psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe



For protection there are 4 points:


In the house–bed must be over body cooper SHEETS, when you sleep against microwaves!!! (bioyovis) 

In the car must be turn off-RADIO and VENTILATION (bad digital signal from operaters)   

Be outside not on OPEN!

Where is not electricity…….buildings are not PERFECT!


1. QWAVES - “QWX1 Defense for Psychotronic Waves and Psychic Attacks” device give u shirt pocket or weararound your neck always with

2. The Tabletop Defender - near the bed...

3. BIOPROTECTOR - put it under a hat on the back side of the head;
even while you sleep at home;

4. Killer implant: QUEBEC ORGONE - put on the back side the head

ELF Generator Instructions

The elf generator! A brain-wave emulator…



Earth Pipe construction plan

For constructing earth pipes you take a 2, 50 m or 8 feet copper pipe dividing it into 8 parts of one foot each, comparable to 31 cm. The radius of those pipes should be 28 mm or 1 1/10 inch. The smaller pipes are not so recommendable because of the DOR transformation capacity. The higher the radius is the more DOR can be transformed inside. I have a receipt her for you... the way I do it with Birgit... you can do it different but here's an intention...

The ingredients:

1 quartz crystal top
2-3 small pieces of rose quartz
2-3 small pieces of amethyst
5-6 small 3 mm pieces of black turmaline
some pulverized silicium
some corns of pyrite
1-2 small hematites
brass spans
alu spans

copper spans (if available, more cost intensive, and not so needed urgently because the pipe is out of copper) polyester resin or epoxy hardener + in our case essences e.g. free universe essence, black water (witch essence) and others in a mixture directly given to the epoxy/polyester resin the essences strengthen the security and healing effect spiritually. Is a surplus and not more, but the orgonites with the essences had more power, then the others without.

Build it!

After taping one side of the copper pipe you take the hematite(s) and take it into. Then 1 inch of mixed spans (the more different span types the better it is, mix them), then the amethyst(s) and rose quartz is following. Then again 1 inch of spans and afterwards turmaline plus the pulverised silicium.The quartz crystal top is following some more 1-2 inches of spans, then again spans and at the end the pyrite corns. The filling grade is 80 to 85 %.

The more it is fulfilled, the more DOR can be transformed and the stronger it is. 100 % fulfillment grade is not reasonable because then some problems could occur with filling the pipes with the polyester/epoxy. After the completion of the materials filled in, you are preparing the polyester resin / epoxy. You take 0.5 to 0.8 % hardener compared to the amount of the polyester resin / epoxy inside. That amount due to the sunny summer weather with 30°C/86F. If it's colder you are taking more hardener in average, so 1.2 % at 18°C / 65F to the resin.

Well, in our case, now the essences are mixed inside as well, but that's additionally, that's our personal surplus taken inside. Don't take too much hardener, moreover less because you have to fill the earth pipes in more than one step. It takes time that the resin gets down and it shouldn't get hard before reaching the bottom. With 5 % hardener e.g. it takes only minutes to quarter an hour then it's hard and in this case with the earth pipes its shit. I had this situation once three years ago and learned out of that. Accept a longer hardening time, 10 instead of 2 hours, but then your earth pipes are adequate produced. That's more effective. A personal tip from me: Combine 10 to 20 earth pipes to a battery with wires, then they're stable and easy fellable with the resin.

Distribute it

Earth pipes can be distributed to a lot of places, so TV towers, media broadcast stations, microwave antenna, government buildings, churches,because most of them I would say more than 95 % are located on leylines that are opened with the earth pipes then positively lovely and peacefully informed. The working radiance of the earth pipes shown in this thread is in average half a mile, with the essences a little bit more. The longer the earth pipe is the bigger the radiance is, the broader it is the more DOR can be taken out at once.

TV towers need up to 6 earth pipes in hexagon form (would be perfect) but at least once plus a TB / HHG ring of at least 30 to 40 TBs. The cost/use effectancy of earth pipes is the best of all orgonite forms, so the production costs are around 10 $ / 5 pounds depending on the way you're buying the materials. Look inside the internet to find cheap polyester resin. Epoxy is expensive and recommendable for sea busting in salt water because of the resin quality, used for boats as well.
20 Kilos of polyester resin are available from 120 $ upwards. The bigger potions of resin are bought the cheaper it is, the cheapest variation in Germany is a 220 Kilo ton, but hard to get alongside when standing inside the garage. It's too big.
TB production costs 1.50 $ around in that way.

