psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe


Water makes up significant portion of the human body - 55 - 70%. Large portions of this water contain particles which have either accepted or lost an electron and therefore, they have either a positive or negative charge. Those particles may be atoms, molecules or clusters of atoms or molecules. They are called ions. Since liquids in the human body are full of those ions, they can be compared to electrolytes or liquids which conduct electrical current. The most important part in the activity of the human nervous system represents electrical currents, which are occurring as flows of those charged particles in the nerve fibers. While in electrical wires the electrical current is a flow of free electrons, in the human body and the human nervous system it is a flow of charged ions.

The sources of electrical currents in the nerve fibers are neuronal membranes. The electrical currents start to flow in the nervous fibers, as a result of a change of voltage between the inner and outer surface of neuronal membranes. This change of voltage, on the other hand, is principally caused by electrical currents in the electrolyte which is inside nerve fibers.

In 2014, Chinese scientists published the results of an experiment in which they searched for microwave conductivity of electrolyte solutions. In the introduction they stressed that their experiment "plays an important role in investigating the interaction between electromagnetic waves and biological tissues that have high water content and a significant concentration of ions". They used a solution of salt for their experiment. The chemical formula of salt is NaCl. It means it contains atoms of sodium and chloride. Ions of both of those atoms play an important role in the firing of nerve cells. The experiment proved that this electrolyte is conductive for microwaves up to 20 gigahertz frequency. The conductivity decreased with the growing frequency. The highest conductivity was achieved with frequencies ranging from 0,1 to 6 Ghz. For the solutions with higher contents of salt the conductivity of electrolytes was higher with microwaves than with direct current In other wordsthe microwaves produced elecrical currents in electrolytes, which means that if microwaves penetrate into the electrolyte which is inside the nerve fibers, they will produce electrical currents in there.

The nervous system is controlled by neurons called axons. Their membranes react to the electrical currents in the electrolyte which fills their nerve fibers by producing electrical currents. This will then trigger the spreading of the nervous signal in the nervous system.

If a human being is supposed to feel something, do something or think about something, it is necessary that large quantities of neurons start firing at the same frequency.

So, if the electrolytes in the nerve fibers are reached by microwaves, which are pulsed in the nervous activity's frequencies, the membranes of axons which control the nervous system's activity and react to electrical voltage's changes by initiating nerve firing, will react to inflow-frequencies of electrical currents. These currents will be produced by frequencies in which microwaves will be pulsed. In this way, the electrolytes in the nervous tissue will function as antennas and the human nervous system will be controlled by pulsed microwaves, targeting the human body.

The American MCS America organization, which fights against pollution, confirms this conclusion in its study on Electromagnetic Fields Sensitivity. The study states: "The body can collect the signal and turn it into electric currents just like the antenna of a radio set or a cell phone. These currents are carried by ions... flowing through the living tissues and in the blood vessels (a system of tubes full of an electrically-conducting salty fluid that connect almost every part of the body) when these currents impinge on cell membranes, which are normally electrically charged, they try to vibrate in time with the current" Let us note that a neuron is a cell as well. The study goes on stating: "The mechanism of demodulation is controversial, but there is no doubt that it occurs. The best explanation is that the multitude of minute ion channels found in cell membranes act as electrically biased point contact diodes... these can rectify and demodulate the signal even at microwave frequencies... A cell phone signal, when demodulated in this way, generates a whole family of low frequency components, some of which are biologically-active and cause membrane leakage. One consequence of this leakage is to make the sensory cells of electro - sensitive individuals give a whole range of false sensations". The reason why the cell phone radiation produces false sensations in some individuals is that the information transfer in cell phone systems is carried out by low frequency microwave pulses which reach the electrolyte in electro - sensitive individuals' nervous systems. Since the nervous activity takes place in low frequencies, it is triggered or incited by those pulses.

Published experiments dedicated to the effects of microwaves on the human nervous system used microwave frequencies which did not exceed much more than one Gigahertz, thus complying with the findings of Chinese scientists on the conductivity of electrolyte for microwaves. In his experiments, Ross Adey used the 450 Mhz frequency, pulsed at 16 Hz, thus causing calcium efflux from nerve cells, which reduces human beings' ability to concentrate. The experiment was replicated many times with effective frequency varying according to the strength of geomagnetic field at the experiment-location This difference was due to the fact that pulsed microwaves caused cyclotron resonance of calcium ions in this experiment.

Allen H. Frey - as early in the year 1961! - managed to transmit sound perceptions into the human brain by using pulsed frequencies ranging from 425 to 1310 Megahertz. People described the microwave sound as "buzz, clicking, hiss or knocking, depending on several transmitter parameters, i.e., pulse width and pulse repetition rate", in other words, on the frequency of pulses. When varying the transmitter parameters, Allen H. Frey was able to produce in human beings "the perception of severe buffeting of the head" or "pins and needles sensation " His experiment was replicated several times with the same results. It was, therefore, proved that it is possible to repeatedly produce the same delusions in the human brain, when microwaves are pulsed in frequencies which exactly correspond to the human brain's neuronal activity.

