psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  A. Laroche

Summary about my psychophysical tortures

Brussel 9/02/2010

Andrea Laroche Rue du petit rampart 5 1000 Brussels  

Destroying people’s life by using chemical substances and radiation weapons: we all experience a complex method which destroys people with directed energy weapons, chemical methods in combination with heavy stalking and mobbing and defamation.
For 21 months I have been 24/7 attacked by chemical weapons, poison, drugs and radiation weapons, organised stalking, mobbing, stress, plots and harassment and directly and indirectly physical violence by organised crime attacks against me to destroy my life in all aspects. Slander, financial harassment, decomposition and isolation, pressure and manipulation of people that have to cooperate for this inhuman international political crime: all suffer just for one. After 21 months 24/7 of poising and destroying my body, waning of eye sight and hear sight, respiratory problems, heart pain, circulation troubles, inflammatory and allergic reactions on my whole body, etc. After the last political crime attack against me from 18/01/2010, I have been suffering up till now. The injection I received by criminal violence had two effects: drug and poison. The strangulation affected my neck so that I cannot drink, speak and eat without pain. This attack was as usual followed by organised plots, mobbing and stress against me. I have clear fact to prove this repudiation of human rights in my case and refuse of help for a hurt person after big criminal physical violence, deliberate worsening  of my physical condition also psychological tortures to make me weaker. On 08/02/2010 I suffered again from a violent injection attack. One week after 18/01/2010 my Belgian partner who supported me so much after the attack had been as I could noticed, clearly pressed by a (n) official person(s). He was extremely scared and nervous and totally changed his behaviour towards me. All my possibilities to earn some money for the use of internet, to make copies, phone calls for the publication of the criminals and their crimes have been blocked.  My request at certain help organisations to receive help by doing any kind of job has been negative. Because I am a European, originally born in Prague with German citizenship, I don’t receive any financial support in Belgium like for instance CPAS. The research I did with my ex-partner (Ex-teacher now working for one social help organisation) to find an apartment in order to have some privacy and some possibility to rest was blocked. But!! To have an apartment just for myself is also dangerous because active victims have been murdered at their private place, though officially it has been declared that they committed suicide. There is no privacy, no sleep, no rest because of stress and noise. My urgent request for political asylum in Belgium: negative result because I am a European with German citizenship. I have no financial security, no apartment and no protection.  The huge organized suffering for me wherever I go, because the ex communist state security criminals from East-Germany are internationally connected to other political (professional) criminals. The Belgian, German and international press haven’t been courageous enough till now to publish victim’s stories. I truly believe that when the international media press will continuously spread the news on this inhuman complex method, on how they destroy and kill people, that justice will take official steps to protect the population. The number of unrecorded cases of victims of this method will be of unpredictably high. But in 2010 there is a small change in the media. For instance: one of the biggest German TV- and Filmproduction made one documentary on us: victims and witnesses of psychophysical tortures of Germany (Europe). The documentary will be available from November 2010 onwards.
Psychophysical war is the biggest danger for our democracy, humanity and people’s safety. I apply to all human beings in the world to help us, to help me, victims and witnesses of these cruel methods in the fight camp, to stop and control this political mafia. As long as there is no clear official help from Justice I cannot go back to Germany because my life is not safe over there because of the centre of these crimes is situated in Germany.

The protocol of my daily tortures:

1. Since 2nd May 2008 I discovered that the criminals started poisoning me by means of chemical weapons
2. 7 May 2008 – circulation problems on the street. I spent one hour and a half on the Pestallozzi strasse in Berlin in one doctor’s practise.

3. May-June 2008 – different sufferings inclusive allergic inflammation reaction. Examination done by my doctor in Berlin.

4. 10 June 2008 – Special dry inflammation – ENT – doctor respiratory troubles, nose bleeding – Vienna Austria (Details will be given personally).