You can change a TV tower into a cloudbuster by gifting it with enough orgonite..that's the reason why 6 earth pipes plus the TB/HHG ring. It's cheaper then a standard CB then, and, works as a CB with a zapper becauseof the kilowatts of orgonised radiation then outgoing.

On Leyline crossings, celtic ritual places and directly placed on leylines, normally one earth pipe is okay. Intuitively you can dig more of course. If there are several ritual places and leyline crossings distributed with orgonites and especially earth pipes, they're connecting themselves to a natural network and the orinignally effect concerning positive weather influence is coming back again.

That's the reason a celtic ritual place south of Giebelstadt was supplied as well by us. After orgonization those places have a working radiance in direction of weather harmonization of at least 20 miles, moreoften 30 to 40 miles, differs to the location and the orgonization. Sometimes antenna apparels are standing on them e.g. in Gößweinstein, Franconia. In that way they were blocked before the orgonization started working.

The Neutralizer of EMR

January 10, 2012 by Elena Apalkova

Neutralizer of Electromagnetic Radiation “Gamma-7N” is intended for electromagnetic radiation protection from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation of technical devices and household apparatus.

Neutralizer prevents a breach of the human biological field under external influences .It consists of the multicoiled precious metals spiral which is placed into the plastic box.

Neutralizer is a broadband converter of super weak (“thin”) physical fields which accompany necessary radiation and have extremely harmful action on the human biological field. In normal state, i.e. when there are no sources of such fields, Neutralizer is in low functional status. When there a source of such harmful radiation (for example working PC-monitor) appears the Neutralizer automatically switches over to the full acting status producing secondary radiation. This is equal to harmful source radiation but in contra phase.

As a result of superposition of said two radiations – source one and secondary one – take place mutual neutralization and the result radiation level is less than human biological field sensitivity. In the presence of Neutralizer a man doesn’t suffer under an influence of the technical apparatus radiation. For the ptotection from electromagnetic radiation of technical apparatus it is necessary to switch Neutralizer on. For this “O-card” have to be removed from Neutralizer for at least at the distance of 1 meter. 

For protection from electromagnetic radiation, it is necessary to put Neutralizer directly near the device (not more than 30 cm) or within the device compartment. 

Neutralizer is also completed with a Reflecting Element which determines the direction of converted rays and increases the protection effect. 

What does Neutralizer “Gamma-7N” protect from?
 Cosmopathogenic impact

These are magnetic storms, during which the amount of strokes and heart attacks increases in 2-2, 5 times. It was established that those hypertensive patients who use Neutralizer “Gamma-7N” are not subjected to the magnetic storms influence. It is recommended to wear this device next to the skin.

Anthropogenic impact

Radiation from electrotechnical units and devices is considered the greatest danger for people’s health. For example, changes in blood and urine content of a 10-year old child appear after 15 minutes of work with the computer; of a 16-year-old teenager- after half an hour; of an adult – after 2 hours of work with the computer. These changes approximate the blood content to the blood content of an oncological patient. Though after the end of the work, the blood content normalizes, unfavorable effects accumulate. American researchers found out that those people who constantly work with computer are subjected to oncological diseases in 10-15 times more often. Pregnant women have inclination to spontaneous abortion and to the birth of sick children, children have inclination to leukemia. Use of laptops does not protect from fine physical component (FP) of EMR of computer. Experiments on animals show that such impacts transfer through 2-3 generations. Neutralizer “Gamma-7N” protects securely from harmful radiation. For this purpose it is placed in front of the computer (TV set, microwave oven and etc.) or it is put into the pocket. The implementation of Neutralizer is especially useful for pregnant women. In this case, according to the data of ultrasonic doppler sonography, the fetus blood flow considerably improves. Newborn children have good health and grow more quickly than the children of the same age.

