psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Family Shuh

Attack in Germany

Report of body harm

Yesterday on 9th of November 2008, around 22 o’clock, in Stutensee, an unknown man had attacked and bashed me several times in the face. I had gone to the mailbox to insert a letter. On the way back an unknown man approached; he had gotten off his car and immediately came over standing in front of me. He told me that he searches Stein-street which does not exist in Stutensee. When I responded that I do not know this street, he bashed me in the face three times. The last and heaviest punch knocked me down and I was lying on the road beside the pavement for a moment. Because I had not expected the bashes I could not defend myself against this attack. It was raining and when I stood up the man disappeared fast. He still shouted to me that if I do not stop we will meet again.

Me lower lip is opened up, my right cheek and my head got contusions and I had heavy pains subsequently. On the cheek I have a swelling, blue and green spots and this part of my face is very swollen. The perpetrator was big and strong, but thin, about 185 cm tall, bold in the front of his head, had dark hairs and wore dark coating and trousers. He spoke with Bavarian accent. Because of the shock and the punches I could not notice the licence number of his car.

I suppose that he had waited for me, because he knew exactly, that I pass there at this time. But who could he know? I suppose that my activity in the association is the reason. The perpetrators are very disturbed and aggressive about my work. I add a medical certificate which attests my injuries. I will publish this attack everywhere and the police will forward my report to the persecutor.

Mrs. Shuh

Stutensee, 10th of November 2008

Tortures in Germany

Note about the torture and the electromagnetic terror against me and all members of my family.

 Ladies and gentlemen!

From the first days on of our residence in Germany , we had strange events and occurences in our apartment.The television set, our washing machine started to vibrate. Telecommunication was often disrupted , strange voices and undefined noises in the telephone. All members of our family began to feel an influence, an exposure to an unknown source , which caused us strong pains and many other problems. Me, personally, I felt a strong irradiation of my brain, ears, neck, heart, stomach, kidneys, spine, abdomen and genitals, legs, hands and shoulders.

But other internal organs and other parts of the body were also exposed. The exposition to this irradiation caused nausea, vomiting, insomnia,  itching and skin irritation, as well as pictorial and auditory hallucinations (voices)  in my head. These voices awoke me at night and motivated me to go to the woods or to the river. Consequences of these exposures were strong and sometimes unbearable headaches. Sometimes I even lose consciousness, I faint. Often I have a strong pain in the neck and in the ears and in the evening I feel a severe burning in the head and in the temples.

In 2002 I had a very great problem with the spine, and I was temporarily paralysed. Now I  often have  swollen hands and feet, pains with spasms in the stomach, pain in the kidneys, in the heart, pains in the thigh and in the genital area. Sometimes I have asthma – like suffocation,  dizziness, vomiting, and a sharp decline of eyesight and hearing. I hear  only 20%, and the physicians can not find any reason for it.  Medical  doctors performed all the necessary tests and analysed blood and urine. Blood and elevated levels of protein were detected in my urine. The leucocyte count was permanently very high in my blood. A hyperfunction of the thyroid gland and a tumor in my breast were also detected. My husband, too, steadily complained of some sort of irradiation of the brain and his internal organs. The exposures to these irradiations caused strong headaches, pain in  the hip, the nausea, vomiting, spasmes, weakness,   nose - bleeding,  diminution of eyesight. Later at a medical inspection of my husband, the physicians found skin cancer. Also, my eldest son, sensed an exposure of the brain and the internal organs. As a result of these exposures to irradiations followed strong headaches, memory-losses, allergies, nausea, spasmes, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness,  pains in the kidneys and in the bladder. There are tumours of the skin in the form of birthmarks, which have to be removed surgically each year.

Also my youngest son has the sensation  to be exposed to irradiations of  his brain and internal organs by someone he can not see. As a result of these exposures he also suffers from very strong headaches (before usually graphic and auditory hallucinations start and he loses consciousness, faints), the pain in the abdomen, spasmes, diarrhea and problems with eyesight.The pains were such that pain killers and analgesics do not help. Several times we tried to move , so as to get rid of this exposure andthe pain, but  failed. Doctors were unable to ascertain the cause of the sickness. I wish to draw your attention to the unusually high frequency of accidents mostly road accidents, which occured to the members of our family after moving to Germany: In 1993 our eldest son Sergey fell under a tramway.

In 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006,  - we constantly had car accidents. In 1998 Mrs. Schulze from Warburg  run over my son with her car on his way to school, and fled afterwards from the scene of the crime. Also in 2006 - Mr. Ruber from Grötzingen tried to run down my younger son with his car. From the media and from the scientific literature, we know that during many years in various parts of the world " Non-Lethal Weapons" were being developed and secretly tested on unaware humans for military purposes. Most of them are based on irradiations of electromagnetic energy or ultra-and infrasound. These technologies allow as well the control of consciousness, of the mind and allow the surveillance of humans, of controlling their intellect. Such experimentation with electromagnetic fields and humans were already started by Nazi German doctors and scientists in concentration camps and successfully continued till today. These experiments are kept secret and performed under the control of the German special services. We consider our whole family to have become a proving ground for these secret services, everyone of us is one of their guinea pigs..

Unfortunately we have no direct evidence of these experiments, but we precisely know, that we are not alone. In Germany live thousands of victims of electromagnetic terror, who complain to the law enforcement agencies (police, criminal police, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Internal  Affairs, the Office of the  Public Prosecutor ). Unfortunately, the law enforcement  always rejects our complaints or do not even  take them into consideration. Therefore, we need your help. We do not lose hope, that eventually the truth will triumph, tortures and experiments will stop and also the criminals will get the deserved punishment.

Sincerely Mrs. Shuh, March 18, 2007

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