psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  A. Arno

Anna Arno tells...

For almost ten years, I get lethally attacked by electromagnetic radiation that penetrates the walls and that is used as a targeting weapon. First bedding and sleeping positions get exactly localized evidenced by certain sound sequences similar to the Morse code. This is followed by an attack, like a shot or electric shock impinging on the targeted part of the body. The continuous, multiple times per night repeated, attacks on the heart region caused a heart attack in 2008. The doctors could my save my life by cardiac catheterization and stent implantation. Every attack whipped the blood pressure in dangerous highs. I measured for example with a high-rate monitor in my apartment in the night of 1/24/2010 a value of 472.33 nW/m2 and the following night a value of 473.14 nW/m2 (both recorded with a camcorder). Then I tested the blood pressure. Despite the highest possible medication of antihypertensive drugs the values increased perilously. Heart rhythm disturbances and related pain held for hours after the attack. Another target is the head. It used to be the back of the head above the middle cervical vertebrae, now it is the right temple. Drilling headaches, ear pain, loss of balance, confusion and numb spots on the head are the result. By continuously attacking the joints (knee, ankle, elbow, hips and shoulders) pain, bruising, hematoma, and even deformities are caused what in longer term leads to a runaway wear out, medically diagnosed as "osteoarthritis". In summer 2009 an attack caused two broken bones: I was sitting at the table after meal in the afternoon and slept overtired for a few minutes. Suddenly a shot hit the right upper arm and a second the left ankle. The fracture of the upper arm was treated conservatively because of the near heart attack just in time, also I was in plaster on this left leg for weeks and my moving ability was significantly reduced. These violations are documented by photo (Appendix2). I have listed more symptoms, which I do not want to explain in detail.  Extremely amazing to me was the comparison of this "symptom bundle" with the reports of other victims, which have been compiled by the "Association against the abuse of psychophysical weapons" on the Internet. The symptoms of an affected person in their combination are easily recognizable for others. Also the methods of operation match amazingly: In stalking type operations victims are followed in holidays, removals, visits, overnights in the hotel and other flight movements. They try to rent directly adjacent or above lying rooms.  The operation methods to me seem extremely time- and cost consuming. The malicious attacks, often accompanied by acoustic signals mainly take place when the victim just felt asleep - let it scare up abruptly. This is repeated several times per night. Sleep deprivation, with its devastating effects on psyche and body is part of the torture. The sequence of torture is systematically planned: the intent to kill is, in my view - clearly recognizable. After my heart attack they followed me to the rehabilitation and sighted intensively the already damaged heart. Of course, affected first tend to inform the police. By own admission, the police officers never heard of criminal offenses of this kind. Even, as in my case, documents properly have been filed police hardly ever investigate suspicious persons or facts. In fact, the tone of Police officers with victims concerning general electromagnetic terror is characterized by ignorance and arrogance.  Any investigative activity or assistance will be refused at the outset with the formula: "I've never heard of!" In summary, electromagnetic torture injures blatantly human dignity and the right to physical integrity. The interception and monitoring practice is against the law to the inviolability of the home and privacy. The systematically constructed torture violates fundamental rights and the Convention on Torture of the UN. The injured are disclosed from the labor force and are, in addition to their physical ailments, pushed ahead character assassination, social exclusion and psychiatrization. In addition, the refusal of the police to initiate criminal investigative activities and to investigate reasonable suspicion, like in other offense cases, is a clear violation against the principle of equal treatment. This technically trimmed, new kind of terror with their violations of fundamental rights risks scarily the basics of our democratic system.

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