psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  To President Donald J. Trump

Memorandum on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance Covert US Military/Intel/Justice Physical Mutilation of the Population EMF Weapons, Neuro-Weapons, Bio-Terrorism, & Organized Stalking.

25 January 2017

To President Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. President, we unite in asking you to act to terminate immediately the ongoing covert programs of Electronic Warfare and COINTELPRO-based domestic terrorism that are currently being run by the US Intelligence agencies, US Military, US Homeland Security, and their contractors in the name of Electronic “Surveillance” and National Security against the American population. As you enter this office for the first week, it is possible the Deep State and unelected shadow government that apparently hovers behind all those elected to the government of the United States will present these covert programs to you as normative Intelligence and surveillance activity necessary for the preservation of National Security.

As Intelligence analysts, human rights activists, advocates, whistleblowers, writers, scientists, victims, and highly productive and accomplished members of society with varied science, arts, and humanities backgrounds in critical thinking, systems analysis, engineering, education, healthcare, law, and Intelligence, we are here to inform you otherwise: These are NOT normative Intelligence and Surveillance activities.

Using the deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare, these are organized Terror programs, committing the most horrific crimes and human rights violations, causing grievous bodily harm to countless numbers of innocent citizens. Surveiling and assaulting neither terrorists nor spies but the best and brightest, most productive, and most accomplished Americans, as well as whistle-blowers and activists, these programs seriously destabilize our civil society, are at risk of irreversibly degenerating the economic output of our country, and have already become our most shameful export abroad.

Situation On the Ground in Continental USA Thanks to the trillions of dollars poured annually into Covert Operations funding, the carte blanche given to Intelligence and Military agencies, both pre- and post-911, and the convenience of classification and concealment of all manner of dubious activities as necessary for National Security, fraud, waste, and corruption at the highest levels of Government is now endemic. Corrupt factions in Intelligence agencies and in Military departments are now openly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in acts of direct enmity against the American people.

In the name of the War on Terror, a superior trafficking operation has been unleashed by the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA on American citizens: Current military and Intelligence directives (5240.1R, the NDAA, EO 12333, and the CIA’s AR 2-2) together permit the US military to detain citizens indefinitely, and to use those Americans “under surveillance” for experimentation purposes. This is used for an outright, public enslavement and torture of a large fraction of the US population. The creation of Joint Targeting operations, Fusion Centers, Regional Information and Sharing Systems (RISS) programs with privatized Intelligence centers, as well as “Community Policing” and “Neighborhood Watch” initiatives have permitted a network of immoral and depraved operatives from Law Enforcement, the Intelligence agencies, and the military, using the guise of “national security” to conduct financially rewarding no-holds-barred human testing for the pharma, surveillance, and weapons industries, as well as to live out their personal sadism and depravity. It is a telling characteristic that the victims of these crimes are 70-80% women. The sex ratio is indicative of sexual violence and war crimes. Meanwhile, an ever increasing army of civilian, quasi “Law Enforcement” personnel, sometimes taken from the dregs of society, is being trained, round the clock and used in set-up 24/7 operations, on those innocent Americans being targeted.

In the name of the War on Terror, and masquerading as necessary Electronic Surveillance, condoned and orchestrated by US Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice, the most deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare are being routinely used on civilians under so-called surveillance inside their own homes including: directed-energy and microwave weapons, infrasonic and ultrasonic weapons, military radar weapons, neuro-weapons,infections with biological or synthetic self-replicating nanotechnology agents (“smart dust”) that aid the readout of brain activity. These are military weapons of war, designed to incapacitate, degrade, and destroy human organs, nerves, bodies, and brains; they are further being used inhumanely, in non-stop, 24/7 scenarios of attack.

In addition, CIA/DIA/DARPA/NSA agents also run covert interrogation exercises, mind control operations, and behavior modification programs (extensions of MK ULTRA and the original Nazi death-camp experiments) on their brains. A vast apparatus of sophisticated stealth Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence equipment carried on planes, drones, helicopters, satellites, cell towers, ground-vehicles—and involving the complicity of all Intelligence agencies, such as the NRO, NGSA, and Federal agencies such as the FAA and NASA is being used for this purpose. Those being hit with Electronic Warfare weapons are also being subjected daily to COINTELPRO actions or “Zersetzung”—organized stalking, crowding, mobbing, obstructing, brighting, flashing, noise harassment carried out by the FBI’s Infragard, as well as US Neighborhood Watch groups. These are joint US Military and Intelligence programs of domestic torture, hidden under cover of biometric surveillance, physical surveillance, and electronic surveillance by a cynical and corrupt Homeland Security/Department of Justice mechanism, which has permitted the use of cover-story labels to conceal the use of violence on American citizens.

