psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
European Parliament
To the president, Prof. Pöttering

Complaint to the European Parliament

June 26, 2008

Dear Professor Pöttering,

Considering the fact that , since the 1999 resolution there have been, in the meantime, some laws at international level which punish with imprisonment the use, the possession and the trading of psychophysical weapons among other things (see Russian law , addendum weapon bill drafted in 2001 by Prof. Gurov at the Duma, signed into law by Putin on 26/07/2001, issued in the Soot Gazeta on 28/07/2001; State of Michigan Law : US model 4513, section 200 H passed into law in 2003, valid since 01/01/2004. On the other hand, after a petition to the European Parliament on Oct.21, 2004, it was recommended to appeal directly to each nation state which is responsible for the national weapon-control laws. They have negatively responded, for example in the Federal Republic of Germany, within the framework of a petition to the Commission of the Petitions (letter of Sept. 7, 2005, Petitions No 1-14-06-7111).

Also the reference to the existing laws (reply of the Commission of Petitions of the EU Parliament of Oct.21, 2004) does not help very much, because a technology that the military-industrial complex is going to improve with regard to its application possibilities and that the Secret Services are going to use, probably on account of their wide application possibility (victims' accounts, petitions N°... of…) and for secrecy reasons , does not officially exist, and is not subject to restrictions. These weapons are known, in the meantime, under the name of psychophysical weapons (also, mistakenly "non-lethal weapons"), there are several effects and offer the user an application possibility which goes from the behavioral manipulation of targeted people and human masses up to their elimination. According to Prof. Gurow (Duma in 2001), Dr. José Manuel Delgado, Dr. Michael Persinger, Prof. Igor Smirnov, the lethal and non-lethal effects are performed by sending out some pulsed magnetic fields of low power, some pulsed high frequency EMF, infrasound and ultrasound.

So that the effects of psychophysical weapons, whose specific effects depend on the genes,can be examined with even more precisions, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany also awards research assignments to universities and institutes (Frauenhofer Institute, Symposium in 2007 in Ettlingen) to carry out researches in this area. This evidently shows that national interests have priority over the health of "a few" used as guinea-pigs for the secret experimentations of black investigations. Psychophysical weapons have huge advantages for the Secret Services as well as for the militaries. Their lethal and non-lethal effects are as follows :
1. Specific disturbance or manipulation of the metabolism of the central, as well as the vegetative nervous system
a) manipulation of the admission, the processing and the storage of the information which are perceived by the sense organs
b) Experience production and cancelation (brainwashing)
2. Injury or damage of nerves and body cells as well as the organs up to death
3. Death which can also be also by a cardiac arrest

The interesting effects of the monitoring and control of the behaviour is vital in the area of non-lethal effects for the Secrete Services and the Security Agencies, but the carrying out of brainwashing from a definite distance is vital too. The interesting effect for the militaries must be the wide range of the application-possibilities which may have positive effects on the troops but negative effects on the opposing troops. Their lethal and non-lethal effects can be used selectively on a large scale as well.The problem is that this technology with its quality officially does not exist, hence, a punishment of the criminals who use this technology is not possible on an adequate level. On account of the partially performed effects and possibilities of these weapons, an adaptation of the national laws (weapon laws) is a question of dire necessity!

A good case in point is the Russian law which condems to a heavy custodial sentence the possession, the trading and the use of these weapons. To make this possible it is necessary to put an end to the secrecy and to place these new weapons in the lists of the trading-control of the banned weapons.

We, therefore, ask the European Parliament a directive,so that the member states of the European Union include these weapons in their weapon laws and clearly name their categories :"psychophysical weapons with lethal and non-lethal effects".

Yours sincerely

Walter Madliger, President of the "Association Against Covert Experimentations on humans


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