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April 28, 2011
Public Commentary
The Presidential Commission for the
Study of Bioethical Issues
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 Do Federal regulations and international standards adequately safeguard the health and wellbeing of participants in scientific studies supported by the Federal Government.

Dear Presidential Commission:

My name is Harlan Girard and I am 75 years old. Of those 75 years, 28 years (or 35% of my life) has been spent in slavery to teams from the University of Pennsylvania testing new weapon systems in Nazi-style human experiments sponsored by an entity of the Federal government. This weapon system can paralyze a human being at a distance by remote electronic means, making it quite impossible to escape their cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. I am a fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and an Associate of the American Bar Association. I have also been a member and/or contributor to many other organizations relevant to my effort to reverse engineer the novel system being used on me. In the process I have been contacted by hundreds of other Americans and even other nationalities that have been enslaved, as time went by. What I discovered about the development of this weapon system as of 2006 is available on my website at I assumed that when I was in a position to reveal the technology, the entity responsible for funding the Nazi-style experiments might step forward and negotiate my release and that of the other blameless human beings who have been enslaved in this testing. Such has not been the case. In the late Summer and early Fall of 2004, I made six or seven attempts to arrange a meeting with the new President of the University of  Pennsylvania, Amy Gutmann, to discuss involuntary human subject research at Penn.
I thought that as an alumnus of Penn I stood a fair chance of being able to meet with her. While my efforts to meet President Gutmann were never acknowledged by her, one day I did receive a telephone call from her office suggesting that I contact the Vice Provost for Research and make an appointment with him – which I did. To prepare for this appointment I did some background research on the Vice Provost and found that he had come to Penn originally as Chairman of the Department of Pharmacology in the medical school. He had spent some time since then with a biotechnology start up company. Our meeting ended abruptly when I reached the university’s involvement with the CIA’s MKULTRA program, especially LSD. I said to him that this should interest him inasmuch as his field is pharmacology. He replied that my time was up (15 minutes) and that his field isn’t pharmacology. Surprised, I asked him what his field is. He replied with a tone of voice suggesting utter malice, “The human nervous system.”Here matters rested until what should have been the end of the experiment as it concerned me – March 31, 2008. Then a new team from the university took over torturing and tormenting me. They were more sociable than the faculty who tortured me previously and, consequently, I spoke with them somewhat freely. I was quite surprised, when, several months into our “acquaintance,” they asked me what I thought should be done about Amy Gutmann. When she came to Penn I had already been victimized for 20 years or more and if I had made a list of those responsible, I might have easily forgotten to mention her name at all. After prodding me into giving them some ideas for punishing Amy Gutmann, they moved on to questioning me about another person, a man directly involved in aiding and abetting the process of my torture. In his case I had no problem specifying punishments which I felt were appropriate to his station and involvement. I do not know whether President Gutmann or the other person was present with my interrogator at the time he questioned me. There were sounds to suggest he was not alone but he denied it was the persons concerned. Anyhow, at that time I had been powerless for so long that I didn’t care who knew exactly what I thought of them. Within weeks there ensued two attempts on my life. The second attempt, on August 7, 2008, very nearly succeeded. I wound up unconscious in the emergency room of a nearby hospital with 3 fractures of bones in my skull. In 1987 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals burglarized the Head Injury Laboratory at Penn and obtained many videotapes of the controlled killing of monkeys in that laboratory. Some of those tapes showed the scientists concerned convulsed with laughter as they watched the monkeys die. As a consequence, the Department of Agriculture (that oversees animal experiments)revoked the university’s license to conduct head injury experiments. However in the late 90’s a new building went up at Penn with a provision for a new head injury laboratory to replace the one which had been closed in 1989. There has been no oversight of animal experiments at Penn. And human experiments receive less. This is very strange in view of the fact that Penn receives more money per year from the National Institutes of Health than any other university except Johns Hopkins.


1. No medical research should be financed by any Federal department or agency that has classification authority. Classifying medical research invites abuse of the human subjects participating, up to and including murder.

2. Any university that permits classified research on any uninformed human subject should
lose all Federal funding of any nature whatsoever for a minimum period of five years.

3. The principal investigators of such experiments should be fined a minimum of $1,000,000
per human subject. 

4. The involuntary human subject should be compensated handsomely by the university hosting Nazi-style human research, even more handsomely than Penn compensates its President of German parentage. 

5. It was one of my torturers who inspired my use of the term Nazi-style to describe the human experiment being conducted on me. One day, while I was still a student at Penn, he boasted that their concentration camp was far superior to any Nazi camp (and more economical too) because while they tortured me (and enriched themselves and the University) I had to pay for my own food, shelter and clothing. 

6. When the new team, more sociable than the others, took me over in 2008, they told me
they wanted me to answer some questions. I told them I could not consider answering their questions until after I was compensated for the 25 years I had already spent as their prisoner. Their reply was that no compensation had ever been considered because the Federal entity supporting them did not believe anyone could survive 25 years of being tortured with their new weapon system and, it went on, the Federal debt was already so huge that it was unlikely the Federal government would ever compensate any of their prisoners.  

7. I suggested that they have a talk with the university.
The team captain said he knew Amy Gutmann and that she was really a very nice person and that I would be charmed if I met her. I was uncertain at the time whether he had spoken with her or not (perhaps because he regretted already having told me he knew her) but in any case he told me she had refused him even one, thin dime. Thus began this very curious mixture of sociable conversation while at the same time I am being tortured.

8. I am of the opinion, having had a great deal of time to think about it, that torture is a great
deal like pregnancy. There is no such thing as being a little bit pregnant; a woman is either pregnant or not pregnant. Likewise, torture is any unwelcome pain at all, particularly after 25 years of it. My pain is sometimes crippling and sometimes less than that, but what difference does it make anyway when it goes on and on, and on – every waking minute.

9. The conversations I allude to are all carried on my part by talking aloud and on their part by communicating with me with a process called synthetic telepathy. In my case that amounts to voices, loud or soft, which I can hear very clearly, although there is no person there with me. The U.S. Patent for one form of synthetic telepathy is available on my website at: 

10. Amy Gutmann has a patron who is a very important person among those who know him, but nobody knows him at all. The French might call him an “Eminence Gris” but to an American magazine that tried to chronicle his career in government, he became “the man who casts no shadow.” This man wanted Amy to be the Chairman of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues and so it was done. She can be depended on to suppress any discussion of the issues raised in my comment for the sake of Penn and of the entity which finances Nazi-style human subject research there and elsewhere.

11. I would be happy to talk with members of the Commission privately or in groups. There were other attempts on my life years before the two referred to above, and I expect another one soon. I am hoping someone who has read my website and has an interest in justice will want to talk frankly with me about the human condition today.

Sincerely yours,

Harlan Girard

Valerie H. Bonham, Executive Director

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