psychophysical weapons and tortures in Europe
  Facts and Actions for Targets


  • These technologies are not freely available to honest law enforcers, only to spies and other criminals; their "associates".
  • These "associates" include military madmen, political puppets, News Nazis and other organised crime figures (e.g. almost the entire entertainment industry is a protected organised crime operation).
  • The apparent respectability of many public figures is only an illusion, like the false impression that world events are random. Images and scenarios are manufactured to deceive the public and serve the corrupt masters of the agencies.
  • The agencies stock in trade includes lies, rumours and terror. Spook (ghost) writers are planted and recruited in politics, the media etc. Most public figures will say, do, read, sing etc whatever they're told/paid to. They don't care about the source (often surveillance) or targets (innocent victims).


  • Anyone challenging powerful criminals ideologically, politically etc is targeted.
  • These criminals run lucrative, protected operations; the drug trade, arms trade, systematic theft of intellectual property, human experimentation, terrorism etc.
  • You cannot criticize warmongers, drug barons or other oppressors without repercussions.


  • "National Security" and official secrets legislation protect the perpetrators.
  • Media complicity keeps the information out of the public domain e.g. one IBM Blue gene computer can process more information than six times the worlds total population (300 trillion calculations per second).
  • Others who know all of this are silenced; through satellite oppression or worse.
  • The criminals responsible delude themselves by equating their best interests with those of society in general. They thereby justify (to themselves) the mistreatment of free thinkers who question their crimes using the technologies listed over the page. All of those involved belong in prison.


  • The European Parliament passed a resolution calling for a worldwide convention to effectively ban all weapons for human manipulation (resolution on the environment, security and foreign policy A4-0005/99 January 28th 1999).
  • The UN Institute for Disarmament Research recognised non lethal/mind control weapons and listed them as weapons of mass destruction, recommending they be banned. This information was circulated to the worldwide media, politicians etc but was ignored.


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