psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  German Ministry of the Interior

German Ministry of the Interior (BMI)

Minister Dr. Thomas de Maizière

Alt-Moabit 101 D

D - 10559 Berlin


Electromagnetic Terrorism in the Federal Republic of Germany / Suspicion of Murder with Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons

Mr. Minister, topic of this letter is the illegal use of so-called non lethal weapons against the civilian population of the Federal Republic of Germany Again and again, the concerned citizens have addressed the Ministry of the Interior directed by you – in vain until now. They didn’t receive any answer although the use of this weapons system is described in the Second Threat Report (Zweiter Gefahrenbericht) published by the Ministry of the Interior in 2001, explicitly warning from an „increased use“ in the future as well as from a „threat to public safety“ due to „‚electromagnetic terrorism‘“.

Ten years later, in the Fourth Threat Report of the Ministerial Commission for the Protection of the Civilian Population (Vierter Gefahrenbericht der Schutzkommission beim Bundesministerium des Innern) dating from 30/05/2011, there is no longer any mention of a „threat to public safety“ due to «electromagnetic terrorism». The Threat Report solely refers to „dangers due to the (nuclear) electromagnetic impulse (EMP)“, which can disrupt or destroy electronically supported machines and systems (p. 31). A similar effect on modern electronics is attributed to high-power microwaves (ibid).

This presentation – clearly shortened compared with the Second Threat Report of October 2001 – is incomplete and does not mention that specific beam weapons as microwave weapons, electromagnetic frequency weapons and laser weapons were designed to be applied and are in fact applied as anti-personnel weapons, as is demonstrated – inter alia – by the following article:

David G. Guyatt: Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons. A synopsis prepared for the International Committee of the Red Cross Symposium ‚The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons‘presenting a medical and humanitarian perspective on the use of EMP weapons.

Hans Wolfram Kessler’s doctoral thesis „Nichtletale Waffen im Kriegsvölkerrecht“ proves that the beam weapons named above can be used as bioweapons, inter alia with the function of bioregulators influencing vital functions such as heartbeat, breathing, body temperature, moods and immune reactions.

Rapid forms of death such as heart attack or sudden stroke as well as deadly diseases such as cancer can be triggered on this basis – the great ‚ advantage‘ or rather the great danger consisting in the lacking detectability of an external influence, so that lethal applications of the beam weapons named above can be kept hidden behind allegedly natural causes of death. Great potential is attributed to the military use of neurotransmitters by which almost every kind of human emotions can be produced artificially. Especially controversial are bioregulators which can potentially manipulate the mental state of the whole hostile population. The use of such anti-personnel bioweapons unequivocally violates current international law. The national use of non lethal weapons, however, gives reason to grave concern, too: Innovative non lethal weapons open the doors to completely new methods of control, repression and torture. As evidenced by innumerable testimonies of so-called targeted individuals, the national use of non lethal weapons is already reality. The targeted persons are exposed to complete monitoring as well as continuous (24/7) electromagnetic terror and suffer from sleep deprivation, neurophysiological manipulations, sexual abuse, pains und serious health damage. Numerous concerned persons have addressed to local police stations or responsible law officers and have filed a complaint. Not a single case is known to us in which the authorities would have initiated investigations; the radiation exposures proved by the concerned civilians – among them exposures or gamma, laser and radar rays – were ignored. As soon as 1999, the European Parliament’s resolution B4-0551/95 warned from the results of the abuse of non lethal weapons, demanding a ban of any kind of weapon aiming at the manipulation of the human nervous system and stating „that the maintaining of secrecy in military research is to be counteracted and the right to openness and democratic examination is to be strengthened“ (European Parliament’s resolution B4-0551/95, paragraph 21).

The designation‚ non lethal weapons‘ first emerged in the sixties in secret documents of the CIA. Since then, the concealment of these weapons has been lifted to some degree, but essentially maintained. „Informations about nonnuclear EMP-weapons (electromagnetic-impulse-weapons) are largely inaccessible and are normally treated with the utmost secrecy, as the jurist Hans Wolfram Kessler writes in his doctoral thesis.

According to this policy of secrecy, civilians witnessing the illegal use of non lethal weapons are in many cases placed under suspicion of psychosis or psychiatrized by force or subjected under legal supervision.

The 121 innocent citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany listed in the annex were or are victims of the illegal use of non lethal weapons. Those still living are exposed to an acute danger. It is suspected that those who are already dead were killed or driven to suicide with beam weapons. The list is by no means complete; only a small fraction of the relevant targeted individuals is known to us namely.

Mr. Minister, we call on you to see personally to the clarification of this outrageous‚ electromagnetic “terrorism” (Second Threat Report) and to the identification of the perpetrators with firm determination. There may be no protection of secrecy for such serious crimes! Moreover, we expect concrete steps to be taken against the described manifestation of organized crime.

Each time one of the still living persons of the attached list will die according to our fear, we will inform you thereon, appealing to your responsibility.

Yours respectfully, in the name of the targeted individuals of the attached list.

[Attached to the letter were the personal data of 121 targeted individuals.]

1 Cf. Hans Wolfram Kessler: Nichtletale Waffen im Kriegsvölkerrecht. Berlin 2013, p. 22: It is very controversial to refer to weapons as ‚non lethal‘. The designation has been criticized as euphemism and as oxymoron.
2 „In contrast to NEMP [nuclear electromagnetic impulse]-weapons, HPM [High-Power-Microwave]-weapons can be built relatively easily and without complex costs by civilians from commercial available components and used for sabotage purposes and blackmail. One already speaks in this context of electromagnetic terrorism which can lead to a „threat to public safety“. In the military sector, the utilizability of similar weapons is already achieved“ (Second Threat Report, p. 39, quoted after Prof. Dr. med. Karl Hecht: (p. 56 ff.)).
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