psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  M. Josefsberg

Madeline Josefsberg tells from Stuttgart

My name is Madeline Josefsberg, I am from the USA and have been living in Stuttgart since June 2010.  I have been stalked, drugged, and electronically harassed on a daily and continuous basis since 2002. I moved all over the U.S. and then lived in Thailand for 2 years before coming to Germany, and I was followed and stalked the entire time every place I have moved.  The "organized stalking" included my home being violated, items destroyed, my food or water being drugged so my digestion was affected and I was sick for 8 years from the drugging. The electronic harassment has been subliminal, V2K "voice-to-skull".

I came to Stuttgart at the invitation of a man I used to know 15 years ago, his name is Ingo Weig. The apartment I live in is part of a larger family house, with Ingo, his 80 year old mother, and another family living here.  They have all let me know in many ways that they are involved in the stalking. The harassment they have put on me has been continuous. There is also another man across the street who is part of the harassment. The harassment also includes subliminal harassment so that whenever one of the people in my surrounding area comes out and stares at me, just as I am leaving my house (because they have surveillance of me at all times) I also hear very faintly very hateful messages. Every person living near me is involved, and I say this after many months of observing them, they have let me know they are doing this.  I have been lied to by the police and insulted and humiliated by them here in Germany when I have tried to report this.

Also, I tried getting help from the Kriminal Polizei in Waiblingen, and they literally lied to me promising to help but kept me waiting for 4 months. I can also write the names of the Kriminal Polizei detectives who had lied to me and gave me the run around. One of them said that because I am not German they would not help me, even though I have an Aufenthaltserlaubnis for Germany.

I have to sleep with ambient noise every night or I get very bad dreams that are not natural because they are also sending me hateful messages through MEDUSA in my sleep. There are some people in Fellbach also involved. For example, I brought some boots to be repaired at a shoe repair shop, owned by some Croatians. After 7 weeks of constantly going back and back and being lied to, the boots were finally handed back to me, looking not very nice and still with some of the same problems I had before. The owner keeps trying to have a personal relationship with me, and knows things about my past before coming to Germany although I never told him.  I wrote something about him to someone else a few days ago, and the Croatian man made a small reference to what I had written.

When I was in the shop, as they kept telling me to "come back" twice a week for one month, a woman walked in and he and she exchanged the word "88" (in German--acht und achtzig) which is a code word for "Heil Hitler"--he denied the meaning when I brought it up to him.  So, this is partly the type of group I am dealing with here.  Just so you know. Also my landlord and her son, especially her son have made hints at very nationalistic sentiment, also against American power and dominance--which I have absolutely NOTHING to do with!  It's like they put me as a representation of their hate, it's really racist.  Plus I come from a Jewish heritage although I absolutely do not participate in that religion and never have. It doesn't matter, I represent a symbol to them. So this may be partly why I am being stalked and tortured, or whoever is organizing this electronic abuse has found a group very willing to attack me for their personal belief systems.

I have also been attacked personally by a German man calling himself Daniel B., here in Stuttgart. My landlord and the neighbors all participated in trying to help him make me some kind of slave. I was mind controlled by this man along with the electronic harassment and he was trying to get me to live with him so he could completely control me. It was very hard getting rid of him. He threatened to murder me a few times and admitted to being part of the stalking.

These are some recent examples of the violence perpetrated against me, as my story is very long after 9 years. My life is definitely in danger, and I would appreciate any help coming to me here in Stuttgart from any other TI's or anyone else who can help.

With kind regards


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