psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  B. Jaccard

Mind control on medical practitioners
They are brainwashing medical practitioners for that I don’t receive help.They are controlling them, not to speak out what they can see, but to say the opposite: “Everything is fine, there is nothing”. They are brainwashing them for that I have to die.
Other cases:
I have clear symptoms of severe uveitis and startened retina detachment - lost 60 % of my sight in only 4 months. Left without treatment. They are implanting them idiotic phrases like: I cant see anything in your eyes- It is normal in your age – They are completely healthy - I don’t know why you have lost sight etc. When I show the MRT-picture of my eyes where you can see that one eye has become smaller, they say: “I can t see it”. This is severe psychoterror – but it is much more than that – it is physical injury by not giving medical help. I have been left without medicine for my heart even meanwhile my heart has developped a heart failure throughout the torture from 2006 until today, 2012– my veins are coming out on the neck and I have water in my legs, which is a typical sign.
2006 I had found out that that I could be observed my flat. At that time I didn’t know how this all could happen, I had no idea about psychotronic-satellite-brainweapon-technology. A public hunt with stalking, harassment, threats and provocations had begun. They were controlling people to stalk, offend, provoke, attack me, 30, 60, 90 times a day, each day. The psychological blackmail began, while my neighbour about me got up suddenly daily with me at 4 o’clock in the morning and opened at the same time the shutters. I went in bathroom, neighbour followed, went to toilet and was pissing loudly into the WC, what he never did before. Now he started wearing shoes and I could hear every single step. He started stamping on the ground. Each time when I was meditating, exactly the moment I sat down, neighbours began to make noise (clapping the door, running down the stairs, shout, put music on etc.) for exactly the duration of my meditation, then they stopped and it was quiet again. People, in the beginning only men, waylaid for me before the house and pursued me then a piece. Then on the next corner stood the next one and thus it went the whole day, all the same where I went. Employees at the post office, supermarkets, pharmacies, seemed to expect me and grinned at me. Before nobody had taken notice of me. Now people looked at me quite directly at me although I was in a crowd of people, queue, in the coach, train, they fixed me accurate targeted. Wherever I appeared, one seemed to expect me. Did I go to the postoffice the employees caught in to grin if they saw me. Their malicious pleasure became greater and greater. All the same where I went, where I could make purchases before anonymously, now I seemed to be known. I did not understand how this could happen, but it happened and it pulled away the ground under my feet. I lost 7 kg in short time, had strong loss of hair and my thyroid knots strongly grew. Every day, since 2006, this is happening to me 30, 60, 90 times a day: People are fixing my eyes agressively and hold it for seconds. I ride my bike, someone is running from the sidewalk directly into me, and is fixing my eyes – I have to slow down not to create an accident. People having mocking glances at me. They look with contemptuous glance on my shoes. I ride my bike, someone opens his car door at the very moment when I drive by. At the supermarket, standing in front of shelf, someone comes and and picks out a product directly in front of my face. The person is controlled having joy. If I let myself be distracted by them, they are controlled to be very friendly – when I turn back to myself they become agressive and come to offend me. They even follow me through the whole supermarket. In front of my window driver is playing with his carengine for seconds to make noise, meanwhile he is looking to my window with glee. I can see it through my stores. Neighbour who is living up above me stamps on the ground, often directly over me, kitchen, bathroom, livingroom. 5 times I moved to another citiy where I thought to be free. Unfortunately it all went on like that. Even in the airplane, in Thailand and New Zealand, the same procedure – their torture could also take place there.
Physical torture
The torture may be increased in intensity – from light to medium and to strong.  

