psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Open Letter

Open Letter of the Moscow Committee
for the Ecology of Dwelling to Madam
Federal Chancellor A.Merkel

Moscow, the 25th of September 2007

Open Letter

Madam Federal Chancellor
of the Federal Republic of Germany
Federal Chancellery

Madam Merkel,

We, the Moscow Committee for the ecology of dwelling and the St. Petersburg Society for the protection of the people from bioenergetic terror and the German Association against technical psychological terror, have decided to ask you for your help, because you are a wise woman, oriented towards Europe and dispose of an important voice in Europe. We understand, that in spite of all your might, this is not absolute and you have to take many different interests into consideration.

The question is the secret committing of crimes against innocent people in the Russian Federation, in Germany and in other countries of the world. An immense number of facts has accumulated, which confirms the military-medical experiments on peaceful citizens for decades, experiments with s.c. psychophysical weapons, which were performed without the consent of the people. The victims of these atrocious experiments and their families are forced to live with these conditions of psychophysical and social terror in spite of being law-abiding and conscientious citizens.
These s.c. “Non Lethal Weapons” or “Less Lethal Weapons” are of dreadful effectiveness and endanger the life of every individual, of the entire population of a state, of the whole world.

The consequences of their application surpass the ones of all known weapons of mass destruction. They unify all the inhumane qualities of the most barbaric weapons of mass destruction like the chemical, biological or nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Apart from the damages to the body of humans and animals, the secret manipulation and control of the mind, the thoughts and the human behaviour is also possible; Easily dissidents and politically interested people can be murdered, as these psychophysical weapons can act onto the physis of men up to their lethal exit. The residences and houses of irreproachable citizens are being transformed secretly into drill-grounds for these weapons. So as not to leave any traces of their presence, the Secret Services usually perform their experiments from a distance. We have reports, that the relatives of those victims of these weapons, who dared to address the courts with complaints, have been killed with the same weapons. There exists an uncountable number of still living witnesses, who anytime could give evidence of having been irradiated by these weapons. The citizens, who are being abused for such experiments, are being discredited, they lose their jobs and they are declared mentally ill.

According to the instructions of the Secret Services, those, who complain about this military-medical experimentations, have to be psychiatrized and handed over to closed psychiatric wards. Furthermore physical, health problems are induced, residences and houses fraudulently seized and the families destroyed, relatives and children brutally murdered. In the medical institutions of the state in many cases the irradiation injuries are kept secret, adulterated analysis data are issued deliberately. An essential part of the commercial medical establishments is controlled by the Secret Services in Russia.

The Militia and the public prosecutors are prohibited to investigate and to expose circumstances of irradiations and therefore the victims have no possibility to get forensic examinations.

According to point 13.8 of the list of prohibited publications, the media are not allowed to report psychophysical irradiations of the population. In this year five members of the Moscow Committee for the ecology of dwelling were murdered ( Rybin W. P., Rybina A.F., Blinnikowa D.W., Sazanow I.N. , Smirnowa W.I. ). The European High Court for Human Rights and UN Courts were informed about it, but we did not receive any reply until now.

Day in day out innocent people die because of these secret experiments with psychophysical weapons in black research programs, among them children and older people. This new form of genocide has to stop and the criminals have to be called to account in front of an International Court. We have exact informations, that even in Germany there exist already hundreds of victims, who are tortured, tormented and killed like the Russian victims.

We own an official list of German victims, of their signed reports. Already in the year 2005 more than two hundred German victims turned to the European Commission for Human Rights with a petition. In the years 2006 and 2007 almost all members of the German Federal Diet were informed , that German citizens are secretly tormented by psychophysical weapons.

We are aware, that Germany , Russia and other countries are violating the international treaties and conventions like the General Declaration of Human Rights ( Articles 2, 3, 5, 7, 12, 28, 30 ), the International Pact about Citizens Rights and Political Rights,( Articles 2, 5, 6, 7 ), the Convention against Torture and Other Degrading Behaviour ( Articles 2, 4, 5, 12, 13, 14, ); The Russian Government is violating its Constitution ( Articles 17, 20 Point 1, 21 Point 2, 23 Point 1, 38, 42 ).

This weapon of the 21st century is more terrible than the atomic weapon, although it is classified as a “Non-Lethal Weapon”, which however does not conform to reality. Its application can lead to the extinction of all life in whole regions.

Our scientists warn as well, that weak, enduring irradiation can cause debility in humans, destroys the immune system and thus causes severe illnesses, up to killing people. The value of a human being nowadays is more and more considered only with economic points of view. Does the German Government not attempt to halt the secret experimentations with their citizens ? Nothing against the abuse and the torture of innocent human beings? Nothing against the invasion of privacy of the citizens ?

We turn to you, your excellency Madam Merkel, in your function as Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany and we hope that the Resolution A4-0005/99 of the European Union, which prohibits the development and the stationing of such weapons, can be realized soon with your support. Unfortunately our manifold reports to the authorities of the government were not successful; They were simply ignored by them !

We ask you therefore to take an interest in this issue. Please do not close your eyes from this barbarity. Or else, your own people will never forgive you the concealment and the unlawfulness of these crimes.

With sincere respect and best wishes

The President of the Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Dwelling:

Alla Petuchowa

Members of the Moscow Committee for the Ecology of Dwelling:

Alexejew Igor
Kotschetowa Natalia
Galanin Vitaly
Mironowa Swetlana
Worontzowa Swetlana
Popowa Inna
Worontzow Wladimir
Tretjakowa Tamara
Sybina Nadezhda
Frolow Sergei
Koslow Valentin
Popow Vitaly
Kandybin Eduard

Members of the St. Petersburg Society for the Protection of the People from Bioenergetic Terror:

Danilow Viktor
Rosantschuck Margarita
Katzernikowa Galina
Drushinina Irina
Kondratowa Swetlana
Gnesdilowa Eugenia
Lewina Anna

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