psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe


To the very honored general public

For the last 20 years I am being manipulated with criminal Secret Service methods. This concerns mainly the manipulation of thoughts and the consciousness of men by special high frequency broadcastings. The frequencies, measured by myself, had a range of 947 MHz to 2.466 GHz. According to the University of Heidelberg these frequencies belong to the biologically active HF radiation. This fully electronic repression of men is equal to psycho-terror and psychological blackmail accompanied by the heaviest nervous strains and chronic deprivation of sleep. Furthermore the electromagnetic radiation is modulated according to the cerebral frequencies of the attacked person. In this way every kind of emotion like hatred, euphoria, anxiety – can be transmitted and induced. These special electromagnetic rays efficiently hinder as well the functions of the brain and the neural axis, the vertebra, the heart, the circadian rhythm, the sexual organs, the sense of equilibrium and gravity – and the willpower of an individual.
In the end the affected person is completely ruined, mentally, physically, financially and socially.
The attempts to publicize these atrocities and to inform, are permanently hindered and denied by the authorities, like such terror of interference with the free decision-making process, the elimination of every kind of resistance, would not exist. So as to reach domestic conformity, to upkeep the ruling mechanisms, these methods are used as highly efficient weapons against the society.
As this State, by its authorities, denies these very heavy violations of fundamental rights, this as well means contempt of the law, violation of the constitution and the human rights. The German Fundamental Law, the Constitution, declares in its article 20/4 the right to resistance, if other remedies are not possible. Following this right to resistance I author this flyer against arbitrariness to inform the public. These criminal methods, applied to innocent civilians, must come to an end and therefore I ask you for your support. A striking resemblance to the processes in the so called Dritten Reich can be observed. There too, the system totally wanted to prevail and make all people obedient and available for itself, asked for blind obedience. Individuals had been expelled by and from the masses, if they didn’t tolerate and assimilate the prescribed thinking. His freedom, his sense of a human being, of humanity was thus lost.

The obliteration of the free decision-making process, of the free will by manipulated terror renders a sensible, self-determined life impossible. The ongoing, permanent manipulation of the thought processes does not stop during nighttime, and the victim is thus tormented by strange and vivid dreams in his rare sleep. One has to call these satanic possibilities of mind control, of emotion-driving, of thought-manipulation and artificial telepathy an unprecedented pyscho-torture. Of course, the right to privacy is completely obliterated - what I consider as absolutely criminal – which can be hardly estimated by non-affected persons. A total self-denial of the personality, an atmosphere of anxiety up to complete confusion should be reached.

Day in and day out, year by year, not one quiet minute. This hardly conceivable nervous strain leads to a clouding of consciousness, in a way, totally unknown to anybody, up to now. The violation of the principle of legality highlights the breach of the constitution and lets these methods and processes shine in a very somber light. One of the most important articles in the German Fundamental Law says: The dignity of the individual is untouchable”. This article finds its contradiction here in the gravest violations against the unalienable Human Rights.

Kind regards

Peter Kutza


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