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Mind Control: America’s Secret War


What does the future hold for humanity? If the future is anything like this video then expect a dystopian nightmare. This propaganda video highlights the “benefits” of a brain chip inserted into every human being in order to create an interconnected “world wide mind.”
The video also contains a “virtual”
Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. Huxley’s brother, Julian, was also a keen proponent of eugenics and coined the term, “Transhuman”. In a previous article, we highlighted the links between transhumanism and eugenics. A reader also sent in their response to our initial article on transhumanism and the forum topic on transhumanism can be found here. We’ve also previously reported on a “mind control” brain chip that sends the users thoughts to a computer. The idea of a brain chip is no longer mere fantasy or science fiction. Advances in science mean that such technology could be available in the near future. recently reported on thought-to-speech technology. From the article:Callahan, hailing from the University of Illinois, is working on a thought-to-speech technology with his company Ambient. On stage, Callahan connected a wire to the back of his head, which is also connected to a computer. And out of the speakers we heard a digital voice that spoke his thoughts. At the same level of technological development intelligent species acquire effective techniques for modifying themselves, socially and biologically. Electronic communication and rapid transportation make possible a stifling world government. Techniques such as genetic engineering, psychoactive drugs and electronic control of the brain make possible a transformation of the species into docile, fully-obedient, “safe” organisms. Not interstellar flight but stasis becomes the order of the day — the policy of the millennium and of the aeon. Some species may fail to transform themselves, and they will survive only briefly before destroying themselves in nuclear war or in some other suicidal catastrophe which we may not yet even imagine.  Watch the video on the “world wide mind” below: []

History Of Mind Control And Programming

Jim Keith

Jim Keith: »Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness«, Litburn 1999.

Video- Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 1 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 2 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 3 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 4 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 5 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 6 of 7
Jim Keith Mind Control Liberty and Justice for All 7 of 7

Mind Control Information Summaries:

For the best, most concise introduction to the mind control information, we highly recommend our mind control summaries. These fact-filled summaries provide revealing mind control information from both landmark books and declassified government mind control documents. An abundance of footnotes back up the information presented and provide links direct to government documents and other reliable sources for verification of information presented. The first two listed are general summaries. The following three are 10-page summaries of excellent, well researched books on mind control.
Most Important Mind Control Information Document: A compilation of excerpts from declassified CIA mind control documents describes secret government programs in which hypnosis was used to sexually abuse young women. Hypnosis along with drugs and electric shock were also used to create unsuspecting assassins, alter personality without the knowledge of those being altered, and much more. Links are provided to view the scanned images of the original incriminating documents, along with information on how to order these documents directly from the CIA for verification. If you are ready to travel deep down the rabbit hole, you will very much appreciate this powerful compilation of official CIA documentation. We can use this disturbing information to both to awaken the public and build a brighter future for us all, where everyone is treated with respect an dignity.
Top Mind Control Information News Articles: We have collected many news articles from highly respected media sources which contain eye-opening information exposing various aspects of the mind control cover-up. Links are always provided to the original sources for verification. The first link below contains one-paragraph excerpts from incredibly revealing news articles with the most important articles listed first. The second link provides the same article excerpts listed by order of date posted to, while the third lists them by the article date. The fourth link below contains a list of only headlines and links to some of the most important articles. Below these four links, headlines and links to the entire text of several of the very best articles are also provided., nytimes.ciahumanbehaviorcontrol!BD779161601D08D0!10950.entry


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3 ) John Stanton Yeomans: Principles of Brain Stimulation, Oxford University Press, 1990, Great Britain, ISBN 019-506-1381 Colonel Thomas.html
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Danger Room What's Next in National Security:

Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!

David Hambling 

July 1, 2009


Late last year, James Walbert went to court, to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with “jolts of radiation” after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert, said, he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert’s favor, and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using “electronic means” to further harass Walbert. No, seriously. I recently took part in a BBC Radio 4 program, which took a light-hearted look into the “the real Manchurian Candidate” — and examined whether there is any truth in stories of mind control. It gave me a chance to talk about exotic non-lethal weapon concepts like the so-called telepathic raygun, the system which beams sound directly into your skull, and the “voice of god ” talking fireball. Most of these projects are just lab experiments, or examples of Powerpoint engineering. But in some legal, policy, and business circles, electromagnetic brain assaults are being taken seriously. Walbert’s cause is supported by Jim Guest, a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He’s working on proposed legislation to addresses electronic harassment, including a bill against the forced implantation of RFID chips. The U.N. is also now taking the possibility of electromagnetic terrorism against people seriously. And for the first time this year’s European Symposium on Non-lethal Weapons included a session on the сocial implications of non-lethal weapons, with specific reference to “privacy-invasive remote interrogation and behavioral influence applications.” Those who believe they are being targeted are getting a bit of official recognition. For some, this opens up a new business opportunity. There are already quite a few companies out thereoffering “ Technical Surveillance Counter Measures,” or sweeps to determine if you are the victim of electronic harassment. As well detecting the usual bugging devices, they can check if you are being covertly bombarded by microwaves which may be the cause of “headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears. ”Much of this trade may come from people with symptoms caused by something less exotic than high-tech military hardware. But companies will no doubt be willing to sell them expensive protection measures, anyway. And as awareness of these developing technology projects increases, we are likely to be hearing a lot more about “electronic harassment,” “gang stalking” and the like over the next few years.  And there is also likely to be what folklorists call “Ostension,” or acting out. Now that there are so many websites explaining how easy it is to harass people by zapping them with a modified microwave oven, sooner or later someone is bound to try it.  

[Photo: U.S. Army]
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