Heartrate speeds and slows down, heart rhythm disturbances, stitches, pressure

  • Severe breathing problems
  • Blurred vision, stings into my eyes, contraction of my eyemuscles, flashes of light, burning, extreme dryness, constant inflammation.
  • Stitches into my body: face, head, stomach, sexual organs, fingers…
  • Muscle: Cramps, spasms, tension
  • My voice becomes more and more hoarse, my vocal cords hurt, without that I have a cold. My throat is constantly soar. I’ve been singing so much - they took one of my greatest joys.
  • Extreme headache, overheating without reason, my veins are coming out of my front, and numbness, swimming of the head
  • Anal and vaginal rape
  • Circulatory disturbances – cold nose, hand, feet; hot and cold flashes
  • Ears: Sounds, tinnitus
  • Tickling on different parts of the body
  • Disruption of thoughts and concentration
  • Reactiontime slowed
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Attacks of extreme fatigue
  • Swimming of the head 
Smells of cigarette, perfume, garbage, fuel can appear in different intencities, even my windows are closed. From one second to the other my room is getting cold, sinking down to very low temperatures, in summer as well as in winter. Putting on my heating doesn’t help, I have to wear my winter coat.
Mind control
They know what I think, what I feel , what I see. 
24 hours every day and night, second by second, my brain is manipulated for the purpose of distorting my personality, my authenticity, to cheat me, to terrorise me. Emotions are generated, my opinions and decisions are manipulated. They slow down my reactions, produce severe concentration problems and absolute dullness in my head. If with the greatest effort, I try to sharpen my mind, they almost suffocate me. It’s about taking away the clarity of my mind and to inflict the greatest pain that you can do to me. Their mind control torture is much more painful than the severe physical pain they cause me. I hear no voices, but there are thoughts entering into my right side of the brain. It is as if someone would speak to me but without sound. They can appear as male or female“voices” and even as my own “voice”. They can be very subtle, but also appear very clearly. I get thoughts and comments transmitted in English, German and French. Increasingly, the transmissions are in English. Thoughts are commented simoultaneously and even before they are conscious to me. They are commented by thoughts and by physical torture – I get transferred songs and pictures as well. When they began to transfer thoughts, the first words were whore, cunt and manchurian candidate. At this point I had no idea what that meant. I didn’t know, by which technologies they could see me, nor did I know what is a manchurian candidate. It was only through my internet research I’ve seen more and more clearly, I became increasingly aware of how much they manipulate my brain and since when this was taking place..
They “communicate” with me, answer my questions, even admit that they are from the CIA . 
Comments on my behavior and thoughts:
If I manage to focus my mind in spite of the torture and pain, again and again, come threats, such as: “You’re living dangerously”, “we are getting angry,” “do not provoke us” or “we fuck you” and simoultaneously I get a strong torture in the vaginal area. There are also angry screams which I do not perceive it acoustically, but as thoughts and feelings that they transfer to me. I think, for example: “In a moment I’m taking a bath”, or “I will have a delicious tea”. Immediately I get my respiratory organs tortured and get a transfer: “No, do not do that, I do not want that you’re all right!”. 
I had a critical thought about the U.S. – immediately an angry comment in English was: “Damn, she is critizising our country, this hore”.
I gargle with chamomile tea, because I have a sore throat – comment:“Are you mad? We can choke you”. I don’t react further and gargle, now I feel a strong pressure at my throat, as if I’d be strangled.
I think: “I will meditate soon” – then I do something different, here comes: “I thought you were going to disappoint us.” 
While I meditate, my respiratory organs are tortured very much, I get hardly any air. I continue to meditate, focus on my breath, here comes: “Bad Girls have to be punished” and synchronously I get a choking sensation on my throat.
I think: “A few months ago they let me meditate”, there is: “Well, it is over now, rabbit.”
They delete feelings in me, and transmit feelings that do not belong to me: I have feelings of joy or tears come to me, it is wiped out in less than a second. If I comment with silent words: “Now feeling xy is implanted”, they stop immediately and I am in my original, neutral nature. I try not to react to them, but to control it, they torture my respiratory system severly. They create inappropriate feelings, feelings that I would not have in the situation and which are exactly the opposite of what I usually feel: They generate in me feelings of solidarity and fascination towards them. At the sight of suffering or violence of others or my own, they generate fascination and joy. Aversion, fear, panic against persons, events, sounds are generated in my brain and body. The connection between the emotion and the event/person is completely out of logic and has nothing to do with me nor with the person or the event. For certain key stimuli that they have used since 2006, for example, car engines, when someone coughs or sings and much more, they create fear, even panic. These feelings are stimulated in my brain and body, it feels so real, but they do not arise out of myself, but are generated by their weapons. So I try to relax and the result is that I get tortured on my breath severly, my belly gets stiff, my chest gets compressed and I don’t get air. If I have sadness or joy they are extinguishing this emotion inbetween 2 seconds. They are influencing my dreams, are creating emotions of sadness and disappointment, are creating false stories with family and people I knew. They are disrupting my ability to think, slowing down my reactions, and creating extreme weariness. People around me can repeat verbatim my immediate thoughts.
Some of the thoughts, they are intoducing me:
  • We are torturing your mind
  • Manchurian candidate
  • We have taken away your ability of selfdefence
  • We will kill you Leia, you can’t escape
  • Hand in hand we go to death, but we will remain alive
  • We will torture you until you dy
  • We have destroyed you, you whore
  • Begging for help – you can t escape us
  • You have a gordius body, but this body will soon be dead
  • We have destroyed you, you whore   

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