psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe

The Neuro - linguistic programming of people

Excerpts from Vitalij Aksenov's book “Matters about the amber room “. Publishing House “Neva”, in Saint - Petersburg in 2000.

Sergey Trifonov asserts, that he has knowledge about the details of the developments and the application of the psychothron weapon for many decades. The experiences, which the Nazis in the concentration camps on the hundreds of thousand prisoners carried out, are widely known. Results of these criminal experiments were:

Agonizing death “of the guinea pigs”

The development of a solid program for the programming of the individual person and also of large groups of people. An interview with Sergey Anatoljevich Gorchakov, professor and doctor of medical, biological and psychological sciences, and also candidate of physic-technical sciences completely confirms all of these facts. (The Newspaper “Smena” from 29.08.1995)

The term “Neuro-linguistic programming” has the synonym “the control of the brain of man”. In 1981 we created the unique instrument, which makes it possible to induce in any person the state of hypnotic sleep in 15 seconds.. As is known, there are three stages of hypnosis:

1. The relaxation
2. The hypnotic sleep
3. The sleep-walking (somnambulism )

All people are subjected to the relaxation phases. Under the effect of hypnosis, the man feels the weakening, sleepiness, but his will is not subordinated to the outside influence. Man loses control over his body and his psyche during the hypnotic sleep and the sleep-walking and is open to all suggestions. However, man has to be influenced first hand in a way, that he wishes to do so by himself. The hypnotizer brings man in a state of sleep, regardless of the environment he is in. In these experiments we changed the names of people, their professions, erased their memory or supplemented their memory with the new information. The guinea pigs, the people, were no more recognizable after their awakening. Especially people with deleted memory behaved very comically and were very amusing. They were small children and behaved like puppets in animated cartoons or played with cubes and so on. To bring these people back to a normal adult life, many and repeated neuro-linguistic sessions are necessary. Never a person was able to remember, what happened in between the phases of the hypnosis or the hypnosis itself. Neither he could recall what occurred to him in between two hypnoses. We erased the memory of the people at a specific moment of their life. They forgot everything which had happened, after this moment, after this event. I am sure, these were military experiments. The Secret Services absolutely supported all of this work. The Central Committee of the CPSU conducted and directed all experimentation but they did not interfere in the activity of the laboratory. The Central Committee of the CPSU constantly gave directives for the development of the psychothron weapon. The last such directive was received January 1986.

According to the document “ NPO Energy” a colossal biogenerator had to be created within 5 years, which permanently could control the behavior of a population within an area of 20.000 km. So it is possible to avoid riots and demonstrations and to calm down people. It was intended to put the instrument into orbit, on board of a space satellite. Besides the interference of the memory during the hypnotic sleep, it is possible to change the views of man by hypnotic suggestions.

A certain algorithm is embedded in the brain, which is carried out by man automatically , when the code signal is received. This signal, the trigger, is verbal and it usually consists of absurd word combinations like “Red asphalt”, “Green sparrow” and so on. If the “experimental person” hears the signal: “Red asphalt”, then he will open the windows in all rooms. “The psychothronics” - is the strongest threat for the safety of humanity!

In 1990 this project was suddenly stopped. In 1992 I left this project forever and what happened later on, I don`t know. But the fact, that the analog of this instrument , the biogenerators ,appeared in all hospitals, speaks for itself and one can be sure, that this work found its continuation.

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