It is generally known that the information inside the brain is "translated" and transferred by a number and frequency of nerve impulses, while the intensity of the feeling or perception usually corresponds to the intensity of electrical current. Another phenomenon which is generally accepted in the modern scientific literature is a synchronization of frequencies of emitted nerve impulses in different parts of the brain, in reaction to the stimuli which catch the attention of the brain. The chance for the effectiveness of the manipulation of the human nervous system with pulsed microwaves is secured by the fact that the variations of the activity of the human nervous system for various perceptions, reactions, emotions, actions and thoughts are expressed in different frequencies or sequels of frequencies. For exampleWalter J. Freeman, who studied for decades the electrical activity of the human brain simultaneously introducing multitudes of microelectrodes into different parts of the brain, wrote that in the brain "transmission occurs at some characteristic frequency, and... reception occurs in... sets tuned to that frequency". Scientists experimenting with pulsed microwaves reported that electroencephalographic recordings of animal's brain activities got synchronized with the pulsing of microwaves transmitted into their brains

In 1975, Don R. Justesen, neuropsychologist and Director of Neuropsychology and Behavioral Radiology Research Laboratories with the Veterans Administration Medical Center, published in "The American Psychologist Journal" an experiment, where recordings of pronounced digits from one to ten were transmitted into the human brain via pulsed microwaves and where the subject of the experiment could hear and recognize the digits This experiment proved again the feasibility of remote manipulation of the human nervous system.

To produce a transmitter able to remotely control the activity of the human nervous system, one could adjust the microwave oven to the pulsing of microwaves. Microwave ovens use 2,5 Ghz frequency and instructions on how to convert a microwave oven into a weapon can easily be found on the internet For the same purposecell phones can be used. Cell phones are working on frequencies ranging from 900 to 2.200 Mhz. One only needs to attach to a cell phone or a microwave oven a pulse generator, which is able to pulse the microwaves with the precision of timing of one thousandth of a Hertz and make sure that the rising of the transmitted waves and pulses is very sharp. Then, one would need to attach an amplifier and a directional antenna to the cell phone and thus, one could endanger the mental and physical health of people in the surroundings. Please note that with a microwave oven one would need only a directional antenna.

One could easily put drivers to sleep by pulsing microwaves into the simple sleep frequencies (up to 4 Hz) or with more sophisticated pulsingone could also stop a person's heart beat and make him die. This is what the scientists experimenting with electrical stimulation of the brain achieved, as Jose M.R. Delgado wrote in his book: Physical Control of the Mind, Toward a Psycho - civilized Society, 1969, USA. Moreover, according to American scientist Robert Becker's books "Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life“and "Cross Currents“, Allen H. Frey produced heart attacks in frogs with pulsed microwaves. Most probably, he stimulated parasympathetic nerve fibers, which slow down the heart's activity. Connecting such a device to a cell phone network could enable a perpetrator to use the cell phone network energy to stop any person's heart beat during a cell phone conversation. In the same way emotions, which are the major motivation force of human behaviorcan be artificially produced. In this way, some people could also be led to murder other people.

When encoding human speech into pulsed microwaves - the procedure is similar to radio broadcasting - it is possible to transmit either audible or inaudible (ultrasound) messages into the human brain. A human being cannot hear ultrasound messages, but the brain perceives them and a person's behavior can be controlled and manipulated in this way. The density of electromagnetic energy needed to remotely control the activity of the human nervous system does not exceed the standards set by the European Union. Let's just remember that cell phone signals can penetrate into the human brain.

Building such equipment is not expensive and any skilled radio amateur is able to build it. At the same time a growing number of people worldwide complain that they are exposed to such harmful radiations, but do not have any means of defense against their use. Among the main symptoms, they claim to have, are burns on their bodies or burning sensations, pins and needles sensations, feelings of being stabbed or squashed, violent vomiting, cramps going as far as reaching temporary paralyses, breath shortness sometimes reaching heart arrest, nausea and voice-hearings. They usually end up showing neuro -biophysiological modifications with disorientation, cognitive and memory impairment, depression and suicidal tendencies. They are frequently sent to psychiatric hospitals, without any expert investigations of their complaints.

Therefore, we ask you to initiate with the European governments the preparation of a legislation which would ban the development and use of those devices and enable the police of European states to detect such radiations, find their sources, and enable the courts to punish the criminals who would use it.

Any technology, which would produce in the human nervous system the flows of electric currents with the frequencies of its activity, can be used to control the activity of the human brain. At the present time pulsed microwaves are the only technology known to be fit to produce this effect, but easily other technologies can be developed. Therefore, the legislation should preemptively ban as well the use of so far unknown or unpublished technologies which enable the remote manipulation of electrical currents in the human brain and body. Part of the legislation which the European Parliament or national parliaments should approve should also be the prohibition of the use of those technologies for the state security agencies, because their possession of such technologies would be in sharp contradiction with the democratic constitutions of the member states of the European Union. We are willing to participate in the preparation of this legislation. We do not intend to offer the know-how for the building of those devices to all kinds of mafias, because they could be used to kill people without leaving any evidence. For that reason we believe that those matters should be solved without publication in the open media.

Signed by Mojmir Babacek, citizen of the Czech Republic, as a chairman of The Citizen's Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation (Občanské sdružení za zákaz manipulace lidské nervové soustavy radiforekvenčním zářením) – Czech Republic

Permanent residence: Rozmberska 556/28

198 00 Praha 9 – Kyje, Czech Republic


STOPEG foundation – STOP Electronic Weapons and Gang Stalking – Netherlands

Chairman: Peter Mooring, e-mail:

IGEF - Initiative gegen elektromagnetische Folter - Germany

Chairman: Harald Brems, e-mail: 

International Coalition against Electronic Torture and Robotisation of Living Beings (ICATOR)

Chairwoman Melanie Vritschan, e-mail:

STOPZET – Stowarzyszenie STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom–Poland
Chairwoman: Zofia Filipiak,

ADVHER - Association de Défense des Victimes de Harcèlement Electromagnétique et en Réseau – France, 


Associazione contro ogni forma di controllo ed interferenza mentale e neurofisiologica - Italy

Chairman Paolo Dorigo, e – mail

Globalthaeb – Great Brittain

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