In the name of the War on Terror, in 2017, American neighborhoods and communities have been transformed from calm, peaceful, and neighborly communities into predator vs. prey, i.e. divided holdouts of covert spying, snitching, Electronic Warfare, smear campaigns, and studied COINTELPRO attacks on neighbors, planned and coordinated through federal government-sponsored intelligence, information and command centers at the national and local levels, such as the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS), the U.S. Department of Justice, and the network of Fusion Centers. At core of these attacks are the innocent Americans being wrongfully targeted and defamed as extremists, terrorists, spies, enemy combatants: often the most upright in communities, people of conscience and community spirit, integrity and accomplishment, entrepreneurship and creativity, innocence and impeccable character, people targeted not for their potential for criminality but for their innate power as attractors and disseminators of positive community influence. The coterie of criminals from inside the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA and local Law Enforcement and RISS centers involved in these programs openly lie in neighborhoods to name these innocents terrorists or spies, open investigations on innocents, start slander and defamation campaigns on innocents, and then corral whole communities into helping them surveil, spy, sabotage, and slander them, under threat of high fines and jail time.

By these means, whole lives are destroyed: employment is sabotaged, lies are circulated, and families are torn apart. Neighbors become collaborators and complicit when they let Electronic Weapons operators freely enter their neighborhoods and homes, using their driveways and properties to install antennas and conduct tracking operations. Collaborators are paid handsomely and bribed with home renovations, new cars, and tickets to luxury holidays and ball games. They are also trained in the operation of certain equipment, including cell phones to direct pulsed radiation attacks, which they now turn on their innocent neighbor. This rewards and entrenches corrupt behavior in a manner that will utterly splinter and disintegrate our society for decades to come. Worst of all, this system of routine horrific abuses has developed a life of its own whereby ever more vindictive acts are committed and the perpetrators on the ground take free licence to do whatever they like at the expense of economically productive members in our society. Their excesses include electronic rape.

Psychiatry has been roped in as political tool to subjugate those reporting these programs by naming them delusional, a verdict that Law Enforcement and CIA-controlled media then run with. It must be stressed that the national silence on this issue as well as the distortions of reportage we see in mainstream-media mention of “Targeted Individuals” who report abusive surveillance programs is directly related to the vampiric control of major media that the CIA exerts, and their deliberate promotion of deception in coverage, in order to keep these violent, mutilatory programs of Electronic Weapon use on citizens clandestine and concealed. Corruption at the levels of Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice, and the use of weaponized psychiatry combined with indiscriminate smears and slander of the victims has prevented the situation from being remedied. A Public Scandal Of International Proportions. This has now become a proliferating and self-perpetuating industry of premeditated, systematic mutilation of some of the most productive members of our society. By getting rid of people of conscience and integrity, whistleblowers, and activists in communities—through these extreme means of public torture and humiliation—it appears that the covert operators in Intelligence and military agencies running these programs seek more and more to create docile, deceitful, and pliable populations, people who will believe the official lie, people who will turn on their own friends and neighbors, people who will assist in stoning the innocent to death.

The extent and sadism of these deliberate bodily and brain assaults—which essentially involve the use of military weapons of war on peaceful, non-combatant, unarmed civilians, peacefully residing in their own country–amount to crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the American people. And sadly, these Nazi death-camp programs of torture have become USA’s most prominent export along with our bombs, missiles, and drones. To the disgrace of all Law-Enforcement, victims have been pleading for support publicly on social media for years. By now, the situation has gone beyond a disgrace and has become a public scandal of international proportions that is threatening the stability of our societies. Without a doubt, this problem is destroying the best and brightest in our nation and will inevitably affect the economic and creative capabilities of the US. This already sets us back in the race with other nations and seriously exposes the US to the danger of a hostile takeover.

Silent Holocaust Taking Place Inside the US Please see attached here:

1) The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report (Based on “The Torture Memos” and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified “Torture Report”) By Robert Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

2) NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart’s succinct summation of what has happened to America today: Under former President Bush and now continued under President Obama, what apparently started decades ago as illegal and clandestine programs of experiments on human subjects, such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA, has resulted in the proliferation of Defense Contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others, making secret agreements with Federal agencies such as DOD, DIA, NSA, DHS, etc., to allow them and related laboratories and universities to expand inhumane experimentation programs such as illegal experiments for Directed Energy Weapons on unwitting and non-consenting American citizens.

The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA. This allows them to engage the Military and Law Enforcement in either the active harassment and torture of individuals illegally targeted for fraudulent cause, or it gives the Defense Contractors carte blanche to commit criminal assault upon innocent citizens while demanding (unconstitutionally) that Police stand down and do nothing to help their victims. Please read the full statement here.

