psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Reply of the Committee on Petitions


Dear Mr. Babacek,

I would like to inform you that the Committee on Petitions has considered your petition and declared it admissible in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament, insofar as its subject matter falls within the sphere of activities of the European Union.

The Committee considered that as the Parliament has only recently deliberated on the issue raised by your petition, it would be most helpful that I draw your attention to the enclosed documentation. One of the documents is the European Parliament's resolution on health concerns associated with electromagnetic fields of 2 April 2009, while the other document contains the position of the European Commission regarding the subject matter that also you raise in your petition.

Please note that consideration of your petition by the European Parliament has been concluded and the file has therefore been closed.

Yours sincerely

Cecilia Wekstrom

Chair Committee on Petitions

(The parts of our interest of the first document are quoted in the proposed reply, the other document deals with recognition of electro-sensitivity as an illness, proposed by another petitioner.)

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