psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

How state criminals create serious
conflicts in families


State criminals constantly organize serious conflicts in families and even manipulate simultaneously all members of the family. First of all they try to put a moral harm to the people: to humiliate, offend and suppress their human advantage by all means or methods and with the help of their fellow men: children, married-couple, relatives (that disregards the clause 1.1. This basic of German constitutional law says that human dignity is inviolable. The duty of all state organs is to respect and protect human dignity. People don’t suspect that it’s the criminals doing this to them. Relatives and fellow men usually don’t wish to know or hear anything about these crimes and don’t even try to understand it. It is easier to recognize the affected person suffering from mental sickness than to see the real criminal background and to render the essential support to the affected victims. Nobody wants to see tears and sufferings of victims, nobody feels the pain of people which are exposed to daily mockeries and tortures by criminals.


Through manipulations criminals can cause conditions of amnesia at victims absolutely imperceptible at the outset. And then instantly many victims become irritable, angry, discontent, sadistic, hatful or indifferent in relation to any person or their children. Therefore scandalous stages, constant disassemblies, insults and reproaches take place. 10 to 20 minutes later, these people usually hardly remember anything they spoke or did earlier. Often answers or questions of victims carry superficial or even hostile character.

Criminals send them rough words and also absolutely absent ideas that often lead to disagreements and complete misunderstanding in the family. Simultaneously, to cover simulated scandals in the family and to pull out as much money as possible from the victims, criminals organize and dramatize numerous scandals with neighbours, with employers, with civil engineering firms, with the fellow workers and so on. Many people don’t know and don’t understand that it is possible to manipulate and operate any person indefinitely on the distance. To understand all that, it is necessary to know precisely about the existence of experiments with innocent people. Family scandals are necessary for the criminals for that a family member also terrorizes and probably treats the victim to psychiatric hospitals or even to death. Later,
the next family member definitely will expect the victim to suffer from mental illness. These family conflicts and divorces bring income to the criminals. These crimes not only generate a moral damage to the victim, but also a material damage.

On this purpose the whole criminal system is based - on extortion of money from the victim or the victim’s families. Methods of pressure and intimidation already are a normal phenomenon of our society at present. Many state structures constantly help criminals to destroy and to kill families.
Criminals are well interested in carrying out similar experimentation. Psychiatric researchers get those “free experimental rabbits” in this case .The state mafia extorts money from victims in any ways, doctors also make profit on declared "sick patients ", having thus the constant income. Special services have a constant target for mockeries and tortures at people gaining the double salary from the state and from criminal concerns.

And finally, if the whole family is
destroyed by special services the wealth of this family gets to the state criminals. This criminal system has built up wisely because the criminal structures always generate profit. Through the irradiation and torture of people, the criminals force spouses or neighbors to rows, often leading to fights or even murder. They force people to get divorced, changing methods of psychological influence to influence people hating not only each other, but also relatives and even native children. Often neighbors, friends and relatives of a victim work towards these criminals and constantly help them to terrorize the victim. The states special services pay them fee and they honestly carry out the task, without understanding they are committing a terrible crime.

The victim’s family often deprives the subsistence, isolates, irradiates and scoffs them to death. Therefore without having any support and aid, victims die quickly. Such experiences are carried out for many decades on people. The purpose of "the control of reason" means - possession of people. “By the contemporary technologies it is possible to change everything, to influence the thoughts of men, his sub consciousness, behavior and memory. Heiner Goering in his book " The enslaved brains” has written the following: " New technical and propaganda means supervise sub consciousness and influence behavior through interventions in thinking and a brain of the person. Victims don’t notice they are controlled and acted mentally. If there is an influence on people they don`t know about, this indicates the using of the human psyche by the determined technology.”
Innocent people are forced to play "the theatre of puppets ", at home or at work transforming them thus in "disabled", covering the main essence of the crime.

The sense of these crimes consists in the illegal carrying out of monstrous experiments on people and children with the purpose of the physical control of thoughts. That means people have no right to freely develop their intellect. It contradicts with article 2.1. Fundamental German Law - “Each person has right on free development of his personality. For many decades families collapsed, innocent people of any age, nationality, color of leather, status and unfortunately even children are severely destroyed through tortures and mockeries. Strangely enough, nobody sees nor hears what occurs in the own country.

Thousands of victims are irradiated and tortured in their own apartments and houses day and night. Usually civil engineering firms secretly mount generators of radiation in apartments and houses of people for experimental purposes. From this moment on life of many victims passes in sleepless nights, constant disassemblies, scandals, manipulations. Criminals have stolen human and families happiness of many victims and have transformed their life in a desperate hell. Many of them already have forgotten it is possible to laugh, to be glad at something, to expect positive or kind.

The state criminals have broken and overturned the entire life of many innocent people and they attempt to do the same with the children of victims. If we do not resist to these crimes and criminals in the future in the country there will be no more normally conceiving person. Who needs "machine - robots ", without soul and without heart? Why should victims suffer from the mental illness of state criminals? Why should victims and their children live under the constant social and familial terror?  




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