5. August 2008 – ENT doctor – Ophthalmologist – Berlin: Different inflammation and allergic reactions-respiratory problems – Examination done by my Doctor.
6. 07 August 2008: after 3 months, since the beginning of the chemical attacks from 2nd May 2008, my doctor wrote a certificate for Interpol after having received different diagnosis from different doctors all saying “cause unknown”. She made a blood test on all possibly infections, illnesses and Morbus Basedow. The results of the laboratory test were negative. To be sure, she also did a second blood test in the laboratory of another doctor. All test results were negative. Based on all these laboratory proves, she wrote a certificate on my different problems for Interpol (see certificate).
7. 24 August 2008 – 20 February 2009: India: chemical attacks, burning wounds on the full body for about 2-3 months, burning eyes, etc. (see photo evidence that prove the results of the aggressive chemical attacks on my body).
8. 24 February 2009 - till now February 2010 – Brussels 
9. 05. 04. 2009, 7. 04. 2009: Emergencies Saint-Pierre hospital Brussels Pain on the right ear with Hypoacusia – Ototis, Perforated right ear 
10. 23 April , 18 May – Examinations done at the doctor’s practise of CASU- SAMU SOCIAL : Ear suffering, inflammation, etc...
11. 17/06/2009: inflammation and allergic reaction of the organic tissue on my hands, etc.
12. 15, 17 August, 1 September 2009 - different sufferings, heartache for 1 month, inflammation, etc.
13. 26 August 2009: emergencies hospital Ceasar De Paepe – heart pain (down function 53), different inflammation – (see hospital report).
14. 24 September 2009: Emergencies Saint-Pierre hospital - bad circulation problems, physically down (tired) – (see hospital report).
15. 14 October 2009: CASU - SAMU SOCIAL – doctor consultation for extreme frozen symptoms for hours.
16. 1/10/2009: at 4pm temperature of 35 °C at 10pm 38,3 then 38,8 etc. Different temperatures kept on for 14 days and extreme frozen symptoms for 3 weeks.
17. 18/01/2010: Emergencies Saint-Pierre – after the criminal attack, violence by injection and strangulation (see hospital report).
18. 19, 20 January – 2, 4 February – consultation Samu Social – big suffering after the criminal attacks.
19. 4 February 2010 – Emergencies Saint-Pierre Hospital – big suffering after the strangulation. Stress, violence by injection (the doctor told me I had a blood clot in the organic tissue; this is the result of the big violence).
20. 8 February 2010 – Emergencies Saint-Pierre hospital – between 4.30pm and 6.30 pm because of the second violence of injection against in my back on the left side at the height of the heart.( see my declaration for more information).
21. 9 February 2010: consultation by doctor in Pavarello – Help organization – because of the injection violence – see doctor’s report.
22. On 18/01/2010 my ex-partner took with his mobile the picture of the leg on which the violence injection took place.
23. On 24/01/2010 I took 2 pictures and from the second violence by injection one colleague took a picture of my back on 8 February at 10.05 pm. You can see in both pictures from 24/01 the hematoma and on the 3rd picture from 8/02 you can see the red spot on my back.

With kind regards, Andrea Laroche


(between Hove and Deurne zuid) Antwerp Belgium    


February 26, 2010
Brussels Police Department

Dear Brussels Police: As Legal Advisor to Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, FFCHS, United States, I, our Director, Derrick Robinson, and Deborah Newhook, President of the International Association Against Electronic Abuse, IAACEA (an international organization formed for a similar mission), are requesting that you listen to Ms. Andrea Laroche’s claims and pleas for intercession, seriously. These are serious claims and we believe her life and health may be at risk. We represent a group of over 500 people in the United States who have and are, experiencing assaultive and harassing situations, similar to the ones Ms. Laroche complains of.Andrea is not delusional. These are real acts of sabotage and domestic terrorism, she is experiencing. We believe there may be a link to the intelligence agencies in the various countries (NSA in the U.S.) and an aspect may be nonconsensual human subject testing, as well as directed harassment. Often a victim may know her abuser or harasser, but in a great majority of these situations, we have realized that the victim does not know her abuser and these assaults and attacks continue. They are frightening and terrorizing in nature. We ask that you assist her and take her complaints seriously.  FFCHS and IAACEA have diligent professionals working to ensure that victims’ civil, human, and legal rights are honored and maintained. FFCHS supports Ms. LaRoche, in accordance with its mission: “to address these assaultive harassments (including directed energy weapons, DEW, assaults) and seek justice for those who are victims of harassment group activities which stem from corrupt elements of the US military intelligence and the US investigative agencies, certain defense contractors, corporations, as well as individuals and teams of private citizens.  The CIA MKULTRA hearings which were held in the 70's revealed the existence of secret experimentation programs being conducted by the government without the informed consent of the subject. After the hearings, the CIA’s official position was that it abandoned these programs. However, many are reporting a variety of effects and abuses consistent with the findings of the Church Committee investigation regarding the privacy abuses conducted by the CIA, FBI, and NSA at that time. And because of the secrecy and lack of congressional oversight during the intervening decades, the research and development of exotic technologies and surveillance technology have advanced far beyond what most Americans would imagine.” 
IAACEA, in its international work, joins with FFCHS, to plead for police and legal support for Andrea Laroche and her plight with these assaultive experiences. IAACEA’s mission is to work progressively and professionally, advocating against the use of electronic and electromagnetic (EM) technologies, used to assault and harass members of the unwitting [general] public. 
This coalition unites concerned professionals and victim groups, in: Canada - Toronto, Nanaimo, British Columbia and Ontario, the U.S. - San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, New York, Cincinnati, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC, England - London, France, Brussels, Germany and China and other countries of the world.
Two reports which might help to explain the nature and development of directed energy weapons, which Ms. LaRoche is exposed to, and complaining of, are: and Electro-Magnetic Mind Control Weapons CNN: Special Assignment 1985 found at: They effectively define these directed energy weapons (DEW).  We, as professionals, support Ms. Laroche, are very concerned about her situation, her health and her future. Both the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention Against Torture, prohibit against the type of assaults Ms. Laroche is experiencing. We ask that you provide her with the protection these laws intended for citizens of the nation states and in accordance with directives from decisions from the International Criminal Court (ICC), United Nations Criminal Court, Hague).

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call.

Sincerely, Lynn Bowne Weed
FFCHS Paralegal and Legal Advisor
New York, U.S.A.

Deborah Newhook
 IAACEA President
Nanaimo, Canada

 c/o CASU, 5, rue du Petit Rempart, 1000 Brussels, tel. of the centre CASU : 00. 32. (0)2. 537.82.70, GSM-number of A.L. 00.32 (0)492/531.782

Andrea Laroche

Verstraeten Jean

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