Please Act Now To Stop These Crimes Against Humanity in the USA and Worldwide!

To stop these crimes against humanity we, the undersigned, request that you immediately: Stop all of these surveillance, testing, and experimentation programs.

Stop and revoke all mandates permitting the US military to test weapons on citizens.

Repeal and revoke all civil and military directives which permit non-consensual experimentation on Americans.

Call out the National Guard to confiscate all portable EMF-weapons and radar/sonic/scalar surveillance devices, and haul off to prison anyone – including Feds, law enforcement, etc., found with them as they violate many many sections of 18 USC in regard to weapons of mass destruction.

Freeze all programs of surveillance being run by any and every agency in the DOJ and Homeland Security apparatus.

Force the open publication of the list of names of all people who have been targeted with organized stalking, EMF and neuro-weapons by agencies at the federal, state, and local level for the past thirty years.

Compel disclosure of the medical parameters of these classified, covert, special access surveillance and torture programs from all Universities and research institutions, all Defense and Intelligence contractors, departments, and agencies.

Compel disclosure to each victim of his/her file containing what experiments have been conducted, what has been injected or implanted, what nanotechnology has been administered, and provide immediate, fully-compensated medical help in scanning/implant removal, radiation-damage treatment, & taking other medical/health measures against the long-term consequences of these crimes.

Fully re-imburse to victims all medical costs and family funeral expenses sustained during the course of these torture programs, and plan to provide continuous compensation for all victims’ health expenses until death.

Cut funding for all surveillance programs currently being run on named American citizens.

Cut all covert operations funding for any and every agency, in particular the CIA.

Compel mainstream media to fully and openly detail these programs of torture on citizens. Root out all personnel employed in these programs, starting from the top.

Set in motion a Congressional investigation, to fully uncover and disclose details of these programs.

Dismantle all agencies and military groups whose record shows shameless participation in these crimes against humanity.

Work closely with your counterparts and with agencies abroad to ensure the same results of restoration of human rights and freedoms, worldwide.

These crimes against humanity need to be stopped if the United States of America wants to retain its national resilience and keep the goodwill of its partners worldwide.

You have an opportunity today to set right many historic wrongs. Much is made of America’s history of slavery. Yet this reality on the ground today shows us, that with the stealth weapons of Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare, slavery has entered a new phase.

You have said: “There should be no fear — we are protected, and we will always be protected. We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.…

We will make America safe again.” – President Donald J. Trump, Inauguration Day Address, 1/20/2017 But there are NO laws on the books today in the USA—land of the free and home of the brave—to prevent non-consensual experimentation on humans. Americans today are enslaved and are exporting this medieval travesty into every corner of the world. Your children and grandchildren are just as much at risk as ours.

Please act today to put an end to these horrific, shameful crimes against humanity which are tearing apart our society.


Ramola D, USA Author, Journalist, Activist

Karen Melton Stewart, USA NSA Intelligence Analyst,

Ret.Dr. Katherine Horton, Germany Particle Physicist,

Systems Analyst Ricardo Camilo López,

USA Theoretical Physicist, Math & Science Teacher,

Paul Baird, LLB, Australia Human Rights Advocate Eyerly Felder,

USA Human Rights Activist, Foster Parent,

Podcast Host and Journalist Rosanne Marie Schneider, USA

Author of “Surveillance, Torture and Control in the Modern World” Regis Burke, MSW, USA

Leo E. Garcia, USA Teresa Bender,

R.N., ASN, USA Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Phi Theta Kappa member. Service connected disabled veteran of USAF, 1989-1993. Honorably discharged. Served during First Gulf War. Interviewed by news media in West Virginia. Video on YouTube link: “Adult Bullying, West Virginians speak out”. Also participated in Targeted Individual awareness video titled “Targeted Individuals, A Plea for Help”, filmed in NJ in 2014.

Robert I. Walker, USA

Human Rights Activist, Vietnam Veteran, Christian Seth Farber,

Ph.D., USA Author, Psychologist Gregory A Mann, USA

Former Marine, Retired Dept. Of Defense Combined service 27 years. Whistleblower. Margaret Zawodniak, RN, BSN, USA

Amy L, USA Licensed Massage Therapist Joseph Quevedo,

B.S. Intern. Business, USA Certified Logistics Technician Mariana Maritato M.S., CCC-SLP, HC,

Poland Herman Winston, USA

US Army Veteran, Ex-Police Officer, Mechanic Dr. Millicent Black, USA

Refuge From the Storm Church, Columbia, TN Pastor,

Activist, Researcher Tracy A. Wellons, USA

Biomedical Research Scientist Kenneth Peartree, USA

Senior Master Sergeant, US Air Force (Ret.) Virginia Sealey, USA

Louisiana State University graduate, Health and Physical Education. Commercial Real Estate Broker (Ret.) Captain Gary W. Kassbaum M.M.,

