the digital supervision according to certain searching words occurred. It would also make sense to find out if someone was in your flat. Before observers penetrate your flat, they often use anesthesia gases which they penetrate through the mailbox slit into the inside. Afterwards one wakes up with a metallic taste in the mouth. If cars behave suspicious, it is advisable to notice the registration numbers. One can wrap the letters which should not be seen in aluminum foil. One can check high-frequent radiation in the flat with special measuring instruments. 

Armin Gross: Do you know other Whistleblowers that tell similar stories?

Carl Clark: Not up to now. But I hope, there will step more to the public.

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