psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  B. Althof

Brigitte Althof tells ...

We are hundreds, presumably thousands of people, who are cruelly tormented day and night with ray weapons. We cannot exactly define the motive and the purpose of this brutality. We suppose that these are attempts of the Secret Services, mixed with ex Stasi, securities of industrial companies and criminal groups. These criminals locate us with the help of noises, spy with radar through walls and find us with satellites, influence us with special software. They shoot directed energy straight at the big toe e.g., the knee, the heart etc... The victims cannot defend themselves they are fired at cowardly from an ambush. The "ray" hotly attacks the body, the fragile ones get dreadfully sick, dizzy, up to fainting, the victim gets violent headaches, suffer from strong convulsion, extremely painful "stabs" are aimed at the bowel, heart, head, arms, legs and genitals. A brutal torture! Our letters to Schröder, Zypries, Schily, Merkel etc. remained unanswered. This "incident" has to remain under the table! This shows clearly, how much politicians are involved in this crime. Police, lawyers a.s.o obviously have to act according their "instructions", our proofs are never sufficient! In the meantime, we hear from the Federal Office for ray protection and from the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior: “Incidents like these are known in general. Nevertheless, any help is further refused to us! Nobody thinks about torture in Germany, nobody understands in what sort of abused and neglected country he lives in, where anyone may be tormented unsanctioned, so brutally.

Indeed, everywhere in the world microwave and laser weapons are described over and over again, weapons, which are built to prepare the "maximum" of pain to the targeted person.

On how they are tested on innocent people, nobody is going to tell the world. Voluntarily, nobody will allow to be tormented so brutally. Our situation is extremely agonizing, like an extrajudicial execution, by state promoted murder!

*A: W.McCOY: Allow to torment and tormented.

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Contacts: Brigitte Althof, Untermarket 16a, 82418 Murnau


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