Geopathogenic impact

Negative impact of underground voids, “sinister” places, geological faults, former dumps and intersections (of knots) of Khartman-Kuri`s net located in people’s dwellings leads to different diseases. In 1984 in Austria, some selective investigations were carried out. They showed that oncological, vascular diseases, nervous disorders and mental diseases in all examined patients (11000 people) were caused by the fact that places for sleeping were in the radius of geopathogenic zones (GPZ) action, but “… there are “+”- GPZ almost near every place for sleeping of oncological patient”. Neutralizer “Gamma-7N” protects from GPZ impact.

Sociopathogenic impact

This is the impact of those people who can have an influence on other people. Psychophysiological health disorders can be a result of such an impact. Neutralizer “Gamma-7.N” protects from such an impact, and in many cases from hypnosis. It is difficult to overestimate the role of Neutralizer “Gamma-7.N“. This device protects people both from fields of chemical elements and from radioactive substances, especially in food. You just need to put it on your food for 10-15 minutes to secure yourselves against toxins. The restructuring of molecules takes place, the structure of substances changes, the toxin field charge sign changes. As a result of this they do not enter into biochemical reactions in organism and go away easily.

Influence on life span

During the experiments on animals, mice under the protection of Neutralizer “Gamma-7.N” lived 5 times longer than those from the control group. Its influence on people is not known yet as this device has been used by a large group of people just for about 10 years. But the prognosis is positive and hopeful. The positive impact of Neutralizer on the work of pineal body, responsible for the generating of youth hormone (melatonin) was established.

For switch off Neutralizer put it in the packing box with “0-card”. Q: What can be found inside the N.?


A: N. is a broadband passive transducer of a thin physical fields form (TPF), accompanying electromagnetic radiation and having harmful effect on people. It protects human aura from the TPF. There are small antennas inside the plastic housing. Such antennas have the form of two mirror-located, multistage Archimedean spirals of right-hand twist, made with the use of thin-film technologies from electrolytic pure copper, silver and gold with strictly calculated ratios of layer thicknesses, axes, diameters and other parameters.

Q: What is the principle of N. operation? How does its protection work?

A: The principle of N. operation is in the energy excitation, i.e. in the secondary induction of coil antennas under the influence of the external radiation sources. As a result of excitation, a backward wave occurs. Such a wave restructures, i.e. neutralizes the anomalous radiation. IN THE ABSENCE OF DANGER (radiation sources), THE DEVICE IS PASSIVE. IT IS SWITCHED ON only BY ANOMALOUS RADIATION. There are no other power sources in it. Since a man is also an electric system, a persistent health improving effect is observed.

Q: How can I check, whether N. helps me?

A: It is better to see it on the aura pictures, obtained using different methods (frequently gas-discharge visualization). When N. and A. are used, the aura is equalized, “the holes” disappear, the area of aura increases. You can use the Nakatany’s method of a man’s functional state assessment: when N. is used, the rates approach “the corridor of standards”. You can do a blood test before the use and in a couple of weeks of N. use – as a rule, blood values improve.

Q: How to use it? “Gamma 7 H” 


Neutralizer Gamma 7 has a range of – 120 cm In order to protect against electromagnetic radiation to be effective, it can be put next to the computer, frequently used appliances. Because of the compact size and weight (6 g) you can always have it with you. 

Specifications of “Gamma 7N”

Neutralizer Gamma 7 N runs without using an electric power source.The attenuation coefficient of biopathogenic radiation: 30-100 times; Range: up to 120 cm; Dimensions: 80*55*10 mm.; Weight, not more than: 50 g; Warranty period: min 10 years.

The Set includes:
The device “Gamma 7N”; “0-map”; Manual; Leather case; reflective element

Results of using Gamma 7-N  

We present you the results of using the device “Gamma 7 N” as an impact on the human biofield. Here you can see the image of the biofield and how it changes before and after usage of Gamma 7 N device.

 Picture 1. Broken human biofield (aura). Before using the neutralizer “Gamma 7N”
Picture 2–Human Biofield in 30 minutes of using of the neutralizer “Gamma 7 N”
Picture 3 – Human Biofield in 2 months of using the neutralizer “Gamma 7 N” 

Patent purity of innovations 

Neutralizer “Gamma-7N” and activator “Gamma-7A” are defended by the Patents of Russian Federation # 2074747and # 2109530, by the Patent of Spain # 200200993(1051791), by European Patent # 0838208 and by the Patent of Germany # 69632134.3-08.

It is made in accordance with standard specifications 9453-005-13151858-02.


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