Canada Senior Regional Investigator – Marine, Transportation Safety Board Alec Devere Rafter,

NYU Graduate, B.F.A., USA Actor, Writer, Musician Ben Colodzin Ph.D., California, USA

H-SCADA profiler (Human-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems) for targeted victims Paul Grigun, USA

Thomas A. Dickey, USA U.S. Army, Retired Mr. Robert Vincent Leaf, USA

HVAC Technician, App.Mike Patrick, USA

Mandi (Deedee) Durrence, USA

Self-Employed, Construction, Farming Barbara Hyseni, USA

Sergeant in the US Air Force Christian Ordained Minister Geri Kemp,

BS in Business/Finance, MPA, USA Certified Business Official, Educational Facilities Planning, School Business Management (Ret.) National Youth Equestrian Program Organizer Denise S. Pompl, USA

Donna Stanley, USA Mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, American, Retired Corrections Officer Lori Tolbert-Carroll, USA

Charmaine Thomas, USA Guy Potter, USA

35-year victim Ms. Maura Sheehan, RN, BSN Rochelle Jones, USA

Ordained Minister, CA Juanita Hardnett, GA, USA Sherri M Guarnieri, USA

Edith Diane Schutza, TX, USA Michele Kimbrough, USA

Retired, Department of Corrections Kola Boof Award-Winning Novelist and Television Writer Bonnie Hunt, USA

Retired Comm. College Instructor, College Lecturer, and HS Teacher, MBA, MS, CPA (Inactive)

Jeaneine M. Heaney, USA

Christian Arlene Johnson BA, MLS, USA Publisher/Author |

Cathy L. Wright, M.S., CCC-SLP, USA

B.A. in English, B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, M.S. in Communication Disorders.Speech-Language Pathologist. Whistleblower. Angela Farrell, USA - BS, Psychology, BSW from West Virginia University. National Sales Award 2005, 2008. Pharmaceutical representative. Currently: Yoga , aerobic and Silver Sneaker instructor YMCA. Health and wellness instructor.

Mrs. Sherri A. Marquis, AA Business, BA Legal Studies, MS Mgmt, RI, USA - U.S. Navy Journalist – 12.5 years, honorably discharged with service-connected disability.

Dept.of Defense (Navy, Army, Marine Corps) Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer, GS-13, 8 years, WHISTLEBLOWER Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems (Orlando) and Missiles and Fire Control (Orlando) Intellectual Property Paralegal and Contracting Officer Currently: unemployed, blacklisted, isolated, tortured and psychologically injured.

Leila M S Gutowski, RN BS, BSN, VA, USA

Cheryl Weinrich, VA, USA - Former employee of SAIC, Inc., Employed from 2000 to 2010. Contracted out 2009-’10 as a Document Control Specialist and Courier with the Missile Defense Agency.

Former student at Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale and Alexandria, VA, 1982 to 2000: Travel and Tourism, Psychology and Information Technology.

Lorenzetta Whitfield, USA Lillian Whitfield, USA

Tanya Whitfield, USA (Sisters targeted since May 2013)

John Thomas Christiana, USA

BS Degree CSULB; MS Degree, Kaplan Univ, 4.0; Law Student, 2L Everest Summiter | Human Rights Advocate Targeted Individual Victim | Federal Lawsuit Plaintiff John Leon Anderson, USA

13-year victim Nina Elhawary Duvall, USA

Drug Alcohol Tech | Working with Ms. Massie Munroe on her campaign and book.

Mark Mandigo, USA

Muguet Burgos, CCNY, USA

Photographer Innocentia Merchant, UK

Jessica Charpentier, MA, USA Charles Pak, USA - Disabled Iraq Veteran 2004-2008

Tortured victim of remote technology 2007-current - Dominic Friscia, USA

Alicia Ogburn, and children, PA,

USA Amy Anderson, CA Human Rights Activist Constance Hannah Rose,

Pacifica, CA Artist, Author (The Joy Thieves) Creative Director and Entrepreneur Edward L. Spencer, MD Neurology Retired, Researcher, Author (An updated version of this memo, on an ongoing basis, will be maintained on this page at The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Please send an email anytime to if you wish to sign this memo. Please share this information — which is being suppressed by corporate, mainstream, CIA - controlled media — widely. Stand up for America today, and for all of humanity worldwide, add your name, and inform others.

These crimes must be publicized the world over, and publicly addressed!!!

Trump Promises end of chemtrails​

If you dedicated a large amount of your time and effort to end this inhumane act on populations ‘thank you’!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph, all